Stop right yasso a minute deh, mi really a wonda if a suh the story guh fi true, because the house that he made a video of her receiving her Amazon packages is a completely different house form what mr record holder lives in, but anyways him richer than mi annuh my business but mi nuff bad👁👄👁


    1. She wuckkkkk haaaawd fi it, put up wid a lotttttttt. Well gwaan reap u financial rewards yaaa Kaci. Since u caan reap no moral upliftment. Whe u sey? Money is all? Better to cry in u house and Range Rover, I hope you were smart enough for the Titles to be in your name

      1. Apparently nothing is in her name but that doesn’t matter because the baby will give her a posh life for 18 years, plenty of time to stock and pile.

    2. winning what, what any black woman winning except baby moma titles and std’s plus drama with other women. that nigga do no want her, i cant believe black women are so classless and so low to settle for this treatment all to cop a baby for an athelete. with this mentality the society will never get better and here are some gutter bitches talking about living good. what fucking good? i bet if he met a white chick or latina he would have to put a ring on it like kobe or jeezy woth that vietnamese jeanine mai after having ,multiple babaies wth black women are a world class disgrace, if yall will settle for this just for money, im sure most of you men shit in your mouth for money too as foota hype said, thats why so many black women out partying and drinking.

  1. Either way she’s in a good position. Living with the man isn’t a big deal when you two aren’t married. Marry her Bolt.

  2. Then nothing nuh wrong with their arrangement. The divorce rate is 50% so why rush? As long as Kasi know say him nuh finish Sow his wild oats and no baby will change that.

    1. Who would want to live with nasty mouth Bolt? Imagine living in the house of your dreams with your baby and a nanny, not having to work and all your desires at your fingertips. Unuh worship man too much, that’s why them can buff unuh so.

      1. Can you imagine the smell from that mouth when he wakes up in the morning :dp . I commend Kasi for putting up with that for so long, now she can relax, she definitely got the better end of the deal.

    2. the divorce rate is 50% so fuck and get unolanned kids and live in child support court like yendi and chino and the 170% black men who live this life, see how that supercedes divorce rate. its better ti be married and repected by many, than be a bitter ass pump and dump baby moma respected by 1, yo illegitimate kid

  3. This is facts….unuh never hear dutty 3some loving bolt say something to the effect of “his dad got married when he was old and had kids by his mom and another woman back to back jamaica’s culture is different so ppl shouldnt judge him”

    So dem Kasi was only living in a one bedroom apt before this no sah smh

    Big up to the gyal dem weh work, hustle and can buy dem owna 2 and 3 bedroom apt and luxury vehicles

  4. Why people so pressed,different strokes for different folks. Clearly they have an understanding of their situation/relationship. Maybe their arrangement works for them.They are living the life they both love..Leave people business alone man .

  5. I am married and have to be splitting bills with my husband, plus considering him in my decision making. So trust when I say, Kasi is getting it good.

  6. Thought for today: Isn’t it funny how most men would not walk away from half their house, business and pension but will walk away from a whole child?

  7. The house and car is not in her name but at least she will be comfortable for the next 18 to 21 years because of the baby, she played her cards well.

  8. Whatever arrangement they have, Kasi seems fine with it, she knows she will never find better or richer than Bolt .

  9. This whole comment section is sad. A bunch of women who chooses materialism and vanity over self love and respect, you would rather a man degrade, devalue, embarrass you in private and public because of money. The Bible was right, the love of money is the root of all evil. No hate towards Kasi, I just know she’s strong like a lion, with that arrangement!

  10. Nobody ever considered that its Kasi who wants this arrangement because she isn’t his wife? why would you live with a man, have his kids, be a home maker and do everything like a wife and you have no ring???? he has no incentive to marry her if she does all that. She’s not dumb.

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