lauds Lady Saw on victory in Sting clash

The Money Goddess Macka Diamond has congratulated Lady Saw on her victory at Sting 2013.

“People must remember that when two warriors meet on the battlefield of life, anything can happen, I did my best but it never work 100 per cent but I can hold my head high, my fans and supporters feel good, dem say mi brave because everybody afraid to go up against her, and I did it. Mi feel proud of myself to go up there and show courage inna the face of great odds and mi represent fi all the females in the industry and show that two top females can meet on a stage and nothing disgraceful nuh happen,” Macka Diamond said in a statement.

“I want to congratulate Lady Saw on winning the clash, it was a great moment for dancehall and a great moment for the females in the industry, and as Beenie Man say, mi ready fi ‘dweet again’. Bring on round two,” she said.

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  1. Ladysaw was quite aggressive and was swearing too much and violently intimidating Macka not the kind of clash I was expecting .She acted like bounty does when clashing as if they would physically hurt the next person and as though they hate the other person with perfect hate .

    1. macka suit did loaded wid bullet? yuh did bline?? NUH BADDAH ANSA :ngakak :ngakak OOOOOOOOOO

      macka nexx time membah seh dem sell bullet proof vest suh yuh bullet dem did onli a urt yuh dem luk like dem did a squeeze yuh pon yuh tuff leg dem :nohope:

  2. but she couldn”t even manage half of ROUND 1. how she ago mangae round 2?

    saw slaughter her at sting!!! :ngakak :ngakak

  3. Goodnight all….
    Me personally I would like to see a rematch just to see what Macka could have really done.
    It was not a clash to me more of a tracing competition.
    Yes Lady Saw won still but I would of liked to see what lyrics each of them would have come out with if they were clashing properly.

  4. Meck Macka go suck go har mouth she needed to book one of the one way ticket to Mars damn idiot kmt
    It seems to me all who a tawk bout Saw aggressive no know the whole saga cause fi months the nastiness a call up di woman name with real hurtful shit if a mi a Saw mi would a bax har inna har face di minute she come pon di stage kmt

  5. If Saw go back pon stage wid Macka that would b career suicide cause there’s nothing fi prove r win Macka dummy fi get the lyrics whey di ppl dem whey boost har fi go kill har 10 min a fame write give har

  6. Very very smart move Macka. That is excellent damage control. Now the next thing to do is leave saw alone. No more diss songs are mentioning of her name. Because if macka continues to molest saw, everywhere she (macka) goes to perform in jamaica, nutten but boo will follow.
    A smart move yo mek macka. Seem kida ironic still seh yo name macka and macka juk you.
    Real Talk 😡

  7. A long time Macka a badda Saw bout har infertility and relationhip issues inna songs. So Saw just give her a good and proper tracing when seen face – to – face. Even de newborn baby have more talent inna him /her pinky dan Macka have a clash. Macka only jook you, Saw is a dangerous tool wey cut up /chop dung yu raas. So Macka have no choice but to accept her defeat.

  8. saw no kill nobody de clash was a waste of time all saw a do atrace n a try cow dun macka all who a comment a hipocrite mek dem go fe round two n mek we see all though saw a de more lyrical artist big man tin but unu see what happen to kiprich wen u too rass booosie show off bad tings we happen u cant too sure a ppl u we get de element a surprise from de crowd unu see how kippo dummmmmmmm pan de stage n de crowd boooooooo him enuff said happy new year to all free world 2014 is a mussssss.

  9. Why when ppl lose Dem always a try explain the loss like Dem want a extra definition fi a loss ….and that is not 100% mongrel when you do the two songs that is in the street now she didn’t even try to make up any lyrics an a say she brave more like a dunce an a talk bout you feel proud… mi shame an is not me an what exactly she mean bout she a rep fi all the female artist Dem you nuh see is a crack head this… yea and she right great moment in shame dancehall history a Wanda if she go get har other part a body cause it still den pan the stage the way she dead

  10. Mi conflicted !!! Like , I know Macka behaved badly up until she hit the stage and she really said sme unnecessary and hurtful shit but at the same time it seem Saw launched a verbal attack on her not just a lyrical one. saw jus a better performer overall.
    Ah true LATTY !! Why she couldn’t do a freestyle ?? She try thu inuh dat was the lil 4 min of silence yah dat was her free style . The same dazed out moment weh saw seh she forget her own lyrics.

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