Hi pink wall hide my id ORAINE from Newark new jersey beat up his girl friend from Jersey City yesterday because she catch him with another woman now she practically live at ORAINE house from Monday to Thursday she is there and the worst thing about the situation the bones in her face are broken she needs surgery now him a talk say a she broken in both ORAINE and jheanelle are jamaicans

6 thoughts on “DESPICABLE MAN

  1. Oraine your punishment for abusing a woman should be getting one of ur yeyes pop out of the socket OR BOTH hands chopped off at elbow length enuh dawg!!Except in cases of self defense or protecting the life of another,a man should NEVER EVER hit a woman!!

  2. Something nu look right about him,something funny. Down low,girl check yourself him want you to lock him up so him can be perfectly fit in.

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