LEAD prosecutor Jeremy Taylor and defence attorney Miguel Lorne both scored crucial points during their closing arguments in the Vybz Kartel murder trial in the High Court in downtown Kingston yesterday.

Continuing his marathon presentation, which began on Tuesday, Taylor launched into convincing arguments as to why Vybz Kartel (real name Adidja Palmer) and the other four accused — Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John and Shane Williams — should be convicted of the murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

He painted Kartel as an arrogant, conceited person who thought he was above the law when he plotted to murder Williams over two missing guns.

He said Kartel seemed to be expressing glee when he referred to Williams as ‘mince meat’ in a BlackBerry message.

“He thinks I am untouchable, I am the Worl’ Boss, nothing can happen to me,” Taylor told the jurors.

Referring to text and BlackBerry messages extracted from a phone ascribed to Kartel, Taylor pointed out that when Kartel discovered

that he was a murder suspect he tried everything to flee the island fast.

“Police were looking at the house so he wanted to be outside of Jamaica,” he said.

He also looked back at the evidence of the prosecution’s star witness who testified under oath that he was inside the Swallowfield, Havendale house when Williams was attacked and had to flee for his life.

“When (the star witness) saw that, like in those old cartoons he said ‘feets’ don’t let me down now, and fear, not Red Bull, gave him wings to fly the gate in a manner in which PJ Patterson would be proud,” he said to chuckles from the jurors and others in attendance at the trial.

Taylor poured cold water on arguments by the defence that the prosecution’s star witness was lying and would not

have accompanied Kartel to hospital after a pit bull had bitten him, if he believed he was marked for death.

He said Kartel had assured the witness that he would not come to harm as the guns were stolen by ‘Lizard’ and ‘Browns’.

“Why did he proceed in the company of Palmer? What we have is some amount of assurance on the part of Palmer. Would you decide at that moment, given assurance by the top man, that nothing is going to happen to you at that moment? It doesn’t mean he wasn’t fearful, but he was given assurance. If he was part of a conspiracy theory why would he do the illogical thing?” Taylor quizzed.

He also encouraged the jurors to consider that, despite leaving the scene, Campbell was part of a common design to murder as he knew beforehand that Williams and the witness were to be harmed when he encouraged them to accompany him to Havendale under the guise that they would not be harmed.

“It was his job to deliver them,” Taylor said.

He also told the jurors that Jones and St John were part of the common design, due to their alleged roles of holding Williams from behind and standing over him with what appeared to be a block.

Citing a video which was also extracted from a cellular phone said to be used by Kartel, Taylor told the jurors it was clear from the conversation that murder was on everyone’s mind.

“They were in there talking about killing. Like killing a dog, or killing a goat, or killing a pig. They were talking about techniques of murder, which is the best way,” he said.

Taylor closed his arguments by quoting Psalm 37 verse 13 and imploring the jury to come to a justifiable verdict.

“I will not ask you for a guilty verdict. Consider the evidence. Be true to your oath,” he said.

When Taylor finished, the attorney representing Campbell, Miguel Lorne rose and immediately blasted Taylor’s continued quotation

of Bible verses to drive home his point.

He mentioned the fact that Kartel had managed to attract a larger crowd than the iconic Nelson Mandela did when he lectured at the University of the West Indies.

“Whether we like it or not, there is something phenomenal about him,” he said.

Lorne told the jury that outside of a man holding a pickaxe there was no act of violence in the video evidence.

“Don’t let Mr Taylor pull the wool over your eyes. I am not going to tell you what to conclude, but let us analyse it,” he said.

Lorne argued that the prosecution’s star witness and Campbell were good friends and that the only time he smiled during his testimony was the morning he looked at Campbell and greeted him on his birthday.

“That was the only time his soul was free. He was otherwise under the yolk,” Lorne said.

This drew a broad smile from Campbell and lit up some of the jurors’ faces.

Lorne seized the moment and pointed out that with all the text message evidence there was none that implicated his client saying anything bad about Williams or the star witness.

He informed the jury that it was the right of accused persons under law to either give evidence under oath, give an unsworn statement or say nothing and ask them to consider the statements made by the accused to be the truth.

“If you think that it is true you must act on it. If you are in doubt, then that doubt must be in favour of the defence. Before you convict it must be beyond a reasonable doubt.

At that point, Lorne had the court in stitches when he asked three of the accused men to stand up.

“Kahira, stand up — I call him ‘Black Gaza’. Shane, stand up — I call him ‘Most Unfortunate’. André, stand up — I call him ‘The Student’. I am encouraging him to get back in school when all this is over as he studies and is a computer whiz. I am asking you to send them home. This time it will be permanent,” he said.

The trial has been adjourned until Monday as the court was informed that one of the jurors will be unable to attend court today.


  1. Mawnin metty and ettyers :peluk

    yuh si dah same line deh “like it or not there’s something phenomenal about him” is the same reason why weak-minded, dependent and gullible people “follow” him. Mi tink a did God alone people fallah an evn Him sometime ppl nuh wah fallah much less :nohope: wat a dtriment if dem nuh sen dis suckah guh prison mi sorry fi jamaica smh

  2. Met the letter that those three murder wrote a dat fi send them a prison.. not even the voice note like the letter weh them write.. one bunch a lies

    what me want to know is .. no body no say all now lizard did go home are him never enter the yard so where is lizard and what time did he leave kartel house? how them no tell the people them say lizard did go home shortly after shawn strom went home? so when all that commotion was going on weh lizard did deh? and there is plenty more I can take from that letter and show say them a tell pure lies!

  3. Why the jurors always seem to always a go absent? I don’t trust the jurors enuh, I see a buy out fi not guilty.

  4. Di ras dem need fi go try Lorne ,,,,,,and si if dem, fi cut off the locks…..who knows what Lizard could be ? A bear demon inna di court and every minute sitten wrong wid one a di jury ,,,Kartel is such a big star and a beg man pass fi lef di island him don’t even have him own link …….dem need fi stop put off the case ….him suit mussi nuh done fix up yet

  5. I see nowhere above where the defense scored any points with the lame elementary arguments. Who gives a flying fcuk what you call these murderers or what their respective talents may be? The victim was also a talented dancer that wasn’t given the opportunity to go home, what makes your client special? Now you wish to claim that there unsworn statements should be considered as truthful? You should have convinced the jury of such truth by swearing to the statements. But by their collective refusal to do so, the juror should infer as much guilt especially since each statement placed the accused at the scene of the murder.

  6. Good morning all.I have been observing this case from inception and I must say this.First of all I am taken aback by the lynch mob on this site for these young men.Young men who have children of their own .I ask all of you which of you would look these young men children in the eye and tell them “dem father fi dead” or fi go a prison the rest of them life. Yet we turn around and say God na sleep.We all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.This is a case that has exposed the whole Jamaica. The police department,the prosecution system, the court system and the mentality of our people.The chickens have come home to roost. If the jury comes back with a not guilty verdict it will show the mistrust people of Jamaica( as the jury is representing us) have for the police department with their extrajudicial killings(how many more shootout stories are we gonna believe with the deceased found with 38 revolver and 3 rounds and one spent shell)and.mishandling of evidence, the prosecution with their sloppiness,laziness, unprofessional-ism to name a few.They are a flippin disgrace!Not because these men are not guilty, because if we pick sense out of nonsense, if everything presented is true most of us would say they are guilty. If the jury comes back guilty, it is not because the prosecution presented a solid case but because the jury pick sense out of nonsense and that in some cases can be wrong! They are supposed to go by the evidence presented.There are many reasonable doubts presented in this case to the unbiased mind.In the middle of this case the police have changed procedures on how evidence is handled because of this case can you believe that?None of us were there none of us can put our head on the block and say these men did these things so we depend on the government to represent us and Mr Williams and they have let us down. Anyone who think the prosecution did a good job I really feel sorry for you.Guilty or not changes need to be made now in the police department court system judicial system and our” him” fi dead mentality” .Start with our children. I have three teenagers and none of them would ever look on Vybz Kartel or Drake or anyone of them as a role model .Be a role model to your children.How many more misguided followers are out there who would dead for a artist not just Kartel.Nobody who wasnt there know for sure if they are guilty so stop judging. Leave that to God Almighty. Guilty they should serve their punishment we cant just going around killing people we didnt bring anybody here that is God’s job not ours . God go with the family of Mr. Williams and the family of all the accused.Open your eyes Jamaica.Love this site but disapointed with the mentality on this case. One love

    1. You should be disappointed in your own self as a person , and really have some nerve to talk about lynch mob. Ask Shawn Storm who Lizard ran away from. If you have children put yourself in Lizard’s sister or put yourself in Lizard’s mother’s position because you must be absolutely daft to think this has anything to do with being a role model

      1. Have you ever eaten something and not expect to have diarrhea from it but when you put your ass on the toilet , then it sounds like an AK47 to the effect that you’re shocked that’s even coming from you? That is how I felt when I browsed the book you wrote. You have faith in the ones who are alive but have made no mention or suggestion as to where Clive Williams is or what could have happened. Who could have done away with him yet you have the gall to say we are lynching young men who are alive???? Are you seriously stupid or what? What if it was your son who told his sister he was about to die ???????????????? What would your say be? Would you be talking crap about role model now? Who the hell is talking about role model in the middle of a murder trial? Who cares who your children have decided to make their role model? A young man is no longer here and no one can give account as to why he isnt here..When you can argue from that stand point and then suggest what may have happened…then lift your ass and stick up your nose..If you cannot..put up and shutup ..sickening :travel

          1. Who name Felecia? :ngakak come off
            u sick piece of nothing ..people steal u come here and back them..killings the same thing..Please note that all that you support will be on your shoulders and on your children’s children’s shoulders Selah.

    2. You are a fcuking jackass. “Leave dat to God almighty” ! Idiot, this is why we have a judicial system. So leave all the murderers to run around and God Almighty will one day handle them? How about you send us your address so we can place ion on a pedophilia website advertising your 3 teenage children and leave the rest up to God Almighty? So you in all your glory, thinks that it is perfectly okay for a mother to lose her child, a sister her brother while we consider the families of the murderers?
      Any day one of your child happen to run into the next Zimmerman, I hope you seek not justice but consider the family of your child’s murderer.
      Some a oonuh so morally depraved that oonuh talk so much damn shit oonuh mussi get a colonoscopy when oonuh fi guy dentist!
      There’s nothing I despise more than an idiot!

      1. Its not as if they would come on and say well there was doubt because so and so but I think such and such happened to Lizard..I dont think they did anything to him..We may not agree but that would be reasonable to say. But to come on and say we are bashing those who are on trial and lynching them because of what?

      2. Same suh. People used to think that i thought myself “posh” for rinsing idiots. They can never come straight. All the long talk….it better if the “sorry fi murderer pickney” uppa top just say: ” I love Kartel”. But no, they want to come with story and all the long talking just reveals how amoral they are.
        How is any sensible parent going to be pleased that their child has taken an entertainer as a role model? Before they investigate why their children need role model more then them. But then they would have to admit to their psychological and emotional neglect.
        Let mi leave before I show how niggery I can get! Big up to those in Jamaica who are still trying to negotiate life dung deh without punking out to the “falla fashion Mary” mentality.

        1. :ngakak
          I wouldnt even say an entertainer as a role model because that bad and not so bad…but some of them do not see these people as human beings…dem si dem as superhuman and that a more than being a role model…what would make someone not see the next person as human as themself? Look at what Jamaica is chasing after? Bob Marley who gave more than any other entertainer in his lifetime never got half the respect..Why??? Him neva a bring di negative..So it takes us back to why the majority of Jamaicans respect that which is negative and what is the result of that respect? Are we better today as a people than yesterday? HELL NO

          1. Yes, Met, you are right about the “bad not so bad”. I know for all their “faults” Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Malcolm X and MLK, they my boys. However they revealed their humanity.
            I t still cheeses me off that marcus Garvey had to LEAVE Jamaica to get his message across. When I look at pictures of how dark he was, I know in them times his OWN probably never checked for him. Jamaica love a hero when them dead.
            We ( I say ” we” even though I’m “British Jamaican) are regressing. Don’t worry, the jamaican/West Indian “community” in Britain is circling the drain, too. Why? Too many of us have joined on with the lowest of the “host” community. And too many of “that lot” are just as nihilistic as the ding bats who love the likes of kartel. Big Up Yourself Met. You remind me of them twenty years ago Jamaicans who we used to have , bungle and pile inna Britain.

          2. Oh Well we have not learned yet to come together for the right thing and to fight the right fight. I say it again. Lisa Hype was put on display and Gaza Kim was beaten..What did the Jamaican public say? They have no empathy..If u not a bad man u cannot get no love from them. They are free to love who they want to but love does not mean perfection and it certainly does not mean you will not see a person’s faults.

        1. Dash matches…lol Yu mean fling two lace out a one “shoes” pon dat fi double the chances of death…lolol

  7. If they didnt look on this egotistical maniac as a role model they wouldnt be around him.Children with solid family upbringings are not gonna be hanging around the likes of Vybz Kartel. I feel it for both families Met not just the missing or deceased. Everybody has a mother in this case.None of these mothers deserve this

    1. Some mothers deserve just that..Mothers who facilitate their children in wrongs and continue to mother sons who commit crimes deserve just this

      1. How can a mother be a mother to only their own children?
        There are mothers right now who will facilitate their sons and hide them when they have killed someone else’s child…when they rob and steal they protect them..YOU CANNOT CALL YOURSELF A MOTHER WHEN YOU AID A CRIMINAL JUST BECAUSE YOU GAVE BIRTH TO THEM

        1. That is exactly what happen to a relative of mine was in the news that police kill two young men from ST. Thomas but that was not the whole story..the boys were in the process of stabbing up and attempting to kill my relative luckily police were nearby to be called to catch them in the act. They had been on the run from the police prior to this for other crimes including killing another one of my relatives family these two young boys brothers ganged up on him to murder this boy! The family of those two boys especially the mother and grandmother were responsible for hiding these boys if they wanted the boys alive they would have encouraged them to give up themselves up to the police..Now police kill dem unno nastiness accusing police of killing them in cold wicked ass people.
          You dutty Rosie should have raised your sons differently but u reap what you sow and not to mention their father is a known Murderer so they turned out just like the father..turned into killers and they would have killed again you had your chance to save your children Now it’s too late but stop lie on the police! They were not killed in cold blood!

          1. A so dem stay a Jamaica..dem children can murder anyone and dem a nuh murderer until someone murder their own.They have no heart for anyone and dem want u have heart fi dem blast di mother don’t give her not one ounce of pity. Curse womb wretch

      2. Boom! If I eva tell you how many ” Ma Barkers” mi know and swerve. They all got that “poor little Johnny” mentality. Some of them will all emasculate or run a good, plodding father who set good example, because him “too boring”.
        Mi all wonder if some a dem a do sinting wid dem son, to how much emotional incest is going down with these kind of mother and Bruk Bad Son dynamics.
        And they are the first to wonder why trouble always follows their kin. Too lazy to humble themselves and break the chain of self pity.

        1. Oh Well, the mother in the bleaching video said ”Mi tell mi son nuh get no tattoo because if him do nuh crime dem will find him” …These are the same mothers who go to cry in court and really don’t care about who their son’s victimize and 99.9% of the time if there is a father he will not be in court because that same father was not in agreement with the behavior of the son..So di same mother mek di son hate di mother..Dem a go reap what dem sow

        2. What I want to ask is this one question; Why is it a Jamaican father is less likely to have their children walk in their footsteps while a Jamaican mother will more than likely encourage their children to do what their father did? Is this emotional incest ?

    2. You have just contradicted yourself. If the leaders and civil servants are corrupt where will strong families exist ? You are asking the Jamaican people who have been victimized by the government generation after generation to have strong families? How would strong family values come about? If your father was murdered before you were born or if he was imprisoned before you entered the third grade where will you get the strong values from? The music that is where. Regardless of what anyone says Adijah Palmer had a responsibility to the Jamaican people like any other artist. We as a people rely on music for many reasons. In his case he said it was to take him out of poverty. Does that mean that he should have brainwashed other people in his plight to do so? Vybz Kartel should be handed down a stiff sentence. If his mother or father groomed him right they would not have any problem with him being sentenced accordingly. Obviously his mother did not have the talk with him that every body should have with their son. He was never told not to rape, hurt children or murder any one out of self defense. We love to blame the police for everything and they have very little power. His lawyer, Mr. Finson should not speak ill of any civil servant as he mandates the laws under which they work. They gave them the right to shoot and kill without question. Surely, if you are employed by any company you sometimes take part in duties you would not normally do if you were using your conscience. I see from your comments no one as ever held a gun to your head or the head of your parents. You have never heard someone crying for their life. In the same statement you have made what is wrong with our people evident. You are self righteous saying your sons will never idolize either Drake or Vybz Kartel. To show that they are in a very different class. You should review Drake’s background. It is sickening how every one keeps putting down Jamaica. Was life that bad in the solid family?

  8. If they didnt look on this egotistical maniac as a role model they wouldnt be around him.Children with solid family upbringings are not gonna be hanging around the likes of Vybz Kartel. I feel it for families on both sides not just the missing or deceased. Everybody has a mother in this case.None of these mothers deserve this.Seems you are taking my comments personal which was not my intention.My children and many of us children would not be in that position to be exploited get at what I am saying without being emotional. Our government, education system has let us down. Hence our mentality thats all Im saying like it or not .

    1. There are people who will admire people for whatever reason..There are people who will be drawn to people for whatever reason..That does not mean that the person they are drawn to is their role model and even if he were, there is nothing wrong with that because that is who they have chosen. The most important thing here is judgement wherein…You as a free thinking human being will not compromise your personal feelings about someone when they have done what is obviously wrong. A mother can adore her child but that mother can tell that child when they are wrong ..a friend can love their friend and tell them when they have wronged them or someone else. We all came into the world with different energies if we are not made aware of them there is no way upbringing can stop anyone from clinging towards that which attracts them..

    2. You do know that’s why they are called ‘young and impressionable’ right? You do know that most inner city youths do not have the luxury of a strong upbringing, right? You do know that most people take the path of least resistance, right? You do know that these young youths that he was affiliated with, lack the capacity to psychoanalyze their friend and famous entertainer as an “egotistical maniac” upon mere acquaintance, right? You do know its’s possible for him to have a psychological hold on these youths through means of persuasion, affiliation, favor, manipulation, fear, or any host of tactics, right? You do know that you possess a skewed sense of reality, right?

  9. Is that what you said? Some mothers deserve just that?These mothers aided their sons in this case? The mother of the person Lizard allegedly shot deserved it too? Did Lizard’s mother know he was a gunman locking off guns for a fool?Again I feel it for all the mothers in this case.

    1. I will repeat *********SOME MOTHERS DESERVE JUST THAT**********. I don’t know how some mothers meant all the mother’s in this case and how it meant these men in particular.

      1. mi hear ppl a talk bout weh mother deserve………………….some mother is just that mother …dem nuh care bout dem children one bit…and beside that if kartel neva have money u would not see any family members present…they just want the kitty to be full…

        1. Real some a dem wudda be there same way because they like to laugh and talk how bad dem son is..I don’t know why some a dem even cry when dem dead . I cannot grasp it. If I love my child so much I would steer him away from certain things because I know the end result but they don’t care

  10. tavares-Finson “chop him fine fine was created 3 hours after the phones were seized” so without knowing who’s phone it was the conspiracy started????

  11. In saying so I would agree.If you support your children’s wrongdoings as a mother you deserve what you sew. You have criminals from good families too who dont listen to their mothersand fathers. There are more Single mothers than mothers who have help from their children’s fathers nowadays its hard but mothers have no choice but to be both mothers and fathers. Some of you do a good job of it .Some of you need to do a better job. I am not a perfect parent myself .This case really exposes all of us thats what my first” book” was about. I stated my opinion, wrong or right nothing personal intended but watch the insults being thrown my way with the ones who dont agree with my opinion. Have a good Day All . One Love. Met still love you site regardless of Kartel fanatics (dem hate you like a dose a poison lol). Only God can stop you site like you say maybe one day you’ll get a real investor to bolster your venture. We’ll see

    1. Yes you have those kinds of criminals from good homes fi true. The one whey name ‘ha’ that commented would be one of them in support of stealing etc because that person has supported that here many times. I would be proud of any Kartel fan if they came forward and truly said they don’t feel he did it because he is incapable of doing such an act…by stating the part of him that some of us don’t know..what they have done is to insist that the police is conspiring without a motive and none of them can back up his character..Which leaves me with if he did do this and is guilty, would his fans rather him walk based on the fact they are confident he will not do this again or..they don’t care about that as long as he writes music..That is all i would like to know

      1. Met, while we were tempted to bash the imbecile yesterday that explicitly stated that she/he knows he’s guilty but wants good music for the summer, I think the person serves to reinforce the collective mindset of the Kartel Gazalites!

        1. and the mindset of many jamaicans…The rich in Jamaica has totally separated themselves from the poor and left them to wallow in their poverty of mind and body..the poor don’t care about themselves either so that is why they have that mind set…There is no bigger picture for them..they are living for the day because they are not capable of planning or dreaming of a tomorrow

          1. Interesting and accurate assessment Met. It’s really concerning if not pitiful but I’m of the opinion that the love and lionizing of criminals and crime is so embedded in these people that there’s no hope for change so ‘the others’ have accepted that and as such, they are simply viewed as the dregs of society. When you witness hundreds of people willing to lay their lives down for an area don, then what can you possibly offer these people? Perhaps I’m being shortsighted, but after decades of chastising informers and supporting all kinds of depravity, mi really Nuh think there’s any hope of chance for better.

          2. There isn’t..It was just last week some 16 year old stabbed and set their friend on fire then took the to a cave boy miles away from where they stabbed him. This is Jamaica’s present future. To date , only one media house and myself ran the story, none of the parents were confronted. Last year about 3 youngsters were killed by their peers…its as if they really do not see the detriment of the country at present. How can there be a better tomorrow? They have gone beyond chastising informers now because as soon as they are caught they tell on each other so its just another day to them.But it has gone from that to ”if you are not capable of shedding blood we cannot respect you”, ”if u cannot walk all over us we cannot see you as a person”..that is where they are at now

      1. Probably would be more impactful Zerver cos he would still be making music and releasing statements from prison. Seeing him shot down in the streets would remove the shroud of invincibility.

      2. That mi seh to Obs, as him tep thru di courthouse door n feel seh him win an ago rejoice, a sniper just put couple rounds inna him claat same time and mek him marrow fly and dah criminal lawyer (no pun intended) Tavares deh too. All him do a tek up fi bare criminal and murderer and unleash dem pan society although him well an know seh d damn demon dem guilty all in d name of money. cauz if him cum out woo be unto a who testify gainst him dem just a go deh off an drop one by one like fly. Mi nuh know wah happen to tdem brain wash ppl yah enuh but mi think seh nuff a dem ppl yah weh yuh si cum and a bawl out fi free worl boss; all a gwaan deep down inside some a dem nuh like him enuh, but dem fear him so dem affi pretend seh dem in support of him out of fear or rejection and being victimize. Mi know seh Shawn storm and dem man deh no like him or respect him, a just all out a fear mek dem a falla backa him, him a d pied piper and dem a d mouse. Any how him walk him reign just a guh continue behind prison walls, him just a guh gi orders from in deh to them, cauz a nuff police n prison warden under him spell to, like him hypnotize dem ppl yah to baxide. From me likkle my fadda mek sure tell mi seh nuh falla nobady have a mind of yuh own, a 2 eye, 2 hand 1 head 2 foot (u get d point!) dem have like yuh so mi nah revere nuh man nar gal like dem a God, Kartel shit n piss like everybody else (dats y d man seh if him nuh shit some a unuh cant nyam) cauz if d demon seh jump unuh jump. Unuh cant stand up fi unuh rights and what unuh believe in???!!!! Unuh nuh see seh unuh brain wash a when unuh a go come out a d trance, unuh allow did demon fi drive fear inna unuh. A blood run through him body just like fi mi and fi u enuh, him can dead too enuh, a wonder if unuh know that him an him batty followers a gwine like him immortal, yuh know wah mek mi go wrap up dis epistle and go finish mi wuk yah, before them taliban from di gaza run in pan mi and gi mi a cyber beating…… A lie that come try it if unuh think unuh bad… Metty wld an afto ban mi dis today day yah. BIG UP YUSELF METTY DEAREST AND MI GOOD GOOD METTERS!

        1. One drop tell dem..he is blood jus like everyone else..A suh dem love talk bout free world boss..where are the entertainers championing on his behalf down a di courthouse though?

          1. Met, yuh is a very smart lady enuh, mi know seh yuh dun know dat aready and yuh nuh need nuh body fi tell yuh dat still, but mek dem naysayers yah gwaan chat, nuff a dem a seh free worl boss and hungry like wah. Yuh can please some of the ppl some of the time, some of the ppl all of the time, but yuh cant please all of the ppl all of the time, so guh through and do yuh thing yah God Bless girl…. Believe it or not a nuff a dem entertainers deh a hope and pray… an all a have fasting to fi di brute get sentence. Some a dem under sikes a talk bout free worl boss fi it nuh look bad, but deep down inna dem heart dem dont like a bone inna him, and want him fi rotten inna prison. Same mouth weh seh yah a it seh nay mek dem tan deh

          2. hayyyyyyy same way….because nuff a dem get threatened under di quiet. He made no friends in the business because he believe he is the boss. As I tell people all the time from mi know mi nah be malicious towards anyone.I will never try to please because nuff a dem a serve di devil so if me try please dem a di devil mi a to please . If he were to walk tomorrow and dat jury say no guilty I would not feel no way. God’s time is the best

        2. BUT Unu memba seh a dem create criminal …..bcause if Jamaica nuh have poor ppl meaning mentally and monetary dem nah nuh seat ….him mus have a twin cause a nuh him go law school

          1. A dat mi know to @ Met. A nuff a dem get bad up, all some ppl weh yuh see a run off dem mouth bout nuh bwoy cant bad dem up an dem nuh fraid nobody, a lie dem a tell dem a big coward. All big grew tone ninga man weh seh him a bad man an mek dah bleach out face bwoy yah kick dun him claat a sting when Kartel did black an just a buss. really nuh know a shit bout badness enuh. A bwoy could an kick me dun an me seh me a bad man fi donkey years since Noah build d Arc and him nuh dead?????!!!!!! Thats y him a gwaan like him invincible, a tru him nuh f#$% wid d right smaddy bad, cauz fi mi pupa always seh when u think yuh bad smaddy out deh badda. Met mek dem gwaan chat bout malicious, its not being malicious towards anyone, its called taking d wool from over yuh eye, speaking d truth, sharing d facts and expressing our opinion, all who dat nuh sit well wid can guh do d sentence fi dem boss when him get it. Mi know seh him guilty enuh Met but fi some reason mi just feel like dem a go mek him walk, and him co-accuse dem a go dung fi him, because mi nuh have no confidence inna d Justice system, D rich and famous always manipulate and are above the law. Mi cant help but feel dah way yah although it shouldnt be, but thats just how it is.

            @ Real a true yuh a talk man, real meds.

          2. If him walk people nuh fi feel no way. A God always have di last laugh eno and for those who know him and deny him he makes himself KNOWN to them. Ninja mek him think him get whey with the kick down because dem nuh who name Ninja man :ngakak Ninja mek him get whey one way but mi sure Ninja deal with him a next way. But mi neva a go tek no kick down suh as yuh seh..An suh much gun deh a street? If a even 10 year mi a get back dat foot. Him want di industry bow under industry whey him come and see and did not create. When Laing mek him haffi find every radio and tv station ina jamaica why him neva go kick dung Laing??

  12. Put yourself in Lizards mother shoe being a mother yourself. Wouldn’t you want justice for your lost?

    Everyone has an opinion but if these “men” were thinking about their kids or family then I think that they wouldn’t be on trial today, both Lizard and the accused.

    Everyone has a choice. Lizard made the wrong one and sad to say he paid for it. Now the accused made a choice and they should pay for it as well, just my humble opinion.

    1. Nuff a dem nuh have nuh mother a hog battyhole dem cum out a mek dem so heartless. Dem don’t have no compassion, our plea fi dem have likkle empathy only a fall pan deaf ears. Dem more sorry fi Kartel weh inna prison, weh affi a sleep pan tough bench an eat prison food (a doubt this is the case thou, him must have a King size bed in deh and a get him KFC and him front when him want it, DVD and TV and all those things to him comfort) but at least he’s still alive, we cant seh di same fi lizard thou, and the multitudes of ppl weh him dismember and scatter dem remains whereever, or God yee knows goodly feed them to him pit bull, cauz dem must being fed human flesh mek dem nearly tek off owner foot, poor lizard not even a drop a him blood dem cant find, d dumb shall speak, d blind shall see and d deaf shall hear…. Father God tek d case and gi wi d pillow yah, cauz yuh must deh pan yuh way fi true fi dis yah pissy tail bleach out kin, bwoy feel to seh yuh an him inna d same league, dat a d heights a slackness and blaspheme at its worst. father God help him, cauz he knows not what he is doing!!! Thats all mi can seh at this point

  13. Every dj or rapper that sings bout guns extensively some gun play always reach them. Check it. From Ninjaman, Mad Cobra, Supercat, Buju Banton (pre drug conviction),come right down to Kartel only this one stop dj bout gun and start act it out (life imitates art). You have many little followers now too glorfying gun and gangsters, who gangsters and gun gonna get to them if it dont already. So Popcaan, Tommy Lee, Alkaline, Stein all the new Alliance Djs, the Gully Djs . Stop selling your souls you will find yourself in a corner like one of the greatest lyricists Jamaica have ever known who took the wrong road with his God given talent. What comes out your mouth gonna reach you.I want know which female love gun tunes. Gun tune a fi idiot man. You gwie end up pon pink wall fi the wrong reasons.

    1. No u set it and said it right here “What comes out your mouth gonna reach you”…You cannot make a song without a rhythm and you cannot make a human without a soul..jus like how di rhythm attach itself to the words of the song a so it attach itself to dem soul..they will become what they sing

    2. Unu memba seh him did sen page go gi beenie man ……………….and blue tell him seh fi behave……….him all did almost get a leave of absence from buju …………..this man is a disgusting …him talk bout ppl madda and yes him sen threat ,,,him kick Ninja when him high… him neva kick him wen him deppon sober ……vybz kartel wanted to be known as the baddest man in dancehall………….so from yu a bad man u haffi go aprison mi nuh si di big problem when dem a sen him weh

  14. @Met, this bring me back to shirley and his dayz in alliance. Me know killa have him faults, but now we really see why him a killa did have to path ways..Shirley a criminal long time and his ONLY TALENT IS THE GIFT OF PERSUASION NOT AS AN ARTIEST!! The notion that one can really say “dem know him guilty but dem would rada him free fi put out music fi summa”, is beyond despicable. But like ive stated before, a small percentage of me want him fi walk free, juss fi couple hours: when him tink a peace and safety, smaddy oust him and dash him ina one hole mek wild hog and rodents feed pon him carcass. I SAY THIS WID NO BLOODCLAATE APOLOGY..Same way him kill pple, him fi pay wid him life.

  15. The killings wont stop today unfortunately.Everyday someone in Jamaica dies over foolishness.The criminals wont stop and the police wont stop even more so if these men walk. As a police you come across a criminal terrorizing the community and you want lock him up but because people fear him and him have money him going to walk what you going to do with him or her? If your answer is what I think it is as I have the same thoughts that is wrong! What if I kill 10 criminals on the street and one of them is innocent. The Police dont trust the judicial system the people dont trust the police as you see why in the Kartel case so the Higher ups in the police department give the orders to be judge jury and executioner.Whole heap a uneducated and misguided Lizard pon the streets and whole heap a misguided Kartels.Thats why I said only hope is at home. Make sure you kids get a proper education, help them with them homework everyday.I know a family deep in the garrison 5 boys 4 girls all grew up in the middle of killings and shootings and not one of them ever got entangled in the law all turned out good citizens. There are many more like this. I pray for all of them and feel it for all of them the Kartels and the Lizards.They are a product of our environment.Dont blast them Met correct them .Its better way better .Little Big Jamaica needs it

    1. Yes u speak the truth..Sometimes good police want to put an end to them but out of fear they are forced not to do anything. If they come here aggressive I cannot talk to them because sometimes they dont want to hear. Remember some of them are people who will steal and if someone steals what they stole they will want to kill them, forgetting that what they had was stolen goods

  16. Big up yu self Met. Keep improving everyday.Start out rough up top but proof right here arrogance cant beat intelligence.Want to see you feature more Chronixx tho and show some of the positive things he and others like him are doing..There is still hope cause a whole heap a righteous youths out there to. Give them a hand . We will speak after the verdict. One love mi sista

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