1. Glad to see seh the police dem ah wear gloves to protect themselves from catching any typa nasty gully germs…why di bad batty bwoi neva lick the police suh one coulda conneck, bow!

    1. Di Gov. need fi gi dem some hazmat suit fi demyah wuk yah Yeppie..dem glove and or mask nah guh wuk wid dem yah dutty wuk yah..u nuh si di bruise wah reach di police, di odah rest a dem body unprotected especially wid di short shirt/blouse and di women wah wear skirt.

      1. And of all things, have a nerve fe rail up and ah threaten police; yeah man, lick and see if gun butt nuh reach yuh head back

  2. This serious but mi haffi laugh..di police dem have on mask but dem drag,push and pull innah di dutty pan di grung deh..oh dear. Jamdung have more problems than one can talk about.

    1. Tinan, dem renk, nasty, facety and stink!..bout lick di police…him shoulda lick di police suh di police coulda start lick shot inna him big bumbohole 😡

      1. Mi see it Yeppie..but u nuh see seh a coward caz from im put up di hand fi fiss all now it nuh move from di fuss position..suh all im did was run off im mouth,dem luddy caz iffah did some police from im lift di hand a pure lick and kick dat reach im arse,and maybe more. How people ah live lakkah dah innah dem yah time yah? and deh pan tap a dat dem a thiefT and carry di thefTments back innah di rathole. Summn else need to be done, dem too dyum broite and fassy..

  3. mi seh all I know is that this show the double standard becausen seh if that was a regular man dem arrest in Spanish town or any other place the police woulda sen on lick for assaulting an officer! possibly u woulda hear man attack officer and was shot! Now that big he/she a tackle big District Constable, mi cyah believe mi eyes, the police need to do some thorough clean up but the sad thing is this is always done for short stints and as soon as police give them a lil break dem gone right back smrh set a germs

  4. J-flag need fi cum talk how d reprobate dem a bring dung New Kingston bout dem a disassociate themselves from dem, look how much hill and bush deh inna ja weh dem nuh guh hide someweh

    1. But is di attention dem want u see Riches suh if dem do dat dem not going to get it easier fi dem rob,thief and do all mannah a evil..hence why dem deh deh..a bet nuttn much not going to happn until it get so out of hand and some innocent people lose dem life and much mo caz ah dese fass..den u going to hear dis and dat and raytaytay..u si di JFLAG deh, dem just as attention seeking and only put them mouth in when dem have foreign audience and or sarve dem purpose. Di whole lot a dem need the Father, Son and Holy Ghost..caz Sis. P and di Gov nuh look like dem can cross it and mi nuh think she want to at all. Suh it going to haffi to be done by di people and u know how dat might tun out already..only some serious prayer can help mi likkle Island.

  5. It sweet mi u si. Haul out di undesirables dem. Kudos to the mother who called the police on her getting out of hand son, she do the right thing.

  6. a wah dem deh man …?? mi used to draw certain conclusion but now mi know seh a likky likky and laziniss cah dem dung inna da gully deh …bear demon

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