But met run come yah little deh
How one man can bad luckied wid baby mother and friend suh no sah him want wash off man dwl.
So Jaytee are Jaykrome as him call him self now
First him and ova dose was bff and puchie guh f**k dose and left him. How much fight him and dose fight to bl****h.
Now u never see smoke without fire him and British bling nah link no more see British run guh do party wid cardo fashion.
Jaykrom new baby mother who have him a daughter wid one gyal from the Bronx hear seh she a just 19 and the amount a party man f**k she already, she left Jaykrome fi him friend British bling and him and bristish bling all fight and fall out.
Jaykrome send all police fi lock off British bling and cardo fashion dance to rass no sah this serious.

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Now British bling a look back friend hard see him post pic wid him and Jaykrome. Cuz di gyal left him and a f**k batty man doguie now no sah Bronx gyal them nuh easy.
Jaykrome low out friend and nuh worry get nuh more baby mada just gwan f**k p**y and do yuh music youth yuh song dem bad pan YouTube to send


  1. This story is fake Jaykrome only got two sons with poochie he don’t have no daughter and him and British bling ain’t got no problems

  2. Well dose really f**k away puchie but what daughter are they talking about. Jaykrome only have two sons with puchie

  3. Yes him have a little girl he post all his kids in a pic last week not sure who the mom is tho cuz he be f**g everybody only saw him post puchie on mothers day so I guess baby mother number two don’t count

  4. Was wondering how I don’t see him partying anymore and I don’t see him and British like that no more no sah sir low out friend and woman yah keep doing your music cuz Yuh song dem nice

  5. Them man yah nuh need fi worry bout woman because dem f**k bag gyal a road, him kinda easy off the party thing tho, yeah saw him post his daughter a few times too not sure who the mom is cuz like I said he a man hoe

  6. Why u people don’t leave punchie alone she happy and working taking of her kids and dose she hardly even party anymore. Same dis Jaykrome did punchie a the same dis him get back I hope brtish really a f** out the new baby mother hole if true hahaha wooii

  7. Woooiii so he finally get dis back mi love it duty Jaytee poochie always had our back and u dis her and she a next gyal cum dis yuh back what goes around comes around Inna yuh face nap bap

  8. I feel Krome send in this story u realize he telling us at the end that his songs are on YouTube nigga move yuh bloodclaath leave poochie alone she happy and move on as for whoever your daughters mother is I hope she really a f**k British fi true and left your ass. Is a hype you a look

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