A Nigerian man residing in London was recently busted by his room mate who could not stand the scent of the odor coming from his room . The room-mate accuse the man of attending church every Sunday but making sacrifices to Ogun, the Yoruba god of iron in his apartment. His landlord also said that the man claims that he does not use the front door to his apartment because evil spirits enter through it so he uses the back door.


  1. This sweet mi :ngakak mi a wonder is what work Ogun doing so much that he need so much blood from him one?

  2. Yes yessssssssss…Jamaican church people r the biggest obeah worker live right beside them for year’s..the man a decon inna church but obeah a fi him thing all put powder around my car n mi just laugh cuz if u don’t put it in my food ur wasting ur money…matters there is a documentary on Nigerian in London about there obeah it’s call dinga r dingi look it up they sacrifice kids..look it up on youtude.

    1. Its not obeah its their culture..western society brought about christianity and many of them embraced it because they wanted to look modern..I dont know why him house would be smelling so bad and in africa they offer the blood and eat the meat..this is a mystery

  3. If you are going to worship one of the spirits it’s certain things you have to sacrifice could be a chicken for it’s blood or something.

    This is what Ogun can do for you if you worship him and pay your ties by the sacrifice…

    Ogún (also spelled Oggun, Ogou or Ogum) is a powerful, fierce warrior who defends his people and fights against injustice. Ogun has the intelligence and creativity to invent tools, weapons, and technology. He is the father of civilization in many ways, for it is by his strength that the path from orun (heaven) to ayé (earth) was cleared so that humanity and the orishas could come to earth. It was his tools and labor that cleared away the wilderness to build cities, homes, and roads. He is the cutting edge of the knife and as such is often misunderstood. The knife can be used to kill someone, or to save someone in surgery – such is Ogun’s nature.

    Ogun lives in the wilderness and forested areas of the world. He is often found hunting with his best friends Eleggua and Ochosi. Ogun can be a loyal and loving father who works tirelessly at his forge making new inventions, or he can be a blood thirsty warrior that swings machetes and decapitates his enemies. He can also be a skilled surgeon that removes cancer from the body and saves lives. At our church we honor Ogun for his protective nature, and his ability to spark ingenuity in our minds.

    These spirits are real, everyone has a particular spirit if they believe they worship and ask for favors from and for those favors you have to give the spirits a gift whatever that maybe, could be something that the spirits likes…

    My aunt used to do all sorts of things when she needed help…

      1. The lady in the video know better..Orishas are not to be used for riches because if it not in your destiny, then you will have to do bad to get it which is not supposed to happen with the Gods..

    1. Nigerians are some of the smartest ppl on earth. Is poverty and greed meck some a dem fall short. There may be something to their ancient practises cause when dat Nigerian brain activate ain’t nutten it caan do.

  4. As for me and my house It’s only the blood of Christ we sey een ere. No sacrifice of food or dead animal. He has no need for any of it. The only sacrifice he ask of us is a contrite spirit and a broken heart. Ooounno unlucky bad when people need food ah road,clothes and basic supplies but ooounno have it fe gwey to spirits/demons who just want to see the Children of the Most High destroyed. Father, already tell us that we lack nothing, we just have to ask according to the will of God. For example ask him that you’ll never beg or borrow. Asking him to be rich is ridiculous for you are already rich, health, salvation is more prized than silver and gold. Stop with Obeah ting my people it’s not good, repent confess and receive Christ as your personal saviour. You will never regret it.

  5. Am confused i just read some research and found out that our ancestors who are encoded in our DNA hate the stench of meat. Sometimes, our ancestors want to help us but due to our meat eating habits we stink to them, therefore, we can’t communicate with them on their ethyro level. We need to eat electric foods which are simply plants,so that our body frequency can be in-tune and enable us to penetrate the 4 dimension because our physical body exists on the 3rd dimension. That is why most of us don’t have the ability to see beyond our two eyes while others can access the 4th dimension through 3rd eye activation and get access to information not available on the 3rd dimension. Also when I say frequency remember this applies when dealing with the spirit,light beings inter-demnsional beings or whatever your call them. Be very careful because if you are not a righteous person you will attract bad spirit due to the fact your body frequency is vibrating at their frequency and they might ask for a big price to pay for the information you seek. On the other hand, if you are a person of virtue then you got the green light because you will only get information from good spirits because your body vibrating on their frequency and their motives are always good. I stand corrected. If a deity or ancestor is asking for a blood or meat sacrifice I would ran very fast and not deal with them because good righteous spirits can’t stand the stench of meat. So most likely it must be a deviant spirit his dealing with….

  6. @kemmy can you please tell me where you got your information….I need to read up more on this….thanks much

  7. Not only Caribbean islands believe or deal with spirits, Spanish countries in central America does as well, if you live in the states you will see all kinds of places that practice all forms of different things depending on what you seek and they will tell you what spirits will be able to assist with that and what is needed to achieve what your looking for…

    Google the list of spirits that are used and their names and what type of spirits they are…

    I would like to read whatever you read Kemmy because that’s very different from what I’ve known and seen.

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