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It is always a tragedy when innocent lives are lost and the worst kind involves children. We say R.i.P to the 3 persons who perished in the fire yesterday downtown on church street.What is going on now is that the initial sadness has now been replaced by anger in some cases and many ppl want vengeance.I’ve been informed by impeccable sources that this is how it all went down.

1) Ann-Marie and her son died and this ex-soldier who tried to rescue them. The ex-soldier had saved 2 persons prior and when he went for them the building collasped on him.Those are the unfortunate facts so here is where the mix-up comes een as to what di ppl dem a say.

2)Ann-Marie is a security guard and as u know a whole heap a 12hrs shift n at times double-duty dem do.Thus her babyfather‚Äé Kevin who work on a garbage truck had their 9yo son at fi him yard.Ann-marie find new man and him move her Inna captureland/tenement yard downtown. Last week she go a Kevin yard n draw crowd and a war di yute that she want her son.Cuss Kevin how him wutliss fi a work pon garbage truck n she have her good up good up Man. Kevin a cool yute so di man tell her tek dem son n gwaan cuz him can’t deal wid her effery.Can you Just imagine out a pure fustration the Dad give up him yute fi just stop di cussing a him ears?!!

3)A few weeks prior one piece a tracing downtown wid Ann-marie and this girl.The girl sey Ann-marie tek her man and a come move Inna house and she must get HER OUT.Met the girl swear blind she must eff up Ann-marie.Of course you are wondering who is this man so if you haven’t figured it out yet,heres the clue. Why would the ex-soldier man rush BACK into a burning building when he already made 2trips already?? Ann-marie and the Lil boy him did gone search for and although a him woman n stepson,that guy died a hero don’t it??

4)Met me feel a way cuz me think Ann-marie should a just gwaan wid her crasses cuz look how she carry kevin yute to him death on some hype sheit bs.I understand as a parent u a go want ur yute where u are but why endanger ur kid in a situation where u know u have enemy and a get threats??Can you imagine you on ur path and the Devil just inveegle yuh or smaddie fi tek u off it to ur detriment and the poor lil child never did even have any say Inna him fate!!??

5)NOW we are hearing of a political spin to defend the matey it look like. Some ppl allege sey di govt give notice dem want redevelop all dem tenemant yard downtown and dem a work wid thugs n henchmen fi burn ppl outta di place dem who don’t wanna relocate willingly.Dem sey di men dem never know anybody did Inna di yard at the time or dem figure when dem light it ppl woulda just run out.

6)Notwithstanding all that I’m kindly asking you Met to permit me to use ur forum to appeal to that matey who lost the man,to turn herself in asap to the cops.The police a hunt for her but she don’t want the mob to find her first cuz everybody including her own cousins dem a sey she must get tortured b4 she dead.Young lady you may even be innocent,get a lawyer and tell it to the Judge cuz the ppl dem only interested in being ur executioner.

This just sad all around Met but I hope some of these ppl who a Tek other ppl lovers be mindful of the accompanying dangers.Hush Kevin to my heart hush dadda,Only God KNOWS BEST.



  1. I don’t get the sender’s vehement attitude towards Annmarie, did she know that her and her child life was in danger because she was seeing a “new man”, also people lef and deh in a Jamaica everyday and that’s fine, some move on without a whim of care while others take a longer time and more effort. So was the previous girlfriend one such case?

  2. Senda mine a u a di arsenist enuh ( ok no baddi nuh come correct Mi spellings lol ) because u blood a bwoil to annmarie an a nice up ex soilder a don’t trust u misses bun dung place u r a murderererererer.

  3. Sender, you are adding mix up and confusion to a current investigation. All the “facts” stated above, did you witness it personally or is it hear say?
    Please remember the wall has many lurkers like myself, so please don’t present any hidden/mixed agenda about murder/arson unless you are 1000% certain of the details. That being said, if this is in fact factual information, you need to go to the police and assist.. pink wall does not have a jurisdiction unless Met not telling me something about her becoming police, judge, jury and executioner.

  4. Onu leave the writer alone. Writer a no regular sender. He literally go out and give us genuine feedbacks and up to now no one can say otherwise to what he attest to in his correspondences.

    Writer, the death of the child really stir emotions.

    Morning Met.

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