Who can find a virtuous and capable wife? She is worth more than precious rubies. Her husband can trust her, and she will greatly enrich his life Proverbs 31:10 – 11
For several years, Tiger Woods was celebrated as the number one golf player in the world. He was respected and nominated as a brand ambassador for a lot of big organizations who needed the patronage of important people and athletes worldwide because he was greatly loved and respected. But his world came crumbling when his adulterous lifestyle was exposed. His wife of so many years was so upset about all the women Tiger had been cheating on her with that she divorced him. Shortly after that, Tiger Woods began losing his matches and dropping in ranking amongst other golf players. He did not only drop from being number one in the world, he dropped so low that he is not even among the top ten. When they asked him why he was not winning his games like he used to, TIGER WOODS said that his failing career is linked to his separation from the Love of his life; harmony.
Harmony is the product of a peaceful marriage where love leads in all things. Never take love for granted. Men, do not disrespect your wife because she freely and sacrificially expresses her love for you; your life will surely come crashing down the moment she turns her back on you and destroys the peace and harmony that has always given you the inspiration to win. Don’t take her prayers for you and the encouraging things she says to you for granted. For the woman, if you love your husband, believe him, encourage him and be his peace. Every wise woman knows the importance of speaking life to her man; that is why women are very expressive of their love, esteem and best wishes for their husbands. As from today, make out time and come out with ways to appreciate and express your love for your spouse. A virtuous woman is hard to find and she is her husband’s first line of defense against the spirit of domestic strife. For most men, the deliverance they need from certain afflictions is a good wise woman who will speak life into everything they do.
Liberation thought: The power of love never fails
Further reading: Proverbs 31:10 – 31
• Every demon attached to my life to delay God’s blessing in my life, I command you to release my blessing now in Jesus mighty name
• Every environmental demon assigned to delay my breakthrough, I over- ride your influence in my life now by fire

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