1. So all this time Raga and M’Le did a grind and as soon as she get pregnant they are not together anymore? Pregnancy can sure complicate people life.

  2. Met a weh dem a seh Raga a fraud? I could be wrong but sumbady a set him up…that is why him come out wid tha baby pic and now this. Mix up a catch him now.

    Met make sure nobody nuh have nothing pon u. I hope not.

    1. Den dem have anything pan ragga? I’m sure they don’t or they think they have. The man a go bout his business n they are also going about it. I wouldn’t even answer then because how can they be on the man page n doe like him for one two ragga show a comedy n they make it seem like him in a personal mixup a lot of them are dunce. Ragga have him PhD so a dat dem fi pre

  3. Exactly Met dem busy a pree a man weh mi sure inna a better position and more educated than them. I swear these dunces have nothing better to do.

  4. Good Morning Met, Metters, Peepers nd Others …..

    Why the baby weh de man ALWAYS wanted. A hurt up suh much a dem head, all biggy she ragga did check fi har nd a try wid har nd if u nd smaddy a did gud fren n certain tongs happen wateva yuh knw yuh fi still hold it, it proves wah kine a person u actually are mi cuden call biggy fren cuz she is none to no one including harself.

    Plus tuh how me see things a guh it luk like m’le sign sum form of an agreement including di baby monthly salary cuz she pass silent as a lamp

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

    1. Simply, from day one I said Biggy was going to be the death of Raga (so to speak) har mouth and ghetto behavior cause all the problem they had in Jamaica. From me hear how she run har mouth me know sey she a di type a person weh if u a shit a bush an u see har a come u sit Inna it. A so she turn pan had one time comrad Friend and talk har business set she doe know har pickny daddy

  5. Met,him ansa because everyday di big face gyal depan him back lik ticks. She’s not under age so I’m no see why she won’t leave it alone.

  6. no hypocrite to di mix up ting !!!!if a mix up di king mix up nah get no free pass, his should be guarded??? Puss fuss dash it out and raga cut him off ……hmmmm seriously speaking? a wounda if raga a guh give err a show again?

    1. NOpe. He told michle to dash it away..him neva want none frm her .she kept it thinking he would ghetto wife her.fool ya

  7. Seems like him and the baby mother did a sex under quiet. It’s nobody business who the mother is but why did it take him little over 12 months to announce that’s he’s expecting a child or he had a child. According to biggy he wanted a DNA because he wasn’t sure the child was his

  8. People fail to realize and understand that “RAGA” the character must be friendly, mixup, and ghetto ONLY to get the mass’s attention. But who he is as a person (PERSONAL) is far from RAGA the character, AND, that’s what’s causing the issue for him to do this and people to react that way.

  9. When ppl hungry Dem chat any ting to be fed. Why Buggy nuh write she since she stop wuk a di station a bare white scawl a beat her. She nuh have nobawdie fi beg a ting. Yes it was made public at one of the broadcast that every time biggy see Raga she beg him a ting. Biggy nuh live a Farris but yet she siddung an assume. Y u mad biggy…cause di man cut u off cause u bring killing war to him program . Go and find something to do….PRODUCTIVE.
    MLE breed and that wont be the last babysit a wedlock. And yes Mle sexually history is very rocky road. One innocent person to the public eye but nuh di same in reality.
    And his station is not the only station that is run by contribution. And to top it off if the man waan wear a suit and earn some serious money he can cause him have the education to do so.
    NOPESSSSS not defending nothing but people have a right to live Dem private life how they want to …once they not hurting the public

  10. Mi nuh Care yuh hit the nail on the head. Raga and Kingsley are two different people and they don’t realize that at all.

  11. The same Tamfam dem love swear fi Raga. But when it buss out dem in shock and denial. Thats why I dont swear fi nobody and nobody is immune to mixup.

  12. bwoy miserable luv company!!!! something wrong with leasing a car????????stinking pussy biggy,better yuh guh defend Portia!!!

  13. No sah I can’t biggy dis whey ragga use to feed. Biggy whey neva mek a day worth a patty miss har. Ppl wicked sah, ragga if a mi like yuh I pay dem no mind.

  14. Raga is a big ole dutty liad and hypocrite who love libel and bait up people. Thats why him in court already. But when the drama reach him he love bawl out how dutty and wicked people fighting against him.

  15. Ragga fi get mixup too..look how much fukkry him carry on Inna people personal life why him do be ezempt from it…go see how di mumma bex n disappointed Inna di gyal so a juss fukkry him did a fuk her n she get breed? If a did any a unu drama ragga wudda dash it out long time.. A nuff a dem him prob a sawt out unda do quiet n smaddy get bite !!

  16. ALL A UNUH A HYPOCRIT! For him to hide it over 12 months now a muss smady threaten fi come forward! And him claim him transparent and if di pic never leak him wouldn’t admit say a she a di mother! No one is safe thick skin and broad back doe!? Raga is a f**kkng HYPOCRIT look how long him did Ride di vegas saga for ! Wait so now they are not together? Me shame an anuh me. WHEN THE MIX HAFFI DO IT WITH HIM START BAWL LIKE A LIKKLE BITCH FI TEK DI HEAT OFF A HIM . Him Nuh fair and fi dat me Nuh rate him again and his 1/2 explaination bouy some a unuh did already know ! ??? U Nuh see a fool raga tek people for !! Mi done wid him !

  17. Watch how raga ah come on tomorrow come bawl like the pathetic bitch he is and him always a talk bout transparency ! Raga why u wait 12 months to say something? If the pic never leak he still wouldn’t admit who the mother is ! When puss and di other woman call in and buss It out u run puss and cuss him ! You’re unfair no one is suppose to be safe doe?! And now all of a sudden “we are not together “? People unuh see say raga Nuh rate we ? ! When vegas thing did buss out a 2 months u siddung pon it for so let see Wha u ago say or do tomorrow . Anuh u say no one is safe and thick skin and broad back! Why u f**k mr vegas woman raga? And when you done u bout people a wicked and badmind u ! FOH me wan back me donations lol

  18. Buggy life sad nuh bloodclaat all she do a walk n beg… She need a job… Nuh body never see r how long now. A wah she did sidung a r yaad a wait pon raga fi post him pickney pic like the starving dog that she is…. She disgusting n ungrateful.. She need fi go hunt down Biggs father n worry bout r sad life n try get a job…

  19. Ragga bizness nuh fi immune to di mix-up, mi waan hear di duttines, dash it pon Metty Wall widdout warnin. So di complication whe did sort ut a di DNA Test, mi waan hear all di dutty suss.
    So come talk uppppp

  20. Mi did hear pon him show on friday how him need contribution cause him have pickney fi feed. Him a look sympathy.

  21. Oh please leave Biggy alone y’all dumassf**k. Dont u see Raga u everyone expect Cross. Oh yes he did use him to. Poor ting.

  22. I use to listen ragga from he just started on radio, even before he went on newstalk…I use to enjoy his program but after a while I realized that he is fake as a $3 bill….Mi did know sey that gully rat biggy did a guh get him inna problem…I can’t stand ragga anymore, he’s too fake..

  23. me nuh care wat nobody wah say me nuh know him and him nuh know me but me listen di show when me feel like a doh have a ting against him but it is a mixup and him inna di mixup him say thick skin and broad back and me neva did a look fi see raga breed mle its a mixup ting so me wah know if mle sort out propa? if raga sort out shatt? if mle can do the kotch n quint like raga always a boast say him get? out a all di years raga a sort out woman how mle so lucky fi bring di first youth? raga always a sat tamfam but him neva did a fatten fowl fi mongoose him did a fatten it fi himself. di way how raga use to say mle a him likkle sista an him talk bout mrs mighty like him mada raga a nuff ppl a look up to u as a mentor so dats y dem disappointed fi know u breed u little sista. and mle love nuff up inna other ppl mixup how she so queit. nuh she did tek God offa di cross say she nah breed when puss buss di mixup so much to be said me hand tiad….

  24. biggie anything u knw chat y nobody nuffi chat raga bizniz ,,,,chat unnu chat unnu chat buss it out ,,,,,,,,,raga a hypocrite wah so special bout fi him bizniz if prince Andrew bizniz ,,an princess Diana bizniz can buss out who is raga ,,,,buss it out an show d world d real raga ,,an if unnu knw met own buss it out ,,,,,,,,woeiiii mi baddie ,,,,but met own nago so bad cuz when met ready shi show r real ratchet behavior lol,,,,mixup a mixup,,,met u luddy dem knw raga bizniz ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lol,,,,

    1. U keep on a seh bus out as if anything really deh deh fi bus. What u don’t seem to get along with many others is that the man a run a program that has a very wide audience who enjoys his show.Raga a do his thing for comedy u act as if him kill somebody . Biggie has her own agenda because she n Raga fall out and mi in all my RACHETNESS nuh want no news from nobody who used to be fren and den tun enemy. Those kinds of rats are not my flavor. And mi a beg u doe put rachet ina no description concerning me..I was born and raised in many ghettoes and I am very proud that I can sit at any table I choose to. Rachet doesn’t remotely describe me..I am a typical Jamaican,with a calm side and dark side. It seem like u nuh get it seh Ragga like myself nuh walk and beg people fi come talk the tings and not to say we both have immunity but what he chooses to keep as his business is his business to keep how the hell uno a go vex wid him fi dat…ah me nah get it or u?

    2. And anedda likkle this business u haffi be hypocrite u haffi be sketel u haffi be nice u haffi be nasty u haffi know when fi whine n when fi ballet..ure not in the seat so u can’t assume how a person should be when you’re not in their position. Mi see smaddy comment seh him seh who di baby madda is and now dem need fi see what she look like because him mixup and dem need fi see…….is like raga open di bedroom door fi dem peep in and dat nuh enough dem waa lay dung pan dem belly and count di strokes him giving and how much sperm come out and whey dem land

  25. I concur raga a fraud look how him use to talk down on man that f**k gal wideout boots He’s no different. Just a chat shit. Look at Biggy a what attract him to a vulgar ghetto gal like that ano like say she look good. When she open her mouth it do foul. Who said him and Kingsley a two different person a fool. Ragga a raga big duty coward and liad for if him was Kingsley of air he wud not want Biggy. Him must did kno dem gal deh detriment to u character probably did all a f**k Biggy without condom too. Me still confuse. What she cud tell him to entice him n look how him use to act as if him feisty n want pure proper proper gal. I don’t blame Biggy chat out everything yes. Careless ppl lifestyle fi go on blast. Karma is a bitch ain’t it raga. U use to do the same to ppl


      1. Criss cross n miche le use to fork too .and de 3 a dem use to roll..met dis ting is more complicated than u realize.raga luu


    2. suh when people tune in to listen him programme, nuh enjoyment dema get? so what if them give a donation? unnu too dutty minded, the man free to be with whomever he pleases, unnu a gwan like him owe unno him life. the man a teck him precious time ana entertain unno, yuh nuh know seh people time haave cost to? move yuh

  27. Unno notice how Raga make the announcement of the baby before his party. He is not stupid he just using it as a marketing ploy to make it like a baby shower because the regular contributions wasn’t enough.

  28. Meck ragga move him bloodclatt from yah suh him love talk bout loyalty and ain’t nothing loyal about his fake hypocritical ass… him use the ppl dem fI dem mix up and money.. him nuh have nuh gratitude fi nuttin cause he’s a greedy dog. now u see whey him cyalis f**k dem put him… him affi accept zion cause the madda tiyad fi dash whey belly.. him claim say cross a him likkle bredda yet still him guh f**k cross ex ooman and breed har whey the loyalty fi cross deh ragga a two sided cutlass.. him f**k off vegas ex woman TIshawna bless… Vegas whey use to call and nice up him show and bring a little vybz to it and di dutty dawg that he is tun round and frig the man ex woman… Ragga coming like a dog going back to its own vomit.
    me lose awffa him big time because when him get called out him love bawl out like when them fling stone awffa pig inna pen and it squeal out.. everything a people badmind him or his favourite thing to say is leave that alone… f**ka him it cyan leave alone now cause them dash out the evidence… poor baby not even get piss out good yet and all this drama is already built up around his life due to the carless lifestyle of his parents…



    1. Chris guh hug a crocodile di show do so much fi some many tings dat dirty heart wouldnt understand. god guh wid Chris lol

  31. Yes she is cross ex girlfriend met. Got it from a very good source. I’m a regular listener to hos show and I must say I’m truly disappointed with what he’s has done. She’s no more than 25 with a entire future ahead of her, raga always class her as a sister and cross as a bother however he got her pregnant. The part of the post that upsets me the most is when he made it clear that they are not together it made her look cheap. Like he just got her pregnant and cut. Her mother is a church deacon and plays active role in the church and according to what I heard the mother wasnt happy when she found out about the entire ordeal. Well the good thing is that raga has decided to step up to the plate and be there for his son and that he’s still being supportive to the mother.

  32. Chris me say me couldn’t agree wid u anymore… zoom wah nappy and feeding and inflation high… unthinkable them mind zion yet! Wait till him reach private school and college dem.pocket aguh bun dem…cause a ragga and Michele le baby but a tam fam a Di bank account whey aguh mind the offspring If me laugh one more time essi me write a check too… my issue is wid ragga cause when puss did buss it out pon the air say him did hear say ragga deh a party a feel up michelle le and raga denied it pon air the same day him and puss fall out and puss di buss out say michelle le did pregnant fi him and Lea did buss it out say baby aguh born inna janurary and him throw wud bout the dutty Jan crow dem badmind him and all sort so dem affi meck up story pon him… and see it deh dem seh whey inna darkness always comes to.light.. lawd me wish me was a fly pon revi wall yah now guh see how har face look like pleased puss cause the heat come awffa she yah now!

  33. I’m very disappointed in raga MLe no more than 25 and raga is about 51. He always say she is his sister and cross is his bother. Yes met cross and MLe use to deal but left a good while now so raga shouldn’t even go there. I’m am upset at how raga addressed the issue he could have left certain information out such as they are not together as it made he look kinda cheap as If there was no sort of real relationship there. MLe mother is a deacon and she’s very active in the church when she found out about the situation she wasn’t happy however she accepted it. I’m proud that raga stepped up to the plate and has decided to be a part of the child’s life and also to support her in raising the child.

    1. Raga had to say “we are NOT together” to make his current gyal fren happy…so it no look like him a claims up michLe as him ooman. .michelLe a drankro str8.its no secret .ms mighty kno longtime

  34. biggy need a real life. As early as the morning biggy deh a road side wid har dutty foot sidung pan ppl name. As sum body walk pass she start talk. Biggy the batty need a bra go hole it up and yu nuh c dat.

  35. But if Raga breed him “sista/sista-in-law/employer dah nuh right, dah mean him is a triple family ram den man.. no sah. A fi fem life still and him innah di mixup and him seh him hab broad back and thick skin suh him should tek it as nuttn, suh life guh..nonetheless it mi pause..caz it nuh sah.

  36. Dats why anuh EVERYBODY fi inns de field a mix up cuz unno doah knw how it guh or work….

    E! NEWS

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  37. I tink nuff a unno a run wid de Mle being cross ex a bcuz kizzy wid har mad bloodclaat
    Self did seh suh wen she n cross did a cuss cuz Mle she did nuff up inna it, nah swear fi a soul but I don’t c Mle is chris type Nope

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  38. Marsha ridgeline bruk now.datt papdung wussa than karen wildman one bed wid de two pikney dem pon it.

    1. Where u get your information from. I’ve never see white scale pon marsha face mi never see a picture of her looking pop dung so she far from bruck. You work a marsha bank Fi know how hard account stay kmft. Karen perfectly fine hunu need Fi come off the woman and her pickney

  39. Tishana Bless just well want a buss suh. From one celeb to the next n keep getting fuk n duck .n swear she all dat. Fukking dunce

  40. Raga fu*ck off most of y’all on the mixup yaad wall, thats why dem mad….now dem com pan pink wall a vent dem anger. Ladies stop de madness he didn’t breed a 16 year old unnu need fi move on.

    1. Exactly so, although Mle she suda neva guh deh suh de way dat gal can swear pon Jesus yuh wuda tink she a mary second a wait fi GIVE birth to a new Christ.

      (Simplicity soon sign in)

  41. Don’t know these ppl but after read this and looking them up. RAGGA LOOK TO BE IN HIS 50S AND THESE GIRL LOOK UNDER 25

  42. You can fool some people sometime but you can’t fool all the people all the time.

    Raga tek people fi idiot long time, bout him f**king Tambareen family bullshit.Do unnuh research and read about Jim Jones in Guyana.

    When Raga get ketch in a him f**kery him come on radio and bawl like a bitch bout him childhood days , like a him one grow up poor. A nuff Jamaican boys get f**k in them ass and move pass it and advance with good intention….time him leggo that excuse now
    Me leike this site, but me start to wonder if MET and Raga is the moderator of this site because MET always a defend that crowbait, without analyzing both sides of the mixup.
    Raga is nothing more that those Scammers in Ja who a fleece people out of them hard earn cash or even worst, just like those TV preacher who a buy big house and plane at poor people expense.
    The other day when Ishango (who used to be Raga friend) guh on World Tour , him a fi run guh on World Tour too. Raga cut off anybody round him who can think fi them self…Nuff a them people name weh him a pretend to big up bout a him friends, him nuh like dem and dem nuh like him.
    Only Mle and Criss Cross whos both a them age add together still nuh reach Raga age, him did allow round him. See him dump dum ass Mle now and Cross is next. Jah P soon “thief money from him” and get dump soon too like Puss and the rest who cross him.
    People unnuh fi wake up and see a scammer for who they are. Watch him come on radio tomorrow and preach how people badmind him and how dem a fight against him.

    Dumb ass Mle get what she deserve….breed and duck…yuh did too nuff and can’t think fi yuh self.

    1. It’s a New day suh mawnin. ..

      All me ago seh is Met n Raga a two different ppl nd he has absolutely nothing to do with JMG (pink wall)…plus she nah defend him she a ask why unno tink bcuz him dish out mixup weh ppl call in where as ova ysh dem write it in ppl tink him fi dish out him personal life ” smaddy haffi carry the dead.”

      Now smaddy write supm weh get confirm n she seh she DONE not bcuz she nah done him nuh mean ntn ppl work haffa how dem feel

      (Simplicity soon sign in)

  43. Tell dem caz dem naw hear…..he’s like a cult leader. de man study anthropology(the study of humans)in college soh him know wey him a doh. Him have good communication skills and a dat him a use fi draw dem in. Yes him come off as being sincere but he’s NOT! its all pretense.

  44. I can’t wait to listen the show later all I can say is raga shouldn’t have slept with MLe likkle pickney that breed her off at the tender age on 22 and left her. The cycle of baby mothers continue. Poor girl didn’t get to use her degree and start out life properly. I’m starting to wonder how long have they been sleeping together. The way how he said “we are not together” make the girl look awful. And I don’t see the reason why he hid it for so long it’s both of them first child so I was expecting him to announce the pregnancy as soon as he heard or right after the birth. Anyways like him say them a two adult. But I don’t like how him handle the thing

  45. So true, LISTEN.
    Me hate fi see poor people get fleece of them hard earn money by some educated asshole, and that is what Raga is doing. What is there to regale in other people downfall and then call yourself a real man, then asking your tambareen FAMILY to donate to listen. Internet broadcasting is pennies for cost.

    Who remember how him live pan Vegas and Shelly-Ann.
    As an educated person myself, it pains my heart to see this scammer kept leading black people down the path of doom. Bout Mixup. Mixup is for women, not real men.

    Mle would have taken a bullet for that man, girl even drop out of college to follow behind Raga; Criss Cross him drop out of college too….What encouragement or financial support did this 50 + year old man give to these kids…Not a dam thing except pay for Criss cross visa to the USA fi come play music behind him and forget about school and breed off Mle. Now that Mle is in florida on a student visa..what the poor thing gonna do when it run out, with a kid and no father support. Raga think seh paying for Milo fi baby is being a father? Yow, know what Raga gonna do when Mle visa run out….him gonna take the baby and send Mle back to Ja in the projects of portmore….just watch and see. Hope I am wrong and she can get a married thing soon.
    You see how quick him denounce Mle (We are not together anymore). Is from Mle was 18 and just enter Uwi Raga a f**k her. Marsha Ridgeline son, Criss cross, Vegas and the scammer boy from Mobay did a f**k her too…thats why raga run guh get DNA and malice Mle from she breed. Him really wasn’t sure if a did fi him pickney, still.

    Mle good still, because all when har belly big she still a hold it down and a deny seh she a breed to protect the johncrow…..After DNA result come out the man go on FB and post up picture bout , “my son, my life” and no mention of Mle, like she never exist, when all Tambareen family know Mle. No ratings to your thing Mle…but that is so like raga to throw his people under the bus when it suits him.

    Who ever hear Raga refer to any friend from when he was growing up or even 5 years ago? Or better yet, who ever hear him make mention of any living family member? The man is a user and a crowbait, not even his living brother in NY him don’t mention.

  46. raga is a hypocrit to the things him preech daily and if u rate us tam fam so why u hide that u have a baby on the way…and me loose off u why you affi put up the big We Are NOT together me feel shame an anuh me…poor MLE Raga sell her a dream….and Met u sound very Bias because Raga is your friend when it’s other people u have no filter ,I taught mixup was mixup an no one exempt

  47. Raga is a nasty dutty drankro! And Mle is a dum f**k ! She bloodclat know seh raga send Fi him woman from jamaica and that’s when she decided FI breed di man and trap him l! He ignored thoughout the entire pregnancy Di wole 9 months she a call a bawl dung the place dats why she decide fi sneelkinly leak say she a breed she use to threaten him! But rasshole don’t raga have a woman cross the bridge too!? Me cyah wait fi hear DI Pussyhole play the victim later and bawl like a bitch or blame smady else fi him f**kery ! He is bias look how much people life him ruin all in the sake a mixup and now dat a ut turn u ago talk f**kery unuh tan DEH DEH! Al di one JahP better be careful u think Wha happen to junior cyah happens to u? U fool nuh bloodclat a nuff time me see raga neatly diss u up pon the wall and u so rass fool bout u run gone a jam

  48. Mi hear seh M Le drop out from UWI. So why couldn’t Raga help her go back to UWI and finish her degree? What kinda dutty wicked baby fadda dat?

  49. Raga yuh too rass hypocrite double standard and bias you breed off criss cross ex gyal and always use to big her up bout yuh little sister and gwan like you prefect mi nuh rate yuh nuh more you always wan people call in and tell yuh people business but your won exempt

  50. Raga yuh nuh loyal to the tamfam because yuh hide things and after things buss out yuh wan come address matters

  51. Michel Le a buss shat.. one long epistle.she stink like bout baby wasnt a secret . I remember she denied it when it lst buss.that is different frm not pubicisizing it.U LIED N RAGA LIED n say no bellyalso bout zion mom will have regard for self .when,?afta u fck u gay boss fi school fee n criss cross too?kmt. H ow baby was made in love n raga wanted an abortion?am watitng………. …U A THOT and the world will adjust to that new onowledge dwrl

  52. Raga is a sociopath I keep saying dat him nuh loyal to nuhbady hi will 7 se u den wen he have no use for u him drop u and tun da Tam fam idiat against u …this ain’t da first or da last mixup him involve in …if u look back raga can’t get along wid ppl cause him have no loyalty and him love badmine ppl and seh dem badmine him…mle shudda know him ago use her and dash her weh dat wat he does and crisscross fi jus Lowe raga alone cause da only person raga care bout is raga..

  53. If unoo wha fool fool and talk unoo business, that is unoo business. Him don’t owe a soul to tell unoo fi him business. That doesn’t make him a hypocrite, it makes him more sensible than unoo. He has a show snd a life, it is the intelligent thing to do to keep it separate. But intelligence isn’t so common, unoo just want the mix up

  54. Good Afternoon Met/Metters,
    Mi nuh understand how ppl seh Raga fake. Raga always seh him don’t kiss and tell. So y would ppl expect him fi come out an seh him did deh wid di girl. As fi Zion’s existence being announced 2 months post birth, maybe Raga wanted to know for sure that it was his child. All now mi nuh get nothing bout Raga whe Raga nuh already tell.

  55. mi never know seh him did a pree the likkle girl dem way deh still now everybo
    dy dutty and wicked because dem shock seh him breed her and cut so quick

  56. Criss cross really affi a suffer the shame tru loyalty to raga but deep down him must feel f**k up but affi keep it inside because him owe to much to raga

  57. mi listen to the show today and him duck and dodge and go round the thing like him think people ah idiot and elaborate pon Biggie. him talk bout transparency but it only apply to sometimes and to somethings and some people.the way him dash out pon people business when him get and want people to respect his privacy. the united states constitution doesn’t have any law on privacy.freedom of speech it seh. All of him loyal listeners if dem honest with themself him F**k fi how him handle the whole situation. nobody di expect that him di a pree the likkle girl like that knowing her background and how her mother is active in the church and how him use to big up the girl mother ms Mighty breeed her and drop her like bad habbit. so she was good enough to sleep with but not good enough to stand your ground and hold her down.yuh ah dutty man

      1. Thank u :ngakak
        If di people dem whey a talk is Raga ex dem mi understand but if u are just a listener and u hurt I kaint deal noh sor…. :nohope:

  58. Cross feel sey him obligated to raga true a Raga a look out fi him, of course him not going to show his true feelings. deep down yuh know sey him a hurt, if oonu did hear how him sound de day afta raga buss de news sey him get pitney. BTW, mi love how raga dodge all the bullets today. kmft!

  59. Met, its so NOT about “jealousy or hating” its about dishonesty and disloyalty. He’s a public figure and people look up to him for Christ sake! He disappointed a lot of people and it has NOTHING to do with him having a child, its how he went about the whole situation. and yes Mr Man, your personal life does coexist with your professional life once you become a public figure. Would you seek advise from someone that has a lot of personal issues of their own? think about it. “When public figures are caught doing things that directly contradict their vehement public stands, the world needs to know about their crass hypocrisy.” -Paul Lareau

    1. Maybe if u explain more where disloyalty and disappointment come in mi will understand. Mi seh it already the other day Raga is a virgo dem wild but that is his personal life and he is entitled to that. Not because he has a mixup show means that his life is open to the public ..a fi him life ..Give u a joke bout the advice seeking…I know of a very popular psychologist who is a female and God know a doe know nobody wid man problem like she..mad ova man stress over man that is she..but she a give advice to others pan a daily basis…thats life ..people may know the right thing and can advise u pan certain things it don’t mean they are perfect people and don’t have issues ..On the girl being pregnant issue mi say already yes I agree she is young I don’t know much about it nor can I say anything much there. Any emotion that is being expelled mi expect it from people personally connected to the situation and they can feel however they feel but the listeners have nothing to do with how Raga live his life ..Most public figures lives are not open..What we know is a very small fraction of their lives trust that

  60. MET me loose afa yuh my girl. You really a try hard fi defend the phedophile. This is a long ass explanation to justify nasty ragga breeding off Mrs Might little college kid that she trusted in his care. The man love to boast about him Doctorate degree and yet his two little “sister and brother” drop out of college while under his care. One him breed off (fact) and the other one him a bugger (alleged) and yet MET trying to justify his behavior. Wah yuh a seh MET, every man who is a Virgo gets a clean pass to be a whore?

    Some things are hard to bare when dealing with a public figures / entertainers that makes us laugh, but the reality is that if you look at Raga history of behavior with people..the man is a user and only cares about himself. I see people bashing Biggy that she nuh good fi a dash out Raga file because they were once friends. Hypocrites!!!! Raga been dashing out his friends secrets and throwing some under the bus as far as I can remember from the ex police man who him did seh owe him money; his Ct friend who used to book him in America.. to Joy in Canada, Lemon, Ity and Fancy Cat, Johnny Daley, IShango, Cucu Do, Floyd, Solid, Amelia, Jennifer Williams (this one even adopt his last name out of loyalty), News Talk, Squeeze, Puss , Biggy, Lady Ann, Vegas, Revivalist, Mle …….I am sure I missed a few. These are all people that he at sometimes seh a him friends and how him rate them. Suh if a Biggy time fi dash out raga nasty file, unnuh fi lowe the girl.

    Mle is an exception to his rule, she is the only one that him f**ked and throw under the bus so far. Ala Marsha Marsha, Keds, Karen, Sudeen and Annakay , those are saved so far because he f**ked them.

    Raga gravitates towards the weak, poor and helpless. If he found you to be a thinker and an independent person, you will be cut from his circle unless of course him a f**k you.
    Look at his circle, two underage inner city kids who can’t even afford to finish school because of financial hardship((Mle and Cross) Karen, who is one proud mama with two kids , no father and living in a one room and is not ashame to post it up on FB. He cuss Biggy about being broke and hungry, but guess what? She was one of Raga biggest link while she was broke and hungry.

    Remember, this is a man with a Doctorate degree spending his time acting like a gal every day on radio and asking these poor people to donate so that he can take World Trip and post up pictures for them to “like” on them hungry belly. .
    Got to give him credit though, he is making good use of the anthropology degree.
    People wake up and greet the SCAMMER AND USER…RAGASHANTI

    1. Mi run back fast go see which topics u comment on here..n from mi go see u comment ina di squeeze post mi doe think mi really fi ansa u especially with this long comment.Do have a wonderful Easter

    2. Lets be clear; I don’t care if Biggy feel like talk thats her business and mi neva seh she fi stop talk..If she feels that talking will make her feel better and less hurt she can talk . I will say this though…if u did agree with everything I was doing when we were friends…..why is it a problem now that we are enemies? Mi neva ina di circle cause mi nuh circular I made general statements because I really don’t know the full extent of anything so please don’t expect me to side with u or anyone else… ..Some people love push up demself ina people mi mada always tell mi from mi likkle say mi nuh fi nuff-nuff up myself so before I nuff up ina people I will hold my lonely road.. ..maybe some people fi learn that? From what I have seen online recently I see that people are looking for people to lead them…it could be a dog or a mangy cat as long as the person is willing to ”walk” in front of them they will ”walk” behind them. And mi a talk in general , so when u say poor and helpless that may not necessarily be the case but be rest assured, it is not even the cultural norm so dem is really a new breed a all I will say..

    3. WOW this sums up everything in a neat precise package.haha@karen part.she u call have no shame.smh.question:wat raga do joy?I wasnt aware of dat one

    4. I agree with you 100%. He preys on the weak and the simple minded people. Everything that comes out his mouth they agree with him as if they have no mind of their own. He likes when people depend on him so he could use it against them in the long run. He’s not going to encourage his listeners/supporters to do better because he doesn’t want them to become independent of him, without them there’s no Raga! He’s the type that always want to stay at least two step ahead of everyone so he could look down on you and tell you how sad your life is. Someone said that he’s a “SOCIOPATH” and I believe them. Why is he always playing the victim? You always hear about what people did to him but not what he did to people. And for the record, I DO NOT hate the man!

  61. Mi seh, Di one Ragga Dance run all a di topic and all now him cah tell we why dem problem yah start. Ragga you meck you hood rule you too much. Mi feel seh smaddy a try extort him( di baby madda) so instead of letting her do so him first har and meck har story seems useless yah now. Ragga di baby madda was going to prove to the world that you don’t practice weh you preach. You conn di girl and then wah meck she look like a one night stand. I’;m sure her parents got involved and told you to marry their daughter and you wasn’t havening that. Ragga you did know the girl track record so you shoulda expect anything. You is a nasty lickel freak and that is what you don’t want the world to know. Your suit and ties and education cah fool everybaddie so stop it with the false prophecy. Weren’t you the one giving Vegas advice on how not to sleep wid certain gal and to see di money suckers dem from a mile AWAY? SO HOW COME YOU FALL WEAK FI THE YOUNG GAL FLESH, Dat you all buss juice fi breed har? We know no condom never involve Ragga.. You is a nasty big man. This girl carry di baby weh you want har fi dash weh and this upset you whole Empire a dat a bunn you.

  62. I don’t know raga personally about from listening his program so I don’t got nothing against him….I’m don’t care about him and biggie personal feud that’s going on what bother me as a listener a supporter that donate n attend his how is why yesterday when he was supposedly Addressing the matter dun biggie if yuh a dun her but why disrespecting your listeners at same time because the have their opinion and doesn’t agree with you your Going disrespect them under sighs and a man that are educated and has phd and intelligence address the matter professionally that was the ghetto raga I don’t see what matter you clear up and address more going over repeating yourself about your ruff childhood growing up and why you and biggie fall out why she hate you so much all now you haven’t state the facts that you and m’le was sleeping together and hiding it wen you were ask about it I remember puss came on the show and said you breed m’le and you run puss and seh a lie lea came on your show and said the baby was going to burn on January you all so deny that even wen m’le was ask she all so deny it raga practice what you preach your big lier and double standard and big hypocrite how you seh cross a yuh little bredda and m’le a yuh little sister and cross n m’le was going together and you a secretly was f**king m’le under sights you don’t got no morals and if I was the listeners that call in on your show telling their mixup or other people business that would dun dun after that statement you made that people voluntary call in and give there mixup so people them Fi gweh bout tru that you must give yours what a B’S raga wen you be a man admit that you lie to your listeners about the affair and baby I’ll give you back your ratings on till then you lose me as a supporter and people need Fi wake bout TAMFAM there’s no loyalty in the tamfam because raga never rate unuh Fi tell unuh about m’le and the pregnancy and he’s going to become a dad instead is after biggie buss it out your listeners know what was going on in the dark n then you going to make a post bout awrite people yes m’le is the mother raga people done did know all you did was confirm that your a liar and what said was tru your not Loyal to your listeners and the so blind so see how you a dun them who nuh with you under sights yuh cant get no more donation from me on till I see you redeem yourself and come straight wen other popular people mixup buss you all up in it even the ishawna and foota hype mixup so why no one can’t ask about yours yours personal business is not private wen you the mixup king and you a sleep with your coworker and breed har and dump her because she never wan dash the belly because she tiad Fi a nyam them m’le Fi thank god Fi courthouse because if never for that poor Zion wouldn’t have a father if a never Fi DNA m’le too dumb Fi a big up raga bout Zion was made in love wen raga nah give you no knowings more than him seh we’re NOT together the only the recognition you get a the post him mek seh yuh a the mother if I was you I would feel like a cheap f*ck because is only Zion him acknowledge raga f you breed and dash you weh like yesterday garbage and you only going to be seen as raga babymada weh him breed weh use to wuk with him

  63. Based on the aforementioned by raga and what he “claim” in addressing the issue I am still confuse as in my observation/opinion nothing was addressed. The topic was that he is going to talk about all the post and statements made by Biggie. People be honest he did not acknowledge nothing and thats what his post stated. He did not even stated that it was a lie with everything been said by Biggie and Puss. I honestly believe raga owe his loyal Tamfam along with Biggie and Puss an apology as they only stated the truth. Whatever they said they proved it. Besides raga need to stop putting people down and bragging about his PhD I for sure is not jealous nor threaten as I am one step away from that as well and I don’t need bragging and making others feel that I am superior and they are less of a person my professional career have significant value and yet I am humble and grateful. Use your PhD wisely and teach by example teach your fans how to be progessive and not settling for less or second best. Encourage them to go back to school and empower themselves, let them know no matter what everyone is capable as long as they have that mind set. On the other hand no need to brag about your talent/degree(s) if you are not using it/them then whats the point in having it. I was so disappointed in the manner in which he started the show with all the badness from his pass that was uncalled for it was not necessary. At the same time doing so you call yourself doctor. Raga need to take time and listen back to some of his shows. Practice what you preach and if you live in a glass house don’t throw stones.
    Leave a legacy by giving back to society because at times its for the betterment of society and not so much the financial gain, knowing you make that difference. Enough said for those who are going to use the negative lens to see my views I am open for discussion as long as its contructive and done in a polite manner as we are using the platform of fabulous and intelligent

    1. Fabulous people dont carry drugs , fabulous people dont make up lies, fabulous people dont steal, fabulous people dont make up malicious lies and let people lose their status in this country nor stalk people into losing their jobs… so u be very careful who u calling fabulous..One last ting to go.. fabulous people dont go tek man whey dem dont know first n last name pan tap a dem man and go mule fi dem side man..In regards to Raga mi get some a whey u a say but the rest mi nuh get ..But lets leave it there

  64. I am still trying to understand why ppl are upset because someone dont tell them what they want to hear?? We have all read what has been said and the fact that Zion exists proves that yes he slept with MLe so what exactly do we need him to tell us or confirm??? the proof is already there. I think what many did not take the time to listen yesterday is the fact that the man said he was tired of responding to individual queries as to why Biggie has been bantering him the way she has to his “supporters” and so he addressed that on his show. At the end of the day i personally dont think he owes me as a listener any explanation about his “personal” life. its personal for a reason. Raga provides entertainment that i enjoy sometimes and i make a choice to listen. Most of u despise him so much but 1pm every weekday you are all tuned in. Perhaps you all need to start taking a closer look in the mirror and try to figure out and fix why Ragashanti’s personal life is of so much importance to you. For God’s sake life is so much more than this crap ppl.

    1. mi tell dem already about 29 times..if dem personally connected to the situation i understand why…but if u dus a listen u shouldn’t be offended ….mi would like to ask biggie whats going on her end and why

  65. Is not about raga life if you was listen raga show from back in the days you’ll would understand why alot of his listeners are disappointed by his action it’s not about been that it’s personal life or anything to do with biggie what raga address yesterday was to the new listeners who don’t know nothing about biggie or m’le that’s why raga use that Fi throw is listners from the real topic because the old listners know the facts if raga come on and seh his listners is tamfam always making it seems we all fam look how Fi each other support each other why feed that to your listeners like we’re one but a news like that you don’t care to share the big news why deny a birth of child wen you loyal listener’s tamfam would of been happy for you instead of hearing from your so call enemy if you rate us like that I would of rather hear from raga mouth before the rumors buss and is after 3 months of birth of the he announce it that he has a son and play music with after that and did not wan anyone to ask him any questions more just straight congrats if you all really follow raga program the tamfam stand for we are one so why hide that something big like that from the TAMFAM yuh seh you rate raga that’s what bother me it’s not even a bout him breed m’le if we did hear it how his mouth I would of rate him more because we tamfam and mek it be 9 day talk and keep going

    1. U know Ragga breed him worker……..di girl young suppose him did feel shame fi come out bout it? Some people dont handle those things well and I dont think anyone would so u know how that go…when u breed ina certain situation whey nuh pleasant belly hide and all pickney hide…mi nah seh it right mi a seh understand

  66. It’s nothing Fi do with young just they said she past 18 MET raga shame a wah raga weh always seh him nuh beg fren him nuh fraid a nuh body him with no apologies please raga is a mixup king and the mixup flip back on him all I said don’t talk like we the listeners is like fam to you and his we listeners make your show possible and but yet still your secret buss out after you seh tamfam and you have us in the dark you same one a seh TAMFAM STRONG after you never rate we Fi tell we but we Fi stand by you tru your lies come on now that’s so double standard and hypocrite and bias I rate raga don’t get me wrong from been in class ever day I’m talking from what teacher professor teach us not everything is black and white so him a human and things happen Fi yuh seh Tamfam and yuh seh your life is a open book why this one was a secret and you fraid to a address it to the family raga dun his frens on let us dun dem on the wall wen him and fall out like revi dah con so why we can’t cuss him seh he’s to lie is nothing to do with his personal life or business but entertainment same way

  67. See Crawny cow Dash out Ragga balance ah him file deh. Ragga You wrong, wrong, wrong everyway you tunn. Di gal seh she tell you something and you go carry it back, so a she fuss bex wid you.lmao. She seh she and Ragga never sleep yet so how come she just happen fi get di buddy picture dem fi dash out?? Something is still being hidden behind this feud.. She know too much a Ragga Bizness and him claim him doh truss a soul. Ragga let me find out wid all di PHD and BBC(BomboCLaat) degree, dwl. you love di ghetto pump pum dem. This only tells me that what these folks are allegeing is true. You like to be around company that you can control, and chu you know di ghetto gal dem have di wickedest slam and doh require much, That is why you stick to them like glue. How Crawny Cow so close to you that she call har self di Midwife fi di baby? No Sah it doh sound good Ragga. Please come repent and stop the false prophecy. Mi know money affi mek but not on ur poor Brothers and Sisters back. Crawney Cow if I were you I would start kibba mi mouth now, You and mash up Ragga Empire and you know him have links. May god go with you mumma.

  68. Met how Ms Chin go out a har way fi get Phone interview so?? weh she a she she more that pink wall?? SHe look like she wah buss afta Ragga demise still.

      1. Met, if yuh goh pon Tina Chin’s page you will see the four part phone interview that Tina did with Mad Cow…sorry mi mean crawny cow. Yuh sey yuh want hear fi har side soh goh check it out and come back come labbrish! lol..Grung to claat.

        1. Mi huh business wid dat liars excriminal red eye reprobate deh whey conduct the interview so if a that fi mek mi hear fi har side mi ears a go shatter and bruck ina powdered pieces

          1. Raga still a go have di biggest following in Jamaican media……..nothing nah go stop dat so all who a look fi drop him n step forward beta go spend time go get a degree or PhD like him den come agen.

  69. Met, Can we Find out Weh TIna Chin/ Ms Blogeye get har Cliam to fame. Har page dem and name demn change so often me cah keep up wid har. If you notice now she wah contribution to. I cah teck it. Is who drop har inna the media industry and leff har there?

  70. Only God can come off a di cross and tell me she Ragga nah throw him Subliminal at his baby madda pan today show. “SAD Eyes” the songs him pull it up bout 6 times and keep on telling us we did know di deal, and Wifey come back.

    Nasty Ragga teck time wid di lickel gal. Is you sell har a dream and breed and leff har. You use ur PHD brain and manipulate har Ragga. Good God have mercy pon har and mine you meck she have a case ah Post Portum..
    :malu2 :tabrakan: :tabrakan:

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