Hi Met,

I have a question for you and fellow bloggers:

If a man get ketch ah try look one nedda woman an di one who him supposed to be with fine out an ask him bout it, an him deny it down to di grung. Is it that him don’t respect har (the one him with) why him lie? or what?

Mi confuse, caw mi ah wonda if ah me one naa nuh sense.

I would very much like to hear from the men too.

0 thoughts on “DEAR MET…………..WHY MEN LIE?

  1. Man lie , woman lie when confronted

    A natural reaction fi deflect the obvious

    U naw go hear the 100 fi several reasons….. Dem no want
    It Mek dem look like johncrow
    It Mek u ting dem couldn’t love & respect me and do di
    u left dem
    u stay but create a bag a stress in a di house

    So if u no see the actual sexual act…. Be prepared to be served a plate a lie food

    It no right but so it set up . Now on the other hand u have some perpetual liars out deh whey lie 24/7

    1. Tenk yuh fyah

      It mek sense…. Mi nuh tink ah di respek pawt, but yuh reason dem mek nuff sense
      Mi still ah wait pon di man dem

      Paging Willie and di ress ah crew

  2. EGO!!!!! It’s all about their EGO and CONQUEST of as many women they can attain, for their own egotistical gratification…. Ask mi why, I don’t know… Weh si JMG men pan dis one???????? :siul

  3. What do you mean by “ketch”? Well, if you “ketch” him as you said, why ask him about it? To me, by asking him to confirm, it shows that you lack confidence in the information that you have/get. The question is, do you have concrete proof that can hold up in a court of law (if it was a crime)? The only way I would confirm my indiscretion is if I’m caught red handed and even then, I will claim (under certain condition ) “it wasn’t me”, if there is a 10% chance I can get away with it. BTW, when it comes to the game of love, men knows that woman don’t like the truth and prefer the lies….., sorry, truth in reverse……..true?

  4. Not a respect!!!!!!!!!!!! nope, if him did respect yuh inna di fuss place him wouldnt go look a next gyal!!!!!!!! him just a lie fi save his ass lady.

  5. Fyah Wife knock di big ole dutty rusty nail pan di HEAD.Plus when u start di stress u a memba 1 bag ah tings weh could lead 2 u findin out seh him a stray from long time..

  6. Listen, if you keep a dog in your house and it keep shitting on your bed (regardless of training). You have two choice keep him or give him away. But don’t be confuse the dog don’t respect you.

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