Five weeks after his brother-in-law, Sheron Sukhdeo was killed, Philip Bassant was gunned down near where Sukhdeo was shot.

Bassant’s killing, according to senior police within the Central Division, is being linked to the deaths of Joshua Plaza and Sukhdeo. According to senior police sources, the reports of a white car passing and a shooter coming out killing Sukhdeo were false and Bassant and Plaza played critical roles in Sukhdeo’s death. Sukhdeo was gunned down on March 26 while at the home of his in-laws. He was cremated a few days later.

Plaza, of Savannah Heights, Charlieville, was at home at around 3.45 pm on April 22 when he received a phone call from someone who told him to come outside. When he did he was gunned down. Police said a white car passed and one occupant opened fire on Bassant killing him on the spot. Both Plaza and Bassant were present when Sukhdeo was shot.

The killing of Bassant comes one day after police visited the car dealership that belonged to Sukhdeo and seized several vehicles. The deceased millionaire’s dealership was raided on April 20 after reports that two stolen vehicles were allegedly found on the compound. During that seizure, Sukhdeo’s widow Rachael, who is Bassant’s sister, was arrested and later charged with assault and obscene language.

Police said given their information there will be more attacks on people closely connected to Sukhdeo.


  1. Wow. It’s not too far fetched that he may have played a role in the murder of Sheron. This may really drive Rachel to the point of no return.

  2. I read the story but the only thing I can’t stop looking at is the tummy tuck scar on the husband wow

  3. Look at corruption eh..Rachel need fi tek weh herself and nuh look back like Lot’s wife. This man’s legacy is tainted. His heirs have nothing to inherit but destruction

  4. It’s collection time. Big boi didn’t become a millionaire from simple sweat. From his stock of cars listed and Lamborghinis being part of the fleet I knew right then and there something no right.

    If not for Rachel public charge of being a beaten stick she would a dead already…now she witholding what never belong to her man and may end up joing his big ass and her brother.

  5. Am I reading correctly? The brother is directly involved in his brother in law’s death??? Let me just reread this because it truly doesn’t much to add two and two together to figure out what’s up…… The husband answered a call and willingly go and meet someone he knew…. The wife kept getting har ass beat shi guh back now him dead. barely any remorse at di funeral den BOOM di bredda wing get clip… mi watch too much forensics files and original cold case files. Di ooman nuh affi run guh nuh wey unless di dawgs dem tink she is a threat or if shi nuh waan share none ah di money. Just look pan di sentence dat sey di bredda played “a critical role”in his bredda in law’s death…

    1. The police said they anticipate more deaths from people who were close to Sheron. Another man name Joshua Plaza died and he was close to both men. The police know it all I believe.

  6. Now them have a video weh di brother Deppon thé ground dead and du mada a cus and a bawl se Sheron family kill him

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