chupsy luxury Yuh pop dung now drag king. Yuh rob up di whole a u father money fi mind quaro and when it done him lef u dash weh belly gal. Chupsy di bridgettes tired a u now and it not even real cause di side strip and turn white and real Bridgette’s nuh strip. U can chat to me ediot mascot gal. U only bad when u see u Fren or u family ediot gal. Mi cyah tek di bag a argument mi wah fight so come defend do bounce weh u get ediot gal. Chupsy u stay bad hungry a kill u. Randy hate u. Stop hide and f**k quark cuz nuh matter wah u do u cyah tek Tammy space clown. U deh wid him fi so much years and him never treat u like how him treat Tammy all him do a beat u and tek weh u money but a DAT u fi get cuz a was u friend man and u still go tek him and him still never tek u serious no point in time. Come defend di bounce and stop chat ediot gal.


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