Please hide my identity anyways this hot hype boy in a dancehall like every night a the week with him woman a drink bare dare liquor an nah mine him pickney the way how the boy hate the baby him walk an tell everybody say the baby ah nuh fi him own how him wicked ppl everyday this boy an him baby mother argue bout mining the baby nick moscato move an gweh stop chat the gyal we tired a you now mamah man ppl unu look at the baby an look pon the man is a shame weh him a do to all the careless father unu must do better man some a unu fi get expose long time an Jamaica matie an groupie please post the pic cause sah boy yah wicked him nuh need nuh DNA me wah Jamaica vote


25 thoughts on “DEM SEH NO DNA NEEDED

  1. My “dare” you haffi campaign if you want the people dem fi vote. We no ink up we finga so easy.

  2. Metters roll out wid the free DNA results. I am sitting this one out til the baby grows a beard

  3. She so in love wit the boy she a hallucinate! Seeing the man’s face on the baby smh! No i dnt see no facial features they have similar ears tho.wahpn to postnor? Birth control? Or abortion?? Kmt

  4. Just do the DNA and get it over with. If you’re positive it’s his child it shouldn’t be an issue. Then he won’t have any excuse for not mining his child other than the fact that he truly is a deadbeat father.

    1. Exactly. Lot of jackets out there and the child look like the father. DNA should be mandatory.

  5. You cannot determine paternity by looking at a child. My bf was taking care of a child for years and all him family members say a him cause them look exactly alike. I never see no resemblance. All him mother cuss me when I said they didn’t look alike. When him do the dna is not his child. Sender go pay for the boy to do the dna test to prove him wrong since u so confident it’s his.

    1. Agree! A friend of mine has a son that he finally claimed as his own, but initially the mother gave the child to another man. The son is the splitting image of the real father (you would think they are identical twins). The original father claim that it is his son and refuse to give up paternity after supporting the child for many years (>15+ years). Even after the DNA results, he is still claiming the boy as his child to the point of being almost violent. He was able to let go (didn’t have a choice) when the real father filed for the son and he left Jamaica.

      1. so di dutty mumma mek a nex man mine di pickney fi 15 year until di real fada get him papers an ready fi file an carry pickney guh farrin? di man shudda kill di whole a dem bloodclaat

  6. I am so sorry but I don’t see a thing that resembles this man on this child… Then again he is young and could look like his mother. Met – ask the sender to please provide a picture of the mother because with this alone the answer is no, it’s not his child. That boy looks just like his pappy and it’s not the man in the picture… Sorry young lady just do the DNA and cut it…

  7. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….

    Ppl often times draw another person luk nd you can find someone out there who luks almost like you and you’re related NOT,stop use luks as a form of facts where paternity is concern..if you know what you know and have no doubt that man is your child’s father then go do the test and done,cut out this bloodclaat have same this that phuckery

  8. Just get a dna test man….that child does not look like him….find one baby picha mek wi compare dwl…based on facial features alone this jacket tooooo tight

  9. How about the baby look like mommy and not daddy it happens all the time….My son looks exactly like me the only thing him have fi him father is the hair

  10. DNA test are legally binding, Voting polls on pink wall are not. Go get the DNA test done so the man doesn’t have to try on any jackets and he can be an official deadbeat for the world to see.

  11. Oh please sender with the nonsense.Suppose she was with two man that have similar features.You would be so suprised.The child could look like the alleged father spit it out and then DNA says otherwise.Loozing like the supposed father don’t make it..DNA does it.

  12. Anon 5:26 come kiss mi big black Jamaican ass u stink an brite never jacket couldn’t jacket Mi son a di dead stamp a mi and I’m sure he gets his rightful fada u stink but blooclaat.

  13. Wen yuh a dig hole, dig BC 2. The boy have 2 other Pickney and the gal only want him look pon fi har and true the boy seh that cyaa work she tek it to pink wall, dwfl.. If yuh waah see resemblance check the boy daughter, his one daughter… Nicholas is a great dad.
    Gal if yuh positive duh the DNA and get it over with cause the boy still

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