1. Explain in English cah it don’t even make sense in patwa wha habean with the crusty resturant and Neil you need to move on

  2. This is typically how Jamaican man talk to dem woman. Only thing I find surprising is that he is doing it publicly, most man wouldn’t be this proud to tell the world that him woman gone fk pon him on big big Sunday. Suh Neil a out a Munchie crotches yuh did a guh eat yuh dinner? Asking for a friend…on a serious note though, I think this youth is really at the end of his rope with this muchie chick, I hope he leaves peacefully instead of doing something stupid because it seem like him love har.

  3. Neil shut the f**k up cause you not going anywhere all you do is Mek you self look stupid and embarrassment You a waste man like how you woman a waste woman just shut the f**k up and tek you BUN weeeeeeeeeee mi can’t badda

  4. Shauna what happened why Kelly not in you flyer for the foam party a what kelly body run gone left fi you lol

    1. Here we go. Stick to the topic please. Wi nuh bizness wid Kelly and Shauna this go round. Dem famous enough

  5. You can’t turn a thot whore into a house wife a few will change there ways buy a thot bitch like dog shit germs bag munchy is just a train reck for life Mr you need to move forward with your life n low out the net shades that’s a pussy move

    1. You mean fi tell me say hot gal’ luxury doll Kelly getting Burns so all this transformation she do is to keep Owen coming home so the bills can get paid and she don’t have to work. The things Women do to look important. Kelly you shoulda invested that $$ in some GED classes or help you son chu. College. From di man start cheat he has 1 foot out the door cause he is not happy. You are going to kill yourself trying to keep him and him still gonna leave

  6. Listen, I don’t Sorry Fi Neil. Muchie did change har life around when she meet him and him take advantage of it. Is nuff she go chu because a him. Him and him gal was the reason why Muchine did ina Jail fi almost a year. To how him bright, him hire him Ex gal fi work ina di Restaurant and still did a sleep wid har behind Muchie back.. How cold can he be and have this gal a laugh ina Munchie face.. Right now the horse gone chu the gate so him betta leave while him can see di bunn. . From him come round Muchie cannot have no frens, Him beat har fi di least lickel thing so his Fb post are attention seeking. Neal Know Muchie gave up loving him long time from him come home and hide and him hear har a tell di man di Fckk sweet. Lmao. Meck a done ya..

  7. Munchie, why yuh muss a mek di man look like idiot? How miles yuh alone wah pan fi yuh front? yuh nuh dun di whola New York now Philly lawd man. How man nuh dun pan yuh yet?

  8. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Him get bun??? geem some milk deh fi wash it dung.

  9. Munchy you playing with fire mind you get bun really bad everyday Day bucket a go well one day it most fall out

  10. This dude stayed in my inbox so heavy, I had to unfriend him after seeing who he is attached to. NOBODY weh Muchy tek must tek odda people female child. SMH Neil bright LOL

    1. Oh wow mines too I don’t know why he think anyone other than munchy want him sir stay with you whoring woman cause nobody nuh want you

  11. Munchy please to cum defend you big ole cause this man dun you left right and center the two a unnuh is a piece of dogshit together

  12. I think Neil Miracle need help,Munchy please be careful cuz it look like this man is depressed are have a mild case of mental illness, please try not to be his first victim leave if you’re not happy

  13. Well due to how munchy bury hat mada with the tie this is the result u need to dig up the grave n tek out the padlock from under yu mada girl the man miserable n needs to go hurry up to b4 something reach yu Neil is frustrated Smh me sorry fi him munchy mamba yu ve pickney

  14. Both a dem is sum disrespectful ppl dem how you say you love someone and the way unnuh want attention Neil why you think you needed to cum pon social media unnuh love attention too much BUN FI BUN and keep it moving you know what kind of woman you pick up so when the two of unnuh a go pon social media looking for pity unnuh look like two man clown so Neil just wipe you tears because you soon reach back rite up under munchy pussy so please unnuh body nuh feel sorry fi none a unnuh unnuh is two pieces of dogshit together so please just stay together because nuh body nuh want nine a unnuh with unnuh nasty self mi see sum ppl a cum comment under munchy post but a sum a unnuh same one a write up the things pon pinkwall if I laugh I pop dun :travel :travel :travel :travel :travel two dem idiot dem nuh man can’t disrespect mi like this and think we ago Mek up back unnuh play these game of sympathy And someone going to really get hurt one of these day you see how ppl a snap nowadays all I can say is to be careful because sum ppl can’t handle the stress

  15. This is sad on sooooo many levels! He seems to be going through some sort of depression. He’s not happy, yet he can’t leave because she’s a freak and does the things that nobody else is willing to do.

    She’s not happy, he’s a known woman beater. But she sticks around for financial stability. Oh and just to show he bought her a ring. How can you guys keep living this way? It’s nobody’s business, but you guys make it public! You all have children, what kind of examples are you instilling in your kids?

    Is this how you all plan on living? Man and woman teeth & tongue meet, but this is some low class disrespectful shit! Young woman get your shit together! Its not the end of the world, you’re just going to sit and be disrespected and degraded like this? How does your daughter feel? You both have to love yourself before you love someone else.

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