Met this is a serious question. from mi know mi self mi arm green and nothing can help it.
I am anti social because of this, My body odor is unbearable at time once I start sweating under my arm. Yes I take 2 plus showers a day, but within3 to4 hours it smells as if I never did. I baked the sweet potato, I use lime, I try baking soda, but the only results I get are irritation from these so called cure. Irritation to the point my arm pits are burned up and sore. I have every deodorant they ever manufactured and nothing seems to help. My last resort was to attempt to get botox shot in my arm area but each arm would have to be injected with approximately 20 needles to numb it for the actual botox treatment and I do not like needles.. I am 35 y/o and tis issue has cause me many missed opportunity due to my insecurity about it. I have a wash rag and soap at work to wash up and refresh twice per day and I still have problems. helppp

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  1. Hello, I want you to know that feel for you, because we live in a culture that values good hygiene and people who smell are usually shunned and often get mistaken from being nasty. All the methods you said you tired I was going to suggest but here is one, have you tired the SweatBlock Antiperspirant Wipes, they were advertised on the Rachel Ray Show, you can get them on amazon, they supposed to block sweat for up to seven days. Good luck, and I hope you find a solution to this nuisance and that it stops preventing you from doing things, you are brave too, btw.

  2. Senda, mi love yuh!!…mek mi tell yuh why……from the moment yuh open yuh mout yuh got right to the point and tell us seh from yuh likkle bit yuh arm green like plantain__________________________________________________________________ :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer girl, nuh worry yuhself, wi ago help yuh resolve this… :hammer ….try Tea Tree Essential Oils, which removes all bacteria from the designated area of body. Also, purchase raw unprocessed African Black Soap and scrub down your armpits. Sop using rags because they tend to fester bacteria n’ germs, so start using loofah sponges or bath body scrub gloves. After trying these methods you may have to refrain from putting any kinds of chemicals under your armpits for a few days until these methods have detoxed most or all of the impurities from underneath your armpits. Senda, big up yuhself, nuff respect :hammer

      1. Morning Yep u no easy eno Metsyy mawning
        Sender I was gonna suggest a change in diet Wat u put in is Wat u let out go research and as Anon stay away from diary n do mostly organic stuff. God bless and I wish u a speedy n safe recovery from all this

          1. definitely change of diet! i have a friend that is just like this EXACTLY! I cant even say anything to her because i feel bad but from i know her her armpits stink!!!! and she is not a nasty person she bathe regular and i watch her put on deodorant but in 15 – 30 minutes she back to stinkin! bwoy i see her using the PEARL SOAP not sure if that’s why but i know its an anti bacterial soap .. sender i hope you get help soon babes but my friend is a bad eater she eats a lot of junk food and cheese so i don’t know if that’s why but whatever you eat seeps through your pores remember that u cant eat bad food constantly and expect good hygiene.

  3. I found that my four year old daughter had the same issue.. When I did some research I found out it might be diet that is causing it. So I stop giving her diary products for the most part and when I do give her its organic.. I have smelled a great difference in her. I hope this will be helpful to you

    1. Yes and also drink a lot of natural juices a lot with green in them. There is also a surgery that you can do to remove the sweat gland from under your arm

  4. When I was going through puberty I had the same issue. My mum bought me Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Deorderant & Irish Spring Body Wash… Not the soap… The body wash works better… Also try staying away from the sweet smelling products… Use the Raw Shea Butter the Africans sell in conjunction with the Body Wash & Arm & Hammer Deoderant & it will cut the smell… It worked for me & the younger kids in my family…

  5. A friend of mine had the same issue,she own Jean paul,Burberry,Dior,chanel etc.,every top a di line perfume fi kill the body odor from har armpit and still have an odor after 2hours or so…every roll a pharmacy she try..Another friend of ours told her seh Dr. Oz or Doctors she mussi watch one day and dem seh moretimes its becaz of wat ur eating and u dont know.Mi know she addicted to dairy cheese,milk and chocolate.She ease up offa dem and she seh she a see results mi nuh know we live miles apart now

  6. Try to do a fast and cleanse. Also see the dermatologist or a naturopathic doctor. Me love how jmg help people!

  7. Sender have you ever actually been to a doctor? It looks like you are using alot of home remedies, but maybe it is a more serious medical issue.

  8. Yes Met di dairy ting cause whole heap a harm than good.I know wen my child eat pork,it cause him fi have bwoil pon him eyelid

    1. As mi did watch in this documentary , our bodies really are not meant to process some of these things..that pork is something else and it is in so many things

      1. Pork is a terrible thing a lot of these meats the body cannot break down n so they stay in your intestines and create medical problems its good to do a week cleanse once a month

          1. Met mi stop eat pork n trying very hard to cut chicken n others meats out to cause dem steroid filled sumting here a farrin designed to kill we and a lot of ppl don’t see Wat a gwaan. I know for a fact there are additives in chicken cause when I don’t eat it for a while I get mad headaches.

          2. from not eating chicken?? hmmm but what u replace the chicken with? u should try salmon but mi still eat di chicken along with turkey and fish..I really waa cut out all a dem..with pork mi did really haffi stop now mi cannot even tek di smell

          3. Met the trick is the tofu and mastering the art of cooking it so it can taste like chicken I’m working on it beans white black pink well seasoned with natural herbs too the other day my aunt gave me some seasoned rice and is when mi done n a tell har how the chicken taste good she tell me is not chicken but tofu. She say she is gonna make stew peas with tofu for me so let’s see

          4. Me to u no mi on the fence with it but she say its all about moderation, Met my aunt was 225lbs with lots of acne problems n decide to go the no meat way she is now 165lbs clear skin best shape of her life I tell u. Basically most of ur meals should be veg beans all organic and then as a treat u have a little tofu, fish etc
            She is an Adventist n her belief is that we are suppose to eat of the earth just natural produce its work for her but it hard mi nah lie

  9. here me come in now wid de ole time sumting, de hot baked potato DO work, but the trick is sender is dat you cannot eat potato back again unda lifeee!!…and dat is if you can bear de heat, but it fi guh unda de arm hot, (not fi bun yuh, but wha yuh can stan) and then thrown away, Old time people say throw it outside behind you and doe look back, I have seen people do this and is worked, but yuh cyan even eat French fry afta!!…as oonuh know before modern medicine there was OLE TIME PEOPLE!!!..GOOD LUCK

    1. Obara a seerus thing man for every region of the world just look n see Wat is there main illness in Asia a lot of stomach virus cause a di raw fish n food dem eat n den look on Greece n these ppl live so long cause their diets consist of mostly vegetables n lots of olive oil. That means there is a correlation with food n the body mechanism for sure.

  10. Absolutely, Chuet, sometime ago, I began not being able to digest my food properly and is when mi research and find out how fi alkalize my body is when I began to feel better, and I have about two year now leaving meat out of my diet, I still yearn for a good rib eye, but mi body cannot handle it, wuss di big ole rusty pork

        1. ____________________________________________________________________________ u know ina africa dem meat well tough but they have such nice strong teeth mi tink a di natural chewing whey dem do cause dat

    1. Lol yesssssss all the beef practically raw u know how much bacteria whey suppose to get destroyed by heat that gone down inna u belly so all the females whey when unnu look down unnu no see unnu front a the meat smh ma gawdddd

  11. Good morning family, met, chuet, yep, obara, heverybody!! I missed you guys so much! At first mi did tink ah joke when mi read di first line but as i continued reading mi notice ah seerus sumthing. I wish i could offer some advice but i am absolutely stumped about how to cure green arm. I am definitely taking heed to some of the metters responses so if i encounter someone with a similar problem i can offer some advice.

      1. 3gb u know I thought about u the other day no go whey so long man even a hail n gone r do like me say mi one piece n when anybody a look fi mi no me cause di work get serious pon my side.lmaooo :peluk :peluk :peluk

  12. my daughter explained to me the reason why these W people cook meat still bloody and raw, it is because the do not know ho to hydrate the meat, when we Jamaicans cooking stake, we season it properly, heat the oil fry it, after it is nicely browned, we place it in the pot tip some water in the pot cover and cook until tender, this method they call braising, and according to them this is done with a tougher cut of meat, but regardless of how tender rib eye is suppose to be or porter house, it can be cooked WELL DONE AND STILL BE TENDER.. AH DOE SEE DE REASON FI ALL DAT BLOOD..NOPES!!

  13. Thanks for all the suggestion I will be trying a few. Afterall nothing try nothing done.. I use Neutrogena body wash and change my wash rag every week. I have been to the dr. who prescribed a wash to kill the bacteria, but after a day or so the symptoms are back to normal. The only meat I eat is Chicken, I do not drink milk and I am trying to force myself to drink at least 32 oz a water a day to flush my system. I know this condition is hereditary has my Father has this problem; but he does not work a corporate Job and he is a man so I assume it doesn’t bother him as much. My son who is 8 y/o has been wearing deodorant since he was 4 y/o because he also has this issue. I have resorted to wearing breast pad to absorb the underarm sweating while at work, but I still have to refresh because the odor stays in my clothes somehow. I have to soak all my tops before actually washing them just to get the smell out of them. You would think if I wear sleeveless clothes so my armpits can breath that would help right? I cannot wear anything sleeveless the odor is more severe the instant I stepped out my house. I have had incidents of ppl rubbing their nose to indicate they smell something just from be near them. I am sure ppl think I don’t bath just from the odor my arm emits. It is sad, and It put me in a seclusion mode because I don’t like the embarrassment. I pray my child does not have to suffer like I did , because my whole life I basically isolate myself because of this. No one wants to walk around kicking like Vandam, So next time you smell someone arm do not make a mockery of them as you never know the plight they are going thru. I have tried every avenue and spent a lot of money and still no solution. I once had a Doctor told me he did not smell anything, it was all in my mind.. I just gave up spending my money going to them, that’s why i’m looking for home remedies. Thanks all, remember each one teach one

    1. *tears* God knows I feel for you I didnt know it was so much, do this asap, get about 4 sturdy bunches of parsley and have them go through a juicer. Tell me how it works for you the next day..:kiss :peluk I dont know what to say

      1. Every time they come on this one is smelling and that one..this one mouth is stink and they dont know why but instead of trying to help that is all they find to say. And those that are talking people are saying the same of them..Shame

      2. Met, I am glad that you and your bloggers are finally beginning to understand just how much a person who has these kinds of problems goes through……The embarrassment, seclusion etc.

        I, myself have a problem, and have been shunned almost all my life. Like the sender, people probably think that I don’t practice good hygiene etc. But this is her floor and maybe one day when I am brave enough I will share.

        Sender, I hope you find a solution to this problem of yours; cause trust me, I understand only too well what you must be going through.

        BIG UP OONUSELF METTERS, shows you guys have a heart!!!

        1. You know mi always feel a way when dem come a talk bout people smelling because di embarrassment no nice but I had no idea it did bad like this and that people went through this smh :kiss

      1. MET, even though mi love the site cause mi love the mix ups and the jokes( these commenters are funny) what I love even more is that this site is also a forum, where people can anonymously seek and receive help. Look at the out pouring of support SENDER get from people who don’t even know her, but obviously care bout her and her condition. Thanks MET and keep up the good work.

      2. Thanks Met,
        Blessings in abundance..

        I am soo imuned to all the negative treatment, it does not bother me anymore.
        i remember when i juss came to the US and was in middle school one big bully started a campaign and had everybody whispering in class how mi stink don’t sit near me.. I went home and attempted suicide(taking a bottle full of pills) but my mother found me just in time. i am am pretty sure i took more showers than all of them in my class. Ignorance is a hell of a thing i tell you. But i have come along way.

        1. OMG! There must be something that can be done, didnt they try to test your sweat to see what comes out in it? The scrubbing of the arms wont work because you are damaging the skin, do the parsley detox and if you want you can add some cilantro and lime ..see how the scent of your sweat changes then. Also because you have had this so long I am worried that if your scent changes you will not notice

          1. Thanks Met I will try this Juice . Funny things everyy where i go i smell my arm to see if it start acting up. Lol.
            I never did the sweat test. These doctors have me coming a million times just to take my copay and still no result.

          2. They should have tested your skin and sweat to see what exactly your body/liver is secreting and then try to help from that angle

    2. SENDER, thinking bout your little boy and how kids can be cruel, and thinking of you as a child and teen and what you had to go through, tears. People shouldn’t have to suffer for what is basically, not only hereditary, but also your body chemistry. Hope you find a solution soon.

    3. Oh wow sender I’m very sorry to hear what your going through..I can’t believe the doctors didn’t run more test on you to see what’s going on.
      I myself think I have a touch of excessive sweatings triggered might be by Anxiety or if I’m rushing my body gets so over heated. Anyway I went on date the other night it was very hot with alot of humidity and that cause my body temperature to really double and I was sweating out Ras and it made me very uncomfortable.
      So I been searching for remedies myself to cool down my body Black Cohosh supplement. I just bought the Certain Dri deodorant from cvs it seem to be working okay under my armpits. I saw other deodorants on Amazon you can try Odabon I think it’s called I want to try myself, Also Sage I hear is good for the sweating I want to try it.they have the pills and tea bags I will order from Amazon but with my sweating I don’t have the Odor just wetness.

  14. Mawnin Obara! Mi deh ah trod life’s road, learning all that i can @ the same time.

    @senda my heart goes out to and i will definitely take your advice and think before i comment on somebody’s body odor. I’m praying that you will find a solution to this problem as it seems to have taken a serious toll on you.

  15. You could mix a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide to a cup of water and wash your underarms with it – this will kill the bacteria. You can also wipe down your underarms with witch hazel which will effect the PH balance under your arms (which in your case is a good thing) and prevent the bacteria from growing. Do not use deodorant – use only antiperspirant. Deodorant is basically a fragrance which does nothing to stop the sweating and can actually aggravate the odor.

    Surgical Outpatient – Botox will work…also you could have the sweat glands sucked out in a form of liposuction and it is an outpatient procedure so it apparently isn’t too drastic.

    Good luck.

  16. your going to want to be my friend for this go to your doctor and let them know what is going on ask them to write a script for DRYSOL that is the name brand the generic is called
    ALUMINUM CHLORIDE HEXAHYDRATE and use has directed you will be sweat free in a week or two. trust me on this one it works i had the same issue years ago never knew there was a product that could help. let me know how it works.

    1. I had this and for some reason all it does is burn up my arm therefore i never got to see any result.. i guess my skin is super sensitive. i also use Certain Dri the antipesrperant and to no avail iam am back at square one.. i will retry after using the African soap maybe then i will be fresh and healed to try it. Thanks all.

  17. Nice info GWIZZ. Sender….is it only green armpit? Reason mi ask is so many here questioning your diet. That would affect more than your underarms. If it r ongle green arm, GWIZZ Buss yu. If dat nuh werk, surgery fi those glands. It is hereditary. Sorry….BUT MI LOVE YU COURAGE!!!

    1. Green armpit, excessive sweating. Once i start sweating the odor is. here to stay..
      I scrub my arms so much, down to the deodorant burn it when i put in on daily.

      1. And i use a Anitpersperant deodorant combo. I only use men deodorant because the women ‘s are not strong enought to control my issue for and hour.
        My biggest fear is to do the sweat gland removal and it create another problem since the body functions were design the way they are… If we don’t sweat isn’t there going to be a blockage /shutdown somewhere eles?

        1. Sender good question, I know someone who did it but mi never think fi ask dat at all . Also, even though sweat is natural we only sweat at certain temperatures and when we exert a lot of energy..some people nuh sweat and nothing nuh wrong wid dem but you can talk to the doctor

        2. There will not be a blockage because you have other pores that sweat will come through…it doesn’t have to only come through your arm pits.. the surgery it will stop the issue of excessive under arm sweating (because you won’t have sweat glands under your arms anymore) but if its not the sweat alone that’s causing the odor, and it probably isn’t, then it won’t solve the issue. If the problem is bacterial you will need to also change you PH balance under your arm to stop the production of the bacteria.

    2. The surgery will work and a nuh courage a desperation..desperate for something to work for her. Also sender how much do you weigh if you mind me asking?

      1. Met I am 160 lb.
        i would more than likely try the surrgey because i’m sure my insurance will cover it. the only issue is this dermotologist of mine has to refer me, he wants me to come in every six week to suggest a new item each time that doen’t help me but benefits his pocket. He wants me to do botox (insurance does not cover ) to show i have use all alternate and prove this is medically necessary.

        1. Ok dont let them twist and turn you though, because this problem has also affected you psychologically so with him trying to fatten his pocket is more than at your pocket’s expense …How much 6 weeks him expect u fi go and nothing nah help?

          1. My name is said ph balance so when you try the parsley u can have that in the morning and at night…then you can try a little apple cider vinegar maybe a cap full and see how those naturals work for cider vinegar good fi nuff tings dem seh it help balance the body’s ph

  18. Senda, as long as it’s not a fish smell you can get cure. The fish smell is a rare case that has been reported and has no cure. Gwan a docta before yu do more harm to yu self.

    Btw, yu really bake potato put unda yu arm? what was that like?

    1. seYes Phantom. lol
      When u desperate u try anything. it feel di same like when mi put on my deodorant a mawnin time. burnin sting feeling.
      i have used Hyberclense to control the bacteria along with ointments.
      I have tried the sulfery smell creme before putiing on my deodorant. i loss count of all these stuff this Dr prescribed. nothing has worked so far. i am just frtustrated and stuck on “Why me”. but i have life so i block it all out. i feel like someone that has a plague that it visible to the eye. Ppl don’t see me coming they smell me when i arrive. that the best way to put it.. And they make it known they smell it, the rubbing of the nose, the wide eyes look . like dem smell dead dog. i don’t eat onions, garlic, or nothing that would enhance the smell more. Believe it or not i know several ppl with this condition, just not as bad as mines. they alternate deodorants or wear baby powder at night. The simplest thing like baby powder burns my arm, so you know i have it real bad.

      I will continue to read the comments back to work i go.

      Thanks a million Met and Metters.

      1. Don’t worry at least you know, accept and try to remedy your problem THAT’S CONFIDENCE. Big up and wish you the best of luck. STOP irritate you self any further and go a one good doctor…try find an Asian (Chinese or Indian) they deal with less chemicals and will give you what is good and not what their big Pharma people come wid a week time.

  19. I feel so sorry for her, the thing is, she has tried every thing and no solution to the problem, I wish her luck with all the advise that the Metters and Met has given her. Praying that she find a cure speedily, because is really heart felt.

  20. afternoon metty and metters

    yuh noe wid all dese advices n suggestions mi nuh wah nobaddi cum bak yah n she nodi tink…refer dem ere ooooo plus jmg hav a lot a viewers..please oooooo a beg unnuh use dem tings yah n ting an ting b4 unnuh guh a di ppl dem dance. Suh wi tek care a armhole n mouthole suh a juss dah odda ole deh wi haffi fine remedy fah now :cool

  21. @Sender…. before you try the surgery please try the “sweatblock” from Amazon. My sister in law had a problem of excessive sweating and odor caused by hormone changes I presume. Someone told her about the “sweatblock” and she decided to give it a try. The sweating stopped and she had to use a natural deodorant “Toms” to control the odor. I hope this works for you.

  22. @Ms Met….share with sender to drink lemon water every day as much as she can, scrub under her arms with lime, also instead of juice drink pedialite , the zinc on it will help her & where come from… two fresh hot hot homemade round bread under her arms pits twice a week for two weeks.

    1. Stop it! YU WAN 2 LICK WID DE HOT BREAD DEM…STOP IT. Because she do de potato she fi do hot bread to….oh gosh stop cause she need help.

  23. also senda if yu a try detox di body try drink cup a water, honey, and lime every morning before breakfast. only need 2 tbsp honey an mi use half a lime or lemon. it detox di liver an i can seh mi smell a difference pon mi body. hope yu find help wid di problem. dats why wi shudden too quick fi judge bout ppl tink!! neva kno di cause

  24. So, it might sound a little crazy, but you can actually use apple cider vinegar as a natural deodorant! Apple cider vinegar absorbs and neutralizes stinky scents. Simply rub a bit of ACV in your underarms and it will absorb and minimize body odors. The vinegary smell dissipates once it dries.

  25. try blending spinach or any green veg, one peeled lime, ginger and 2 green apples and drink 1 cup every morning after you drink a glass of water and I promise u ur odour will start vanishing on the 2nd day. u can add a bunch of parsley to it too good luck

  26. Wow i sat here reading and when she came on the first time as Senda and explained how long and what has been going on with her .
    Tears actually came to my eyes.
    My love my heart goes out to you, please get a second opinion from another dermatologist.( you are entitled to that by (health insurance law)
    I see where it has already been suggested and i will tell you also to go for the surgery .
    What you have is called axillary hyperhidrosis ( you seem to have a severe case of it)
    It is treated with permanent surgical removal of the sweat glands by a plastic surgeon. Either a traditional surgical procedure may be used or a minimally invasive one called suction curettage, which is a modified form of liposuction.
    It normally takes about 1 hour to a 1 1/2 hours, i see where you were worried about not sweating anymore under your arms.
    After the surgery you tend to sweat more at the back of your legs,on your chest and back.
    Please go and get that surgery done. all the advise giving are in good faith but they are only temporary. :peluk :peluk

  27. Bwoy senda… it sound like me write dis. I have tried everything just like you did. I am afraid of the surgery because it says you can have side effects like compensatory sweating all over the rest of your body or worse – paralyze some kinda muscle under there. I am scared of botox too. I tried potato, lemon, baking soda, vinegar – everything! But like you, it seems I have very senstive skin so I just get big rashes and skin peeling. I sweat everywhere. I wouldn’t mind it so much if it wasn’t for the smell. I tried Drysol – burned like crazy and my skin looked like reptile skin. Same for Perspirex and Maxim.

    I had the same experience in high school but it was in JA. It was terrible… I wanted to die. I bathe so many times but withing 30 mins – there’s sweat and smell. I have been very anti social because of it too. People don’t understand why and I would never talk to them about it because they just wont get it. My mother said she had the same thing as a teen but it seems she grew it out. I’ve never smelt her.

    I have resorted to wearing “armpit pads”. I do not wear certain types of clothes (sleevless, sheer etc). I mostly wear dark clothes so the “pads” don’t show through it. I have been doing this since 2000. I am well educated and well put together. I just wish I didn’t have to go through this. I am married… I think it’s true when they say love is blind lol because I’m sure hubby must smell something… but I guess he understands. I have a young child whom I pray to God wont have to go through this. I beg God to let this gene skip her.

    Paper towels help. (if arm pads are too expensive) Change them out if they get too damp. There was one thing that seemed to work and it wasn’t too harsh. It is called Hydrosal. I bought it online. I used it on my vacation back home and it wasn’t too bad. But then I started worrying about what’s in it. I will most likely go back to it if I need to but for now I am sticking with the larmit liners. I heard some ppl use panty liners etc.

    Senda… I wish us luck. Not all ppl who “smell” are nasty.

    1. Oh…. and for for very hot days… I just up the paper towel squares lol. They have worked really well. Just limited to wearing certain types of clothes. You have to have something to keep it in place though. Make sure your bra fits high under your pit etc… In that way, no sweat or smell gets on my clothes. Before I started doing this, no matter how much I washed my clothes it would still smell. Sweat smell is the most difficult thing to get out of clothes.

      I know it’s not just you and me. I know there are others who suffer in silence. Thank goodness for anonymous forums like these. I work in the corporate world as well where I have to give presentations and stuff so I know what you feel.

  28. I just copied this off the net.
    Generally, OTC antiperspirants are used for profuse sweating. The most effective are those that contain aluminium chlorohydrate. But, such preparations may themselves cause irritation. Inflammation and infection can result from the combined effect of shaving and chemicals.There are also conventional oral medications for controlling sweating, but again unpleasant side effects may occur and they should be used only for extreme cases. These work by drying bodily secretions, and tend to come with unwanted side-effects such as dry mouth, blurry vision, dizziness and cardiovascular concerns. As a last resort, there are surgical procedures to control perspiration, but they are usually reserved for cases resistant to all other form of treatment.Natural RemediesMany people are now turning to natural remedies as a first step towards treating excessive sweating caused by overactive sweat glands. There are a number of natural ingredients that can help reduce sweating and treat some of the underlying causes. Nat mur. helps to reduce excessive sweating and clamminess.Lupulus as well as Castoreum and Argentum Nitricum help to address sweating, especially when related to nervousness, panic, anxiety, or obsessive thoughts. Lastly the ingredient Syphilinum helps to control fluid levels in the body, while also helping to control body odor which commonly accompanies excessive sweating.Nat mur (6X) is used extensively homeopathically as a tonic for the skin and skin glands, this remedy can also be used to address fluid secretions from the body – such as sweating.Lupulus (30C) is used to address perspiration that is profuse, clammy or greasy.Castoreum (30C) is useful when sweat seems to feel icy cold, and may smell sour.Argentum nit (6C) is used homeopathically to address sweats brought about by fretting and made worse with fussing. This also suits those individuals that tend to get caught up in nervous excitement.Detailed info on these can be had here by ? 4 years agoReport Abuse

  29. Sender I saw parsley recommended. Do NOT ingest parsley if you are in the early stages of pregnancy or are trying to get pregnant. Parsley is a natural abortant in early stage pregnancy. You didn’t mention pregnancy but I just thought I should put that out there in case you were unaware.

    1. Yes I recommended parsley because it is a good blood detox, I did not once think of pregnancy because I assumed that the person isnt thinking to pregnant and says that she has a child already..It can upset a pregnancy and is not recommended for real but why u have to say it like that is only understood by you I guess :travel

  30. Morning all.

    I tried the vinegar last night and it seems to have a bit of effect. i will wait a week and follow up here . I don’t want to come back day to day until i am certain. So i will confirm when I get a definte result.

    Met i do eat scotch bonnet pepper on everything. lol
    Also a loyal pepsi drinker. i’m sure these have something to add to my misery too. i have been weening my self slowly, as they are my only addiction..

    Thanks again, i really appreciate everyones input and sympathy. I just wanted ppl to understand that people do have issue beyond their control. :peluk :peluk

    1. Mawning Senda, Mawning Metsy

      So I consult my mother on this one. She said to use this orange they call sybil orange. It’s this greenish, brownish looking orange with rough skin, if you are in the US you can find it in the korean fruits and vegetables store.

      Put the orange over the fire kinda like you are roasting breadfruit, let it warm, then let it cool to where it is warm enough for you to scrub your under arms with it. Do this 2-3 times per week, make sure to drink plenty water with lemon, this will help to balance the bodies PH, apply gold bond medicated powder before applying your deodarant and stay away from the diary and try to eat gluten free foods. YOU and CURRY is not friends so stay away from the curry goat and curry chicken. And remember what you eat is what you sweat. Good luck.

  31. gud mawnin metty senda metters

    rinse mi hair ina acv caz di dandruff nuff nuff an yu kno it really wuk fi many tings. good luck senda sumn will help yu.

  32. Sender it sound like you and your child is allergic to dairy. I would avoid it at all cost. No Soy either not good. Now Sun Chlorella(small little green pills) is what you and your son need. Try and drink unsweetened almond milk instead of cows milk. As for cheese use nutritional yeast (Braggs)as a substitute. Eggs are okay in moderation but get rid of the cows milk. You can replace your calcium intake with Unsulphured Black Strap Molasses take about a teaspoon a day or use in tea. You can also try apple cider vinegar(Braggs) in a cup of water upon waking to help detox. Also try making an infusion of mint leaves, ginger, cucumbers and lemons/limes and that will be your purified water for you and your son. I have so many other things to recommend but just by eliminating dairy is a good start.

  33. Met mek me try help out this damsel in distress bcuz nuff ppl when dem come a foreign dem haffi get accustomed to the climate change. But depending on size n sometimes that don’t even matter is not only d arm pits can produce odor. All d ppl dem who a walk n say punash need shelter even under the belly or stomach sometimes can sweat profusely. z cure for this is to use some bounty paper towels n adjust z length so it fits right under ur belly. z paper towel will absorb z perspiration. Also panty liners r good if the crease between ur leg n vajj sweat a lot. For the underarm please don’t use no wet wet roll on like avon or ur arms will b saturated n wet. Try SURE unscented deodorant me a use dat from me come a foreign n nobody neva tell me say me green. D drier d deodorant d better. Overall get a full doctor checkup fe every STD if u don’t ask for it they wont give it 2 u from the BIG A to Z. After u rule out those drink a lot of water every chance u get it n hopefully that will work. DONT LEF OUT U DIAL or antibacterial soap – n mek sure say 3 months from now u send a message 2 MET n tell har what wrked best for u – WALK N SMELL GOOD!!!

    1. Avon is good also , but it will not last all day unless you use the 24 hour. Those solid antiperspirant can clog your pores so dont rule them out all all

    2. I have to disagree with the pantyliner to catch perspiration. The simple solution is cotton underwear and clothing to keep cool. All that rayon, polyester and latex is a no-no. Sexy draws a fi inna the bedroom. lol

  34. I live by dial antibacterial bar soaps really good keeps skin clean n complexion toned
    Sender I’m very happy that already u get even a glimmer of hope God bless remember to keep us in the know

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