1. Dash it up Metsy, Make we see who these none-progressive people are, It’s time we stop mash up we Jamaican community a farrin, But then again it will never stop because MOST a we don’t want to work a 9-5, we want the fast money.

    1. Bready did not have a case, He was a drug dealer and a thief that was the only case he had and love to party and wear name-brand for hype.

  2. THEY did not intend to work at all I hear some a dem a ja talk wa dem want and how dem a go get it, em jus want reach farrin, the demeaning the backbiting as dem see people tings we kin ketch a fire, some a we woman love teeef cant get orgasm unless a teef a fck we

    1. Real talk, I have heard it too many times when I go to Jamaica, Most of them just have this hustling mentality and don’t want to work, the same way they live in Jamaica, get up everyday and don’t have a job but to sit and blame the Jamaican government, it’s the same way when they come here they want to sell drugs and thief, The females who love the name-brand life and fast money will be with these Murders and then when they get killed these said females are left with the Kids on their own and the cycle continues, I have no remorse for none of these people.

  3. Most a We nuh want work??? Don’t u mean most of THEM?? Look there is Black PPL n there is nasty NaiGGA,so there is a Difference BTW JamaICAN n jamaiDependON!

  4. FARRIN IS THE EQUALIZER OF ALL MANKIND, EVERYBODY BUY BENZ, BMW, HOUSE we shall see what we shall see who can maintain without robbing people, u can still see that malnourished look on some of them no matter how dem clothes xpensive the never see come see, when dem tek off them clothes to f…k you dem full a chop, dent, bullet, more than piss pots u now cant ask too much question cause u a disturb them feeling

  5. yardie mi not talking hard working Jamaicans a nasty naigga dem, if a man used to grab chain u expect him fi come wuk, a so dem kill the dread a Atlanta fi the weed, a long time the man a hustle but a set that goes from state to state, one sen 2,000 to a fren in Toronto to come to Virginia she tek it buy furniture, dem shot him bun up him body a that she miss. its said he was robbing people live in empty apt all he had was pots, couldn’t stay one place

  6. When some Jamaicans comes to farrin they already know what they want to do, they come to live with a bunch of men that doing the same thing and they feel seh if they hitch up on them they can make some money but these men when you first come you have to put in some work so then you become a foot solider and get whatever cut they feel you fi get and from there if some of them smart they will save money to push them own ting out and build from there connection and all that would be a smart person but no some come and get a likkle money and then they want floss and buy shoes and clothes and that is to be expected because some walk with only slippers or no shoes at all and one shirt and one pants for several days so they feel seh they winning when they can now buy, some then get jealous of friends and then feel seh they going to just take your things from you instead of putting in the hard work to get were there friends are at… I do not condone all of this but it’s reality and its not going anywhere… Now you have the police take up five more people and these people may or may not fire shots but on their defense they were trying to save dem own life… This is when you must have something for lawyer fees and all that’s what someone in this life style need fi have money for lawyers… You think you going out to have a good time and then you have to pull out your tool to fire shots and fire shots recklessly because one man decided he want to kill the next man… No remorse no thought just a killer mentality from the jump… Men needs to realize that just because people hear seh you shoot someone doesn’t mean that you this bad man and no one wont step to you and take your life… You are no bad man, realize that please, you have no bullet proof on your name sweetie, think about it no one scared of you once they have dem own gun and catch you off guard.. That’s why I say most of these men isn’t smart at all…

  7. Met junior woman Tameca take down her IGand fb pictures . look llikejunior really involved. I feel bad for the young Wendy . now big Wendyis gonna have the last laugh ccause. What tameica gonna do now without. Her thieving man to mind her.

  8. Dem waste deh give Jamaicans weh work hard ah farrin ah bad rap. Dem fi bungle dem up and fling inna prison. Nuh deport dem cause Jamaica nuh need dem reprobate deh fi torment di island.

    1. Seriously though, fi di size a wi population there too much of an overabundance of these types. Wi haffi tell wiser di truth and address it. Prayer breakfasts, and churches and crusades are not the fix. We gotta be willing to get to the root of this social problem and deal with it. I think one of the core problem is that of children growing up in loveless unstable environment which make them loveless unstable adults.

  9. Come off a Tamica name !!! Bout mine her Tamica don’t need jr to mine her for a young girl she have ambition … How unu nah talk bout her going to school to be a RN ??? Chat bout dat … Just because she wear name brand don’t mean a man a mine her ! Badmine set of bitches unu be

  10. Away from the tamika postings the conversations regarding ambitious yardies abroad a go good.

    Badass Yardy4life waddup? :ngakak

    Hail up all who fi get hail up :kiss

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