1. Oh God unu a duh di girl badddd. Mi nuh really see the big deal. She simply change pants to shorts. Recycle mi gyal, RECYCLE LOL :tkp

  2. Bet any money a some bruk pocket or cocky hostess a carry on like that. Some of us will leave this earth without value in name.

  3. Mi repeat my clothes them ALL the time! Mi save mi money and mek a big down payment pon a nice house. This is why some a unnu no own nothing but cloth and boot. Damn foolishness

  4. this is what we have come to, its not everyone can walk and thief clothes,such is the demise for some of you without documents only documents u got is the file a courthouse, set a never see come see frighten everyday of the week set a low life low self esteem Bhutto bitches,

  5. Mi a tell yuh seh ova yah nice… :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak…Nuh play wid social media ppl lol… A chu dem run fi post every damn ting das why an now cyah keep up…. Dung a grung again :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak whooiie whooiie…. Gal yuh Nuh sensible cause mi woulda dye it lol… She nuffi a cut Nuh clothes fi true leave dat tuh regular ppl not not ig famous ppl. Yuh bloodclaat yuh remind me a Kasi lol hunnu luv di likes an attention but cyah Manij….Gal di day mi see yuh bawl ova f**kery live!!! gal mi laugh afta yuh.

  6. It’s no problem if she rewear her clothes it’s hers. But obviously she don’t see it like that because she so caught up in this social media reality and she and har man fake richness. She herself don’t want to be caught on the gram repeating and that’s why she cut it. Humility is what she need to practice so no feeling of insecurity will come about when she decide to wear back har clothes weh she skin out a dance to buy.

  7. clothes is not all but for king and queen and all the hype shoulda have an updated closet along with other assets since they saying ppl hate and ppl badmind.

  8. First rule of being hot gal inna dancehall is that you don’t repeat clothes.

    Second rule, you don’t repeat hair.

    Ntn nuh wrong fi recycle, but inna kind of business it looked down pon. Dem a done hart because is simple dancehall hot gal code. And wid how she and Marvin gwaan, she fi forever inna new new, but then again a Marvin alone a sport di new and she haffi a recycle. :siul

  9. the girl a nuh idiot she know unu a go talk bout it. Keep dem talking nikki and gwaan fat up u bank book. Nuff a dem a chat cant do what u do cause dem a walk and borrow ppl clothes. Tun u hand mek fashion yes mek the haters dem gweh. All a dem a invest inna cloth and boot and cant pay dem rent unu gweh and hop offa the girl back

  10. Ain’t nothing least yuh kno it’s hers… this is wat life really come to .. come on Jamaicans unuh fi do betta … so how much time unuh have pon unuh hand .. n look all them bad shit a gwan down deh kmft..

  11. No man leave di gal bloodcloth Vanity ago kill unu duty blood cloth unu stink like shit about unu a watch the gal clothes the gal wear weh she want unu is a set a carry down duty Jamaican love to Carry down your Brothers and sister when we die we not carry nothing leave the f**king girl alone on some of you who are writing these things don’t I’m shit Suck unu madda set germs

  12. Ntn wrong with her recycling her clothes its hers… But the issue i have is that she need to buy some nice things for her child man.. Every where i go i see ppl a cuss her bout the 1 shoes the child alwz inna.. Is like she spend more time on her and her man appearance.

  13. When you’re a star you do things to stay in the spot light .I’m sure this was done intentionally for another hype. .

  14. I dont what she want to wear that’s her clothes so if you want to wear it a million time that’s hers
    But what I can’t seem to understand is why she dont take care of her child and she definitely need to do better. I am really sorry for that little boy make some time for him Nicky please I’m beginning you eyeee water come a my eyes just by reading all comments, mi really like are but she that cocksucker fooling her around…

  15. Y unuh think she’s not taking care of her child? you can c the love that child have for his mother and that’s only a reflection of the love she as given him. I’m looking and I’ve never seen that child sad or dirty, she at him football game, sports day and all… Unuh take unuh mouth off the woman Pitney because nough a unuh dash weh or run left fi unuh own

  16. is what.. y when Jamaican see a next Jamaican a try we have to try bring dem down.. its only clothes.
    so what if she recycle it. Jamaica hard and not everybody ago work fi buy just clothes stop now least she naw f**k up other pple credit she a work with what she have..

  17. They so dumb no me ago wear me clothes one time me not dyeing shit my hard working money buy it unuh bitches get caught that’s y unnuh f*k inna unuh batty fi clothes just like the man dem just tru clothes unnh get the f**k in unnuh ass get the f**k outta here dirty people if you notice the bitch dem who dress up and wear all this red bottom and long hair memba me tell you dem dont have shit and dont live no where good dem stess dem jyst a live fi social media kmt

  18. Unnu Lowe Di gal Pickney out a unnu dutty mouth now man, him have one shoes so bc wat? How much shoes him can wear one time? Whole heap a Pickney a Jamaica nuh have nuh shoes, all who a talk go look fi dem and donate some. set a germs. Nuff Pickney a yard nah get no love or care and dem mumma Hotter and hyper than nickeisha and unnu fraud fi seh shit tuh dem. Some a unnu weh a worship vanity ago end up ole an naked hungry and homeless, and unnu pickney weh unnu shower the latest designer gears pon, not going to be there because dem either catch a early grave or in prison for want of the same!

  19. Its my clothes a nuh thief me thief it so if me want fi repeat so what lol unuuh who no repeat and wear pure red bottom and name brand clothes hungry and miserable cause everyday unnuh have to get up and a fret which store unnuh ago theif and pray fi nuh get ketch nuff time me cut my jeans dem in shorts dirty go get a life and leave the girl

  20. its her clothes yes but she did deh a england ana post video everyday seh she a shop suh wat happen to the clothes dem weh she buy? don’t hype if u know you don’t have shit, she a hype with marvin and spending all her earnings on him and none on her self that don’t make sense he just came back from tampa florida before they went to guyana and woman clothes is very cheap and look way better than those that she wear him cuda buy har 2 suit a clothes a dem a gi ppl things fi talk bout them, she needs to stop put marvette before her self and her child, she needs to look in herself and change her out look of things, she needs to look at what he did to the other women that he was with and look at herself, nickeisha its your life but my advice is to put your son and your self first

  21. Unno go suck unno mother an leave d girl an her child… at least she nah beg none a unno nutten…. thats y unno caan better cus unno get up everyday a wash unno dutty mouth pon ppl… sender a how much belly yu nyam? At least nicky bring forth her child.. y u nuh tell met bout d belly dem wah u kill an how no man nuh want yu… yes nicki repeat it show ownership

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