Good day Met,Metters n Peepers,

Everybody in Jamaica’s tourism sector is keenly watching how Cuba a go tek time tek over our market and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Met this is a prime example I witness myself. The hotels are right beside emancipation park so alot of times you see tourists jogging in there. This white man park him car Inna the handicap section and gone jog.
These common hustlers come tow away the tourist’s car.We don’t have a system of notifying the person whappen to dem vehicle,the when,why,where and how they are to go about what. I’m thinking in 1st world countries they leave a note or something otherwise ppl would just report them vehicle stolen right? The vehicle wasn’t even parked in a no-parking area. When the tourist come the poor man a bawl and cuss that dem tief him veetle! I had to calm him down and tell him wrecker gone with it and him must check lyndrust road depot or downtown at ksac. Met you know the man explain him just a get a quick jog and is rick’s cafe a negril him did plan to go!The man say him and him family nah come back a jamaica him prefer go bermuda or Cabo!

Why can’t we get the simple things right and use our discretion,me go rick’s cafe last summer and that place a di most expensive Inna Jamaica so is a decent Farrin exchange dat di country lose out pon not to mention his family other spendings to get what $J6500 in fees??


  1. I agree bout notification but his car deserve to be most predominant “white” countries dem know dem nuffe romp with handicap parking… why him must come here an violate?… With that behaviour he can go elsewhere… anuh every tourist money we want

  2. Sending it not going to happen , I have been working in the tourism industry for over 25 years. 10 in Jamaica and 15 in American and up to this day when guest and I have a conversation here in America and they find out where I am from. The first thing them ask is why I choose to live here and most time before I can answer them say Jamaicanis such a beautiful country and the people iarr so nice. I would then ask have you ever been there if the haven’t some relative of them or friend have been there and cone bcc and tell them . They will even fgo as far as saying I would love to and I can proudly say I still promote my country of birth up to this day and will also and I also make sure I go back to visit every year . So while you are it please help to continue make Jamaica one if the most beautiful and amazing country it will always be be. Love my place of birth for ever. Ok

  3. Mek him move and gweh, yes we don’t want him here either. There is a sign erected there that clearly reads disable with the symbol attached. So tru him a tourist and white wi fi bend the rules fi accommodate his jogging. Rules are rules and yes then feel tru Jamaica a third world country he would not have been penalizes (kmft). him lucky a tow alone them towed it away….This upset mi.

  4. In America if u don’t have a handicap sticker, or plates and u park into that area they don’t care who u are you are getting a ticket and your vehicle will be towed especially into Manhattan. This tourist just think sey Jamaica lawless so him can ignore the signs.we are happy for all of the supports we get from the tourists but right is right and wrong is wrong.

    he parked illegally, he cannot read?
    better u say the signage was not displayed and then we can blame 3rd world issues…
    I know before I walk away from my car I walk and look at the sign and all read it ten different times just to make sure me park good…

  6. In the “US” you don’t get a notification, you have to call around or look for a nearby toe sign that states who’s in charge of the area.

  7. The only place I see parking enforcement in Jamaica in the airport in America there is parking enforcement everywhere meters r u need a permit to park..@anonymous 1:51 I second u on what u said i 5years in tourism in Jamaica 15 here in America n wen they ask why do i leave Jamaica for here I just say MONEY if i could make the money I make here in Jamaica there would be no way on earth I would live here

  8. I just just read this JA6500 is nothing compared to what you would be charged here, if that’s in Canada ticket between $350-500 and if them tow Weh next $500 so that’s just a Lil change parking ticket is $30-150 so Mek him kill him self. JA is Paradise. Tell him fi tek 100 plane back to him country!

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