big nose Gyal Aneka!
Met, everybody Kno seh Aneka and KareemBigdreams Deh. From Aneka Tek weh Kareem from Mona Lisa and she a Mona war over him and all a dat pon big big IG.
Now Kareem and Aneka Deh rite thru… All when him and konshens mattress (Chanel) did Deh. Now! Shamiele Singh and Aneka friendships on and off Fi years.
A wet n Wild down a dream weekend Aneka and Kareem a war and Shamiele she who at the time she and Aneka Annuh friend go part it and get a buss mouth..
Idiot Gyal.

Me see Kareem and Aneka inna the same party three times over the weekend and dem deeven look at each other.
All a fiction one night Fi Uber. Him and Har out Deh a war till security affe come part dem and doh allow Har bck inna the club. I doh know a Wah happen but it look like dem done Fi good. Dem deeven post up each other like one time or ntn.
But she caaayliss Fi inna party a war wid man and she suppose to Deh home wid Har son. KMFT


  1. Sender come wid good mix up.. aneka and Kareem don’t deh.. Kareem is bisexual.. him f**k man and him and aneka f**k too when dem want do dem 3some business. Aneka man or I should say feeding tree is mr Wong.. steppa husband. A him own Spanish grain. A fi him name she have tattoo pon r side.. (brian) these dutty careless bitches weh don’t have nothin fi do need fi go look a 9-5. All aneka talk bout is slay.. couple years from now wen the chiney man stop drop the 100k pack dem weh u have a slay and gi rapunzel fi do u hair.. u shall slay pon u back outta the rented apartment weh u inna. Aneka don’t even have a good bed or TV. If man a drop money pon me suh me affi have even a quad me must can expand pon it one day at least a fimme and a Lada car a drive. These girls are sad cases on ig. Aneka need to know that when chiney dead or stop send on she nuh have nothin more fi get and steppa well set cause she a wife. Am glad chrome come outta dem company. Then the shamiele she fi such a good looking girl she have no ambition… smh

  2. All if crome come outta them company she is nooooo different. Everytime u see crome is a different man! Crome tek any & everything same way! Threesomes & all same wayyyy, guh every pan wehh knock same way! No different dem jus nuh chat!!

  3. Met I believe. but my question is, dem nah stop live suh? Me nvr see a circle a people Weh recycle each other suh yet. Dem Mek me wonder if a my life boring. I wish dem wud jus stop. But as me see Is SabrinaHennessy/Roses and Kareem Deh. Dem play it off well but it if u see dem out u wudda know.

    1. Sabrina and Kareem? So wha happen to the phone man? A more than one time me see the two a dem out alone still So it possible. Dem ppl yah need Fi jus give dem life over to God. It’s sickening.
      One circle. Kareem n Aneka/ Kareem and Sabrina/Sabrina and Shamiele/Shamiele and Aneka

  4. yes chrome is different in some cases. Everybody mek mistake and the difference is when u LEARN from it. Chrome been had a JOB and from the looks a it She stop go a every pan weh knock! if she did tek any and everything, she a bill wid 1 man now and it show pan snap say dem live together. Hope she keep it up and no bada go back ina dah life style deh.

  5. Mi did tink ppl a lie pon aneka but now mi kn sah a true ppl a talk shi is really a lowlife inna good clothes an yes fi a chinny man like u dem mind u but if mi a get so much money from man mi a buy a house plus why shi a sex batty man dat mean shi a get sex inna her batty to omg dats y wen shi put up picture shi always have dis long guote bout herself tinking shi can hide behind it omg

  6. Trashy girls eventually infiltrate every spot deemed as upscale and classy, fiction is no different. I’m not surprised that this chick would come there and start a fight over a batty man, she doesn’t seem too smart and definetly seems as classy as a used piece of toilet paper… You would think the way she holds her big nose up to the sky, she would be in a dealings with some nigga who doesn’t look basic and corny.

  7. talkchoot correction BRYAN WONG, he “supplies” me too unlike Ms.Aneka i get the checks and put them to good use. Like opening a loan agency and currently doing my masters at UWI. Mr.Wong has also bought me a brand new 2016 Honda accord Bryan hardly see’s or tastes my pusc …maybe she should take a few lessons from me. Always a frequent reader on here MET i will be sending the receipts soon! He will only supply her basic needs and that’s as far as it goes

  8. Kareem looks so damn gay esp in those above z knee shorts n then polish it off saying its fashion …we can see right thru all these gutter rats who never had or used to anything

  9. Full time now fe all a dem likkle thots yah disappear . But then again anyone wid common sense knows assets don’t mix wid partying .

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