1. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy……………………….no sah wen i saw this had to look twice……like WTF!!!!!!!!

  2. dung to di very earrings suh mi a beg di ooman ova riri post fi stop it caw luk at dis falla fashin monkey yah doah

    1. ______________________________________________________________________________
      dis a mona lisa turn back :hammer
      dese people a di bessssssssss

    1. ____________________________________________________________ bwaay eye water dung mi face kaw from mi bawn u nuh si how quickkk it put up :hammer

  3. who eva photoshop dat wig pon candice head, is a wicked wicked person. :ngakak

    candice mek u luk like swell bullfrog so??, no mama diss no luk good

  4. Them woman ya no come with nothing fi them self and if di celebrity was copying them mi would a say yea some a them have style but di people them no c them all them do is sit pon device a pree every style a move di people them Mek no sa oonu serious no sa. Thx GOD fi mi own style care zero who likes it at least a fi original.

  5. candice join lodge?? why she can’t turn har head fi face di camera? why it luk like if she tun har head, it ago pop off.

    diss is a fail of epic proportions

  6. If a she do this she wicked to herself and if a one a her friend them influence her them wicked.. Drop them ASAP and Candice sweetheart you are a beautiful person and that hairstyle isn’t cuting it perhaps it was taken at the wrong angle

    1. they Photoshopped her body on Kelly Hairstyle watch the hairline also they should’ve photoshopped her a better shape ooo

  7. smaddy need fe scan de next side a it fe unno c how the hair thin rite out nd scantty wid de neck trech weh like goat pon escape rope…dem sick is all i know

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  8. Simple u nah behave! Every year every flier Candice ever stay bad. But she a nice quiet hair dresser still.

  9. :supermaho :peluk @Simply…Oprah has a pic similar to this one also. JMG people dem a di baddest. @Ms Met yuh a di leader cause yuh bawd very bawd tuh :malu
    Candice poor yuh poor yuh Candice. Kizzy yuh baby father wife flyers sell off str8888 :thumbup
    Unu think JJ going to make an appearance and hand out his cd’s like he did in ‘miomi’ while on ‘vocation’

    1. Mi can ask yuh Y bad so?? you alone by yuhself out and bad….ah who sen yuh?? man- royal bobette or Tiffany??? Talk up!!! :cystg :sup2:

  10. who find the time to send in this, see you all giving free promotion. it show this site running out of things to put up

      1. Metty you was railyyyyyy laughing to hard this morning you didn’t even block on the date of the event on this one! Candice you made me laugh on this and deserve the free promo for this…….see you there, hope the bar sell out but not before I get my water. Flippa I’m gonna rep’ you Honey Boo Boo :hammer

      2. Dem run out looooooong time o. If JLo, Kelly Rowland, LV, Gucci, Hennesy and whole heap more really feel like it court house pack.

  11. Candice is having one of those bad hair days, lipstick color(wrong) mi nuh think John John going to put in an appearance at all. Lol. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :mewek2 :mewek2 :mewek2 :mewek2


  13. Somebody did a cruel act pon this girl….nope, nobody Neva senn inn this troll cousin picture fi put pon flyer

  14. Waving howdy doo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grung!! I cant wid these people… Hey lady dont do it again, de 10 people wah hit like a lyad. Yuh nuh look good and when yuh going to copy a celebrity try fi look a little better than dem.smdh!!

  15. :ngakak :malu :ngakak I CANNOT :mewek2 :ngakak candy realy daffy ,bobby man _______________all 3 a unno look like man still but the way u act posh daffy duck :ngakak :ngakak

  16. Den a really di same wig Kelly Rowland have on posh crop it offa di lady head and put pon fi har own Posh yuh Nuh si Kelly face turn front way??? So yuh did expect di wig fi fit good if yuh turn to di side? Oh no… Common sense shoulda tell yuh turn roun. Next ting yuh grab up di hand like a prosthetic and it a drop off, yawh buss chue di pant and den dis big blue paint like yuh work fi burgur paint company. Listen man Mek a new flyer.


    1. 404 or 303? Flat emulsion or Oil paint yah talk? which one ah di Burger paint yah talk cause wich ever one she use pon her lip, Mi nuh bodda paint mi house wid it this Christmas ooo :tkp :hn

  17. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak These f**king followers mi can’t tek dem :hoax2 :hoax2 everything dem see a real celebrity in ah dem wan copy :hoax2

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