A woman who appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last week following a fight with her sister claimed that they got into a squabble after her sister heard her singing “A me lif yuh up when yuh did a bruck dung,” a popular line from Dexta Daps’ Chinese Jordan.

Sisters Teaka and Georgia Campbell, both appeared in court last Tuesday on charges of assault occasioning bodily harm following a fight at their home in Kingston.

The court heard that Georgia used a stone to hit her sister, while Teaka on the other hand bit her sister.

When they appeared in court, Teaka told Senior Parish Judge Judith Pusey that the incident started after her sister heard her singing and thought she was throwing shade at her.
“One Sunday morning she hear me a sing, ‘A me lif yuh up when yuh did a bruck dung’ and she start cussing, say a she me a drop word on,” she said.

Teaka said that an argument developed between the two, but was quelled after community members told them to remember that they were sisters and that it did ‘not look good’ for them to be cursing each other on a Sunday.

“Afta we finish cuss, I was sitting down when she come with two stones and hit me in my face,” Teaka continued.

According to Teaka, she was attacked by her sister while holding her baby in her arms.

But, she said, “If I neva have the baby she wud a get more than wah she get. I did have the baby in my right hand, is so me get fi bite her.”

However, Georgia told the court that her sister was not being truthful about how the fight had occurred.

She said that after the argument she went around the back of the house and was speaking to someone about how she had treated Teaka kindly when her son had assaulted her daughter, when Teaka came and started hurling insults at her.

Georgia said her sister told her, “Yuh a careless mumma, dat is why me son molest yuh child.”

“I was so angry that I just pick up two stones and rush her and she collar me up and I just hit her,” Georgia told the judge.

“So how long I must send away the two of you for?” Judge Pusey asked.

“You are big girls, you can’t come here and tell me about your bad behaviour and expect to go home,” the judge threatened.

Georgia then interjected and accused Teaka of destroying her washing machine.

“How it mash up and yuh still a use it,” Teaka quickly answered.

They were both silenced by the judge who told them that they lived too badly for sisters.

She, however, singled out Georgia and scolded her for “behaving like she was better than her sister.

“Because something happen with her son, you use it and laud it over her,” she said to Georgia.

The judge then sentenced both to 100 hours of community service.


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