1. I don’t like wat ruff have on .ruff why u got that ugly sneakers on with that rasta,clothes, u should have on either a green or red plain slippers.
    Little miss just did her entire body ,breast, belly ,hips and batty she nuh just look good Suh fi her age she did lots of surgery .little miss look good I’m not hating plus mi love how she work hard and have up her money. But it look like ruff a f..k little miss because most woman yuh si ruff a par with she either fu..k them or she eat them p…y at least once because ruff is very nasty and freaky.

  2. money still a run? so she can do her whole body sure she no got old bills not paid. Someone related to Andrew tosh was murdered sunday ngiht pic of her body is on peoples phone and its not in the news

  3. Dem too old fi Dream Weekend, leff it to the under 30’s. Lil Miss surgery body still naa fool nobody, age still tan up pon onnoo. Dont look like di res a di young, hot crowd of “Dreamers”

  4. @real talk Oh shi do surgery… Oh cause mi a wonder how she just transform suh like Kylie Jenner :nerd . @Anon well I’ve seen some over 30 “Dreamers” killing shit down there. Shana aka Ms Dolled up, Cora aka Mz Rupunzel, Kim Possible and whole heap more, even the “Uptown” over 30s look dam good, all Oney British a enjoy himself dung deh lol. Is a weekend festival (or whatever it’s called) where ppl from all over come enjoy demselves. Mi nah lie tho, everybody live a gym and look good bad. Mi a start workout from now because when mi reach dem age deh mi wah look dam good. Ppl always say Dream Weekend is for the young crowd but mi stop seh suh now cause di elder dem jus a bun up road suh :2thumbup motivated much.

  5. Little liposuction tun right up, Compared to when Ruff used to deh America look one thousand times better. Listen good, life begins at 40, dream weekend has no age limitations. Let the ladies enjoy them pay dem dues, Pickney grown etc.

  6. Suh wait, when u reach in ur 30’s u should stop partying? I hope that comment goes for men also, Cuz what I notice about men now a days they act like once a woman is in her 30’s she’s no good again. If some a dem young girl live to see 40 nuff a dem man look good, some a dem look done out and dem nun reach nowhere.

  7. Amen @anon6:10 love you…..40’s rock.. I’m 41 and many many times. Young young boys hit on me. Sometimes I act like I’m the age they think I’m and some times I tell then I can be you mom boy.. But

  8. Them both look good Likkle miss body tin up and her skin clean fi a 50 year old ruff a 40 Likkle miss a 50 them look damn good

  9. Ruff she a real drankro eeeh . .she stop mourn her bag a pikney dem wey gone a prison?she stop write bible psalms and beg forgiveness .smh .wat a poor excuse for a mother . .she never give one f**k bout dem kids . .never did. .never will ..sickening .

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