0 thoughts on “DELTA IS BACK

  1. Dis fish overexposure and constant attention seeking is annoying! Him also need fe know say dat makeup caan change face pon a crocodile (him too feminine – looking and still look masculine)

  2. Met all me want to know is how him face so clean and unblemished, looking smooth and clean like a baby’s bottom. Please to ask him because inquiring minds would like to know

  3. Wen u seh Delta, mi tink it was Delta Burke from de show Designing Women. But fi see is a man? a try design himself into woman, and failing miserably. There are some ladybiys dat we woman may allow into the pride as one of us, this a one no sah , as we see him we start shout, intruder alert.

  4. D eyebrow, chrismus tablecloth, long nighty, lip gloss, eyeliner, embalming fluid, n d pumps bredda bredda r sister sister me confuse just like u:)

  5. Di burday celibraaashan was pure batty man an sadamite
    Fraw mistah wacky zugly son …to tristate mattress shaneika to .novlet wutless ceo sweets an dolli …. Only Purson missin a buttah fingah Shawna weh Deh a lock up….kori all u get out a yu rear a suits? nat EBEN a trip to Europe to meet the big designer dem who Mek yu suits ?

  6. His dressing is very TACKY and his face remind me of that horror movie “JASON”.. he’s definitely a fright night!

  7. in hollyweird you can see str8 men dressed as women, str8 woman dressed as men, gay men dressed as women, gay women dressed as men…….but i have never seen a gay man dressed as a gay woman…..lmfao

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