12 thoughts on “DEM SEH BROWN MAN LOCK UP O

  1. Soi who is Brown Man? Reading the other thread, it was hinted that he is a member of the 90s crew. Is he the leader now?

    1. Anon: This is the NEW 90s crew….just comes, includes
      Marcia man Fletcher
      Brown man
      Wildlife crew
      Crocodile crew

  2. People need to stop allow the names of people or a group of men that is a bunch of violence producer and a set of FRIENDS KILLER looks or sound important to society because none of them is real amongst themselves,90’s thing is a joke thing but some person like junglist,rev and macca,and do your research and see where they are NOW!all the rest of men are just DO-BOYZ.90’S THING MASH UP,DEM A TRY STAY RELEVANT BY OPERATING FROM JAMAICA AND PRISON..BIG UP THEM UP STILL BUT PEOPLE NEED TO STOP PRAISING CRIMINAL

  3. Him a sell crack and the police them did a watch him nastiness but because him have to maintain party life he didn’t care he still went and made his sale

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