7 thoughts on “DEN PETAL..FI REAL FI REAL

  1. Lol lol this long time old great grand mother like to walk nake and she done look good old gyal go home and put clothes on you don’t look good all weh yuh a do Dave don’t want you back abay stop walk and theft miss piggy petal yuh nah cut nuh dash you look dashen

  2. For your information petal lives Dave Lexus 2year now and happy so live the women alone keep Dave Lexus and lives the women Dave Lexus need to go get a job stop worry about petal Dave Lexus a waste man stop talk about Dave Lexus him need a bed petal have a king size bed and him can’t sleep in a it that kill him because petal not looking at him so a letter for u

  3. U duty gal no have a good bed fi sleep pan petal not interesting in Dave over 2year now so unhappy birch if this is about Dave Lexus keep him and just make the women lives her happy life Dave not in no poison fi no want the women in have no papers no money no bed not even a room fi put him kids dem so birch suck u mother

  4. Petal miss piggy nah nuh shape gyal road puxxy gyal wey rat and roach shit up in a, a you a try cuss at 6:29 and 6:57pm go and learn how to spell and read and write before you come on here and try cuss lol poor yuh, Petal it sad bad a big old cow like you can’t spell so how yuh help yuh great grands with them home work lol God help yuh, and the bleaching don’t fit yuh leave that alone old women yuh nuh see how it meck yuh lip them black like hog shit lol

  5. Anonymous why u have a problem with petal a China written this not petal from the last time I checked petal is not with your man Dave Lexus so miss brown barrel take two steps backwards brown barrel keep Dave Lexus and make my friend stay happy why u talking sett on the woman big brown barrel Dave Lexus and u are no body petal don’t look problem with people so be careful what you wish for duty gal keep your son that God never give you because you off to mine him because Dave Lexus not going to get a job brown barrel petal a worry you come a make problem with my nice clean friend my bestie petal tell me it’s over two years she stop look pan Dave Lexus so why fuck you started this problem duty brown barrel u life unhappy u have Dave Lexus and u still unhappy a my friend a win petal happy and you unhappy big brown barrel duty gal u don’t have no kids not even a cat or a dog so who u so unhappy me a tell you make my friend petal stay happy plese big brown barrel just keep Dave Lexus because next gal soon take him away because my friend petal not looking back that something me no.

  6. FYI, Bleach out and tight pants man can never be in a good job. No one will really hire them looking like a duppy. Anytime you see them like that, just know you’ll be in a lot of problems. Men like those usually use women, sell battie, and will do anything to get by.

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