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Met, I just started reading your site and I wanted you to post this so I get some honest feedback from the Metters and maybe you as well.

I have been talking to this older boy for about 2 years now. When I met him he lied and told me he lived at his dad and rae tae tae when him actually live with another girl. Anyways first mistake mi make was I ignored it. It was situation where he was always around me 24/7 so im like f**k it.

By May of this year, him apparently got into a fight with her and she call police on him. Me like idiot still being loyal, mi ride it out. A right deh so him file start get draw up. Every duttyness start dash out. Two twos the baby mother drop back een a di pic.

Anyways him cum out and we still never too inna ntn big. We a cuss n shit n rae tae tae everyday. Till we end up fight and police call n him get lock up again. Still like idiot mi ride it out feel bad n shit.

Lowe n behold now him cum out again only fi hear say a di baby mother yard him deh a stay. Him a call mi private number and bare tings. So mi call up him father (who a look mi btw) and di daddy very talky so mi know mi ago get the info. Di daddy him now a say him no want me n him son want him fi buy house fi move the baby mother into and how him a say him nuh want certain people know him number and how him nah deal wid me. So mi start laugh n say Friday night tho when him cum pick mi up n a nyaam out mi pu**y him never know him no want me?

Him side a di story which is just bullshit before mi even type it is that me nah hear wah me want so that’s why me vex. N him ago prove me wrong n rae tae tae. The usual f**kry.

Bottom line being the female u wanna give the benefit of the doubt but wah unno mek outta dis story. An is not a situation where him can cum live wid me but is the whole point say him cyah man up n just talk di tingz dem fi big man.


  1. Sender, what I get from this story is that you’re a fuhkkking moron who live for the fuhkkrrreyy..pure mix up ah blenda yuh love! Fe spite im back, why yuh nuh jus fuhkkoff di daddy ah call it even, eeh foo fool gal 😡

  2. He does not want you sender, you serve as some convenience.
    If he is looking for a house for his Baby Mother and himself chances are you will forever be side chick status.

  3. Sender……… you are as useless as a condom w/a hole in it!! WHO SEES ALL THIS & WAITS?! What is going on in YOUR life that any piece of this is acceptable to you? Pure mixup, f**kery & foolishness is going on in this entire situation. Leave it alone & move on b.4 you breed fi di wutless man!

  4. Leave him now sender. Been there done that, its nothing good to come out of it. And many caribbean man give good sex if thats what you are looking for

  5. Count your loses…..that man doesn’t want you. This story sound so mix up……avoid the drama and find you own man

  6. di best pawt a di story…di punchline>>>>MI LIKE A IDIOT RIDE IT OUT :hammer meantime in odda newz a girl ride out all a har senses dem :travel

  7. Senda u have all the answers u need. Don’t waste nobody time write in foolishness, u playin the monkey, u admit dat already, what more u want to hear?

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