Former Moravian President Paul Gardner and his deputy Jermaine Gibson have been both arrested and charged with carnal abuse and indecent assault.

The attorney-at-law representing the men told OBSERVER ONLINE that his clients said the accusations are being done “out of sheer malice, with the intention of destroying their good name.”

The attorney said that the men’s arrest is “based on vile, malicious and tenuous allegations” adding that based on allegations “the available evidence is riddled with inconsistencies and is bereft of credibility, cogency or corroboration. “

“[Our] clients are steadfast in their declarations of innocence and having regard to the circumstances we have been instructed to file suit for defamation, malicious prosecution and false imprisonment,” the attorney’s law firm said in a statement Monday.

Gardner resigned as Moravian Church president in the wake of allegations against a St Elizabeth preacher who was reportedly found by the police in “a compromising position” with a 15-year-old girl.


  1. And the law firm should be named and chances are a few carnal abusers would get exposed from there too.

    Till de time me and death meet up me will keep on fighting these bastards of “the cloth”! Dem is some bloodc@@t demons among men.

    The church as hoodwinked black people for centuries!

    Blacks couldn’t go in the house of the lord wid whitey, yet unnu feel as if today unu on equal footing.

    When dem want to chop slaves in a dem heal back, whip dem fi hours, swing dem from trees a de “good book” dem quote BECAUSE IT GIVE DEM GUIDANCE AND AUTHORITY!

    Kersone oil and matches for these rapist bastards! True students of rome.

    Who no like me comment know full well say I always have an open invitation for you to come…

    Good day.

  2. I thought I was the only one with these views about “whiteman” and the church.them use them bible and rape we off..

  3. Dem fi put dem fi sidung pon a heap of hot coals :marah Fire bun fi dem :marah Anybody weh abuse children, weh do evil and terrorize di community and pretend seh dem ah do ‘the Lord’s work’ fi sidung eena hot coal.

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