1. Dunce fack. Somebody tell him to put a period after every 3 or 4 words s him look like him can punctuate? Dat nasty looking beard look like lice, chink and crab louse live in it

  2. I swear I hope that president DT since he’s so involved in social media makes a law prohibiting dunces from having a social media account. Trying to read that shit gave me a headache. What a grown man dunce. If your father was a real boss, he should have made sure his children were educated, even the basics like reading and writing. Jesus Christ man this foolery must stop.

  3. Derrick Williams should have never dropped out of junior high school fe tek up crip walk and crip talk. Look how de poor child cannot form a proper sentence smh

    1. Yes he was charged with murder but was later found not guilty. Littlw Derrick is one of the most foolish young man alive because him shoulda use the second chance fe better himself but no him want walk inna him fadda footsteps smh he cannot cause wen Big D ah little D age him hav money an businesses. Little Derrick has nothing but a whole bunch of children by chickenheads.

  4. I’ve always looked at pictures and watch dancehall videos. Our family loves music, I go out from time to time. I also get up daily and go to work and (try)to live a decent life. I say all of this to say this is a damn shame, I couldn’t make out what this guy was trying to say. I’ve seen his father in pics and videos from way back in the day. People u can’t live to party alone, this is the outcome, second generation in dancehall. The father looks better than the son, dad is more refine. The guy looks washed-up, 2 much careless time on his hands. Tired of seeing them wid the spliff inna dem hand. Good looking guy like that should be working and pocket full of money. He should have a nice refined look, not sure if his father was a working man, dad is a decent looking big man. DO NOT WRITE ANOTHER WORD ON SOCIAL MEDIA, JUST POST PICTURES

  5. Him sound like him pupa still in Jamaica. From Betty sleep with it little D me stop talk to she . Don’t care how me desperate fe a stiff wood me would not sleep with this crawfish. Him can style poor Betty blond when him ready .

    1. His name is LITTLE D for a reason and there is nothing”stiff” bout him Nathan’s sausage. Him shoulda shame fe a sling it all over the place. Long skinny and nah no volume smh waste a whine sleeping with him.

  6. Him DUNCE!!!I went on his page on instagram and you don’t even want to see his sentences. He has full stops all over the place and commas running away from the sentences.

  7. Why did I do this to myself? Knowing my head nuh ROMP fi ACHE me, lasting 9/14/21 days at a time! Oh boy, here I go again. :dp :hammer :bingung

  8. Derrick is in jamaica , him greencard up , so him affi wait until it get sort out , he did nt do it because him have felony an fraid him wouldnt get it back but with the right lawyer and seeing that he didnt get in no more trouble him could get it back him could a get citizenship i know a woman that have 17 tiefin charge an a lawyer help her wah day her charges was from the 80s and 90s all

  9. Betty Blonde is one careless big woman for a nurse. She need to stop partying cause old age along wid di black lipstick be having her ass looking real scary in the clubs. She need to tutor her young boy cause he’s an embarrassment. She chat Movie Star Donna and call her careless but she’s no better for a 60 year old woman, paying for f**k and getting her ass wip by this dunce bat Lil Derrick.

    1. So true Trudy Goodas catch Tasia Thomas ah clean off LITTLE DICK DERRICK penis inna him car dat mean seh de girl ah mad or did ah mad over him? Yuh smell funky like Betty Blonde wig.

      Go drink warm bleach mixed with ammonia cause you no serve no purpose.

  10. I know for a FACT she was NOT going crazy over Dis guy!! :hoax2 He was more like a bredda to her. Him did like har fi deh wid dough.

    Let’s play devil’s advocate and say, for a hot second, she considered it… it was just that a MERE thought. Him use to always a call har.

    I tell u one thing I’m sure the person talking about Trudy… is NOT as smart as she is.

  11. @226 right lawyer old charge is a big factor esp now so him stupid go down for black and white with expire green card I believe he tried come back and immigration turn him back
    And him son a cuss bout how much clown Serrick help well guess what them can’t help him back now only immigration has to pardon him with a gun it sticky bad on big D so dem a say him did come lie a friend a mines in the dance and say a lie not a Derrick a Ava post it and everyone run with it. Well good luck pan him fighting stupid man to leave us with nearly expire green card and return after expire Unu cant Trick me him lucky a return dem return him pan the next flight and not lock him up to see immigration judge Enjoy yard ya Derrick find Michelle black beauty and ash her bout the link ya

  12. Is Iron Back or naah? We get it sey Derrick stuck, Did Angella make it back?Is she a citizen that cant read or write or naah?

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