Delly all u come pon social media an do is hype and show off and u c an barely read an write….use some a di clothes money an go back a school man, it’s never too late to be educated!! Gosh, a bet u can’t help yuh kids wid dem home work yet u so hype in the street and on social media…smh, it upsets me everytime you post something which makes no sense, And yuh one bag a FB fans dem wouldn’t even Correct u some times smh..



  1. Delly come like a real big woman yes twin pussy Joyce delly wa kind a clothes u a talk bout delly yo fava a cartoon nuh bloodclat weh them color color sump ago the way how u claim u hot u shoulda donate them converse deh to food for the poor longtime …… The way how u show off u should be poppin some MCM , Margiela , Balenciaga etc ……

    Yo need fi do yo self a favor an start a evening class cause u look like u did skull English class a Vauxhall . I don’t see pencil man an the rest of ur colleagues them a Gwan so

    An yo nah talk bout the boy weh suck yo hood , then again some gal just like bloodclat f**k . Cause no boy weh them pussy big a than mines an like trace so couldn’t did f**k me cause my man dem affi militant ……

    Sign: themention……

  2. @namie namie know Seh is not the first me a hear bout dah suck hood argument but me Nae believe den again delly a nasty boi from me see him deh with the official twiz gal deh wuss she did a mine him and she freaky baddddddd anybody get fi r things affi a do the things dem yeh all r shit him gudda nam she talk it pon r snap seh anybody get r things there’s no dought dem affi suck r pussy n eat r ass. delly will do anything for cloth and the worst part about it him cloth dem no hot everyday him deh pon him clean n him hot and a baaayyy beez a bite him wear is wah mek him cloth dem affi pretty so baaayyyy colorcolor loll when yuh see delly yu see the big forever 21 n HNM mark pon him

  3. Eat hole boy me suppose to wake early today a me day off me nuh careless Inna foreign an for ur info a Verizon plan me have on my phone me affi use it up on stuff I like because it expensive an I like mix up bad

    An if me nuh sure who tek my virginity me sure say the boy suck yo hood a true me nuh Wa put people Inna mix up dutty twin pussy Joyce Delly

    Big hola a that me say yo fi donate the converse them, yo too much argument over facebook an don’t have the things dem fi back it run outa yo mumma house an go buy a house.

    Me nuh know yo but me hate nuh blootclaat reason being ur too disrespectful to woman an me a beg yo go listen to boss song responsible parent by ding dong an go mine the little boy cause him nice a than them three sump deh on ur cover photo an me done chat now

  4. OMG Delly!!!!! A suh ur file big??? U know ppl know these things and u hype suh!!!!

    Him a walk round a give ppl infection… Please go to the doctor and get a check up!!

  5. Him don’t post pic for likes? Then why whenever him post a pic on Facebook him have to tag 30 add people? Some a them bwoy ya love the hype too much and don’t have nothing.

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