11 thoughts on “DEM NUH WANT NO WORK

  1. Yoww how him (assuming it’s a male of course) stick up the prospective employer so? Himrun een like a hostage situation.

  2. Sigh, sometimes a little humility will take you a long way. The person was still open to dialogue despite the initial blunder but then to persist with the childish and unprofessional behavior, SMH

  3. I agree with you Lurker, he/she right off the jump decided that they weren’t going to pursue the information no longer… If the person was truly looking for work, they would have apologize and started over with the inquiry in the right way… And to top it off why not call the person and talk to them about the position that they have open and ask for the details that way instead of sending a message… There’s a way of doing things and you must stay professional at all times when seeking employment…

  4. This is why some ppl stay hustling Inna dancehall and do what they do to get their illicit gains. It is difficult for them to make that adjustment to a regular 9-5.They either don’t have skillsets or mindset to function as required in the REAL WORLD.

    It is this sad mentality that leads to the sad reality of a dancehall tete M/f.I could understand the “mi nah beg nuh work” attitude if u siddung pon a Masters or a PHD!

  5. WOW, first impression is everything–seldom do we get a chance to redeem ourselves. Beyond this, employers have to tackle issues pertaining, the tattoos, hairstyles and dress code. This generation of youths–some of them–are like aliens to me…

  6. Ummm what school did this person attend ???? “Y’all”??? Lol i wouldnt even reply from mi read that. SMH

  7. What di rass?

    The person is some longtime jobless smaddy who some outsider tell bout a job and him just keeping up appearance seh him a look wuck, but deep down don’t want none.

  8. “Manners & respect will carry you ’round di world!”

    Now if this person did text di employer correctly & mannerly the employer would’ve been more inclined to give this person a chance & possibly a job. If I were the employer, no matter what type of qualifications, education or experience this person had, I WOULD NOT hire him.

    Who wants to deal with someone with a bad attitude for even 5 minutes much less for the whole workday? What if this is a position where you have to deal with the public? Right off the bat mi see seh this person DOES NOT have the temperament to deal with MY customers & an attitude like this would cause me to lose business!

    Sometimes you have to know when to humble yourself. Like the saying goes “You have to kiss azz before you can kick it!”

  9. a so them come to work at my company a suh dem get asked not to come back ……these young people today are a set …..we hire with the temp title so we can send them home quick quick …….

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