THE palatial home of slain businessman Sheron Sukhdeo is now a fortress.

Rolls of barbed wire were installed around the premises days after his funeral on March 30.

The barbed wire, secured to lengths of steel, surrounds the perimeter and stands more than 20 feet tall at the property at the corner of Xavier Street and Tenth Street, Orchard Gardens, Chaguanas.

The Express was told that Sukdeo’s car dealership is being managed by his colleagues.

Known as “World Boss”, Sukhdeo owned a fleet of at least 15 luxury vehicles, eight speed boats, ten jet skis and two small aircraft, as well as two buses, 12 mini vans, and four taxis.

He was also the owner of seven houses and six apartments.

According to someone close to the family, he also recently bought a restaurant and owned other businesses.

Sukhdeo was killed at around 8 p.m. on March 26 at the corner of Mahabir Avenue, Caroni Savannah Road, Charlieville.

Moments before the shooting, he received a call on his cell phone which led him to walk out of his in law’s premises at Mahabir Avenue.

As he stood there, a white Nissan B14 drove past along Caroni Savannah Road and sprayed bullets at him. Sukhdeo was struck in the upper body and he died within minutes.

Now more than three weeks after the killing of the used car dealer and real estate mogul, police are still on a fact finding mission to determine what happened that night.

And no suspects have been detained in connection with the killing.

The Express was told that there has been little useful information from villagers living near the crime scene. Many are too scared to say if they witnessed anything.

Sukhdeo’s family members have given statements, but none of the information has led detectives to a clear motive for murder.

Investigators obtained footage of the crime scene, but the images are blurry and the killer/s unidentifiable.

Police said that Sukhdeo’s “colourful history” also has the investigation open to many possibilities of suspects, but no information that connects to the killing.

Word of the shooting and Sukhdeo’s subsequent death flooded social media that night, with some users sending their condolences to his wife and family.

Some lamented that another person had fallen victim and became a homicide statistic.

Others commented on his business dealings and family life, and said he obtained his wealth off ill-gotten gains.

Sukhdeo appeared in court of domestic violence related charges which were dropped after his wife did not testify against him.

He found himself in trouble with the law again in July 2017 when allegations of being in possession of a stolen vehicle were thrown at him.

During an eight-hour raid, officers of the Inter-Agency Task Force, Port of Spain CID and Stolen Vehicles Unit searched his home and used car lots at Caroni Savannah Road, and examined vehicles and the car parts inventory at the various locations.

Sukhdeo again appeared in court and was granted $250,000 bail on the condition that he report to the Chaguanas Police Station three times a week.

Despite his many appearances in court, he was never convicted of a crime.


  1. These men always marry woman with little or no business accumen, the friends know she no so bright, and subsequently ago rob her blind.

  2. I am not surprised. Sheron was a walking dead man from what we heard and supposedly made many enemies. May his family be comforted at the end of the day.

  3. Somebody from dung a Trinidad tell me seh a she dweet cause she did a get buss ass day in day out and couldn’t even call police (cause Sheron would just pay them off). I guess the wiring of the house is just a ploy to mek it look like she scared… Well @Seeet, you are so right!

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