Tired a dis road runner ,all she believes in is to party with the table with most bottles then she go sleep wid the man,(Edited),all she do is dress up like she is somebody , she ave (Edited) years a walk wid,thank God for scented condoms,, Ryan tired fe send the B*tch a doctor, all you Elton where inna Karen hole your hood find space,,you have you good baby mother a Miami and come Jamaica come take up stinking p**y karen,shame on you ,miss (Edited) queen you f**k every man weh have a hype vehicle but yet still you don’t got a stove or a fridge,,foam box you eat out of, the house you live inna smell like down a coronation market , full time you come off the street and take care of your child,,batty Man caution tired a de smell him move on to Tina a tell people you keeping party like you every go a any party go spend ,nuh people liquor you go drink out gal ,,you better promote one charity concert in aid of a operation to get rid of the (Edited) weh a rotten you out….

14 thoughts on “DERE IS A BOTTOMLINE

  1. Nothing about her. She tek allllllll a d hype man dem….
    Boysie.weh want bathe..
    N hold heap more

    Her child is this country gal reach pon pinkwall

    Pinkwall is for people in civilization

    I cannot manage dwllllll

    Karen fix up u life nerak

    She suck puss like it a cum outta style

  2. Talk truth you kill me..baay note man she take and nothing to show she live inna her fren dem clothes all that short a in the pic I know it a one a her fren hand it down give her bwoy weh breed her hate her,she is like a robot taxi pick up any passenger,nasty bad ,she don’t take care of her little girl,de hype soon gone left her,finally jakeen caution story come out ,long time batty man
    Perfect couple lesbian and battyman

  3. @anon 11:29 a swear she is a piece of filth..her house does smell like curry market no lie but her puss smells like deadfish..every man from St Mary to st Andrew speak of it verrrrry regular

    She .. she love obeah bad

  4. Woooeeei yuh finally reach here bitch,I hate this stinking bitch,da gal yah is everything that is bad,never see a nxt gal love take battyman,her hole stink a shit,once you drive you are welcome to her shit up pussy,nasty gal don’t even care fe her pickney,mi like da sender yah ,so this is her new battyman now murdah

  5. Her pussy stink fi true,,
    It smells like footballer socks
    Here from inside scope Elton timeless only f**k her twice because him smell her
    She only suck his dick
    Karen you’re. Walking corpse
    Go get treatment
    How long now her friends bein telling her..youre a disgrace to females
    Praying Elton don’t get that bad infection ,like you did to Ryan .
    She had ghnorrehea from she goin school
    She never treat it ,
    It get bad now she a rotten..

  6. Mi cnt stand dis bitch she think she da hottest thing walk castleton n always ah talk bout har fren dem bad mind har. True she go Trinidad n go sell har rotten pussy n cum back wit few old brick she think she ah sumbody. She think every man want har wid har sweet pepper nose.she walk n fren every promoter r well known ppl fi get ah hype.mi neva see dis girl go bar yet n buy low so mi nuh know how da f**k she a keep dance. Elton mouth stink like so di 2 ah dem have a stink fault. Him just start mek a lil money so weh di f**k him ah cum act like him a boss kmt wen him babymada hear dis she must put out di ugly bwoy

  7. She is the worst ting out a Castleton

    How the hell her from a badmine her
    When she live inna dem clothes and shoes

    Obeah wukka Karen badmind her fren dem .
    She only guh Barbados guh sell her body

    While de rest a dem have visa

    She is a sad case

  8. Lasco nah no time for chlamydia pussy Karen

    She is a confused Bitch
    That all about the hype life and no ambition

    Karen go get a real job and stop get use inna dancehall by batty man caution

    You got a nice outside body
    Go find a good gynaecologist
    To help with that your disease

  9. Beep! beep! Lawd gad left a space pon social media fe a next gal

    You crack de internet,long time road hog

    A you name cyan cool ,cyan quench
    Take a little pride now man

    You f**k till all you family you start pon.god damn it

    Slut of the country right f**king name you get
    You can change fe sake a de little gal

    Dem rub you out,nah lie
    Mi hear late did have to sign on.

    Mi did know da bwoy yah did scaley
    Big fish tank

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