Move you dutty bl**t Trudy. Stop walk and stalk out the gal dem social media. Police lock up Pele and all you a do is walk and make trouble. Shev nah look pon you likkle germs all the gal them weh Pele a f**k why a Shev you stop with? Shev a mad you ca you know a she him like. You baby father no rate you and him nah stop walk and f**k pon you. You a try too hard on SM to prove u baby father want you. A nuff night you can’t find him and nonstop a call down him phone and him no answer. Him have clothes a you yard but you sleep alone nuff nights. The people them tired a you now. Everybody a laugh after you all you fren dem chat you how Pele treat you bad them call you Pele beating stick. Trudy you rub out the iron mark on you hand weh Pele use the iron and bun you yet? Nasty Trudy tell the ppl them how you end up with you baby father, talk how you go Obeah man fi hold Pele. That’s why him family and friends no like you. That’s why him can’t stop beat or leave u. Tell the people them how the last party Pele keep how him lick you inna you face at the party and never want dance with you. Not even a kiss. A 1 week after the party keep you see him back. Him never go home with you. Tell the people them how not even drinks you could a get from the bar due to how Pele family hate you and a dem did inna the bar. Trudy you want fix again
you have the worst batty in a England right now. A what you put in deh. When you taking pictures only take them from front way and stop take it side way or back way please and tanks.


  1. I have no horse/arse in this race but I must admit DAT batty doah ready nor look good to kakafart!Forward @ realjohncrowbelly our resident quality standards inspector… This yummy or it sick yuh tomach!!?? :mewek :malu2 :bingung

  2. Pure f**kery. Which woman wants a man who would burn his baby mother with an iron? I’ll pass sounds like a lowlife to me

  3. Met dem tek down the other story ? Trudy don’t bother cancel shev party cos we a go know seh a you if it cancels

  4. Yes the sad gal Trudy beg Met fi tek it down due to how she shame like darg
    U quick fi throw up Shev pon pink wall ca u did want di pple dem fi cum rub har out but u get rub out instead bitch like yuh file nuh long to nd d pple dem nuh kno deh u is a unda cover ole whore.
    Pele dis fi kick u inna u big watery pussy fi mek him picture and him name a call up pon pink wall n pon road. U run fi pick war wid gal ova man weh hate u pussy and now u cyaan tek d heat. Dwl

  5. Batty look like shit gal go fix it before u trouble ppl .
    How u fighting so hard for spotlight girl u a go too hard
    God no like ugly see u gun back fire pon u now . Bout u a go lock off Shev dance like u a god move u blood cloth n go look for u surgeon

  6. Uno no see a shev a write all these comments a argue with her self all a them against trudy a no trudy make no post come down a shev couldn’t manage the heat my girl go buy some good clothes put pan u kids and leave trudy u no see how trudy kids sorted duppy shev u living a lie u a clean up dancehall way before this so move like u a sumbody shev go do the dna for knox roy pickney and the last one u have for the Nigerian boy that u fi tek on

  7. Shev move yo dutty bludcart from u du d likkle belly u feel lik u a smaddy nasty shev u stay bad no bludcart with yo 5 fatherless pickney dem u husband deh a ja an all u duu a walk an and fuk out dancehall with yo dutty big hole shev no look as good as trudy even tho d 2 a dem brown wid knock knee trudy look better den suck wood shev

  8. Trudy wi know a u set up pele fi goh jail caz him no stop fuk pon yo n lef u ina d house fi weeks a ball trudy all d hard work u put in a sainsbury a fi mine pele wi know u ave yo last and gi pele man clown gal

  9. Shev move the mix to here trudy fans a kill it gal nah stop run in pan people she no hear people say u no stop comment under everything on instagram and a post them flyers a say u and them is friend and they not u friend support for support a dancehall cant stop laugh gal love run in to much somebody just send me the last post that dem screen shot the whole thing the one shev mek get tek down me ago send it round now show everybody how shev get rub mek she run come here with trudy good picture

  10. Trudy wid d batty one side up an one side dun before u talk bout shev DNA member pele mek u do DNA fi pickney fuka gal trudy u a come chat bout dna wen yo bby fada mek u du one pele no like u nasty trudy him sey u nasty yo house ever dutty dutty d only thing pele like a the minings batty man trudyy u ugly and fava man all the surgrey u do that nah stop pele from f**k pon you and member wat goes around comes aroud a soh u tek pele from him gud up bby mother weh u gone d gal yard and she beat yo a soh shev tek weh pele good good from you yo com gwan like a shev alone pele a f*k a bare sleepless night the boy gi yow u the only gal a England swear and mine man every gal wise up and you still worry bout pele n him not cute pele a likkkle boy ina dance every week a war man kmt trudy wake up an move on caz u always ago ina gal war and family war no1 like u trudy u have no frens yo up ina pele life and none of his family like you are yo pickney kmt yo big and fava eidiot

  11. Shev a darg shit from day so a who u a prove to my girl a so u use to mind bascom so what leave trudy fi mind pele it’s her man shev a trudy a first lady that a mad u u a the 3rd or 4th bitch a get a f**k shev tuff like . U no hear them say stop live in a cheap clothes go buy some name brand full coverage make up u old spotty darg face need it

  12. Shev go pay government the student finance u owe them do breast and surgery trudy surgery u hurt your head for paid cash

  13. Shev f**k out dancehall now d people likkle boi she wan dead pan now run out a option shev pussy come in like a dead house shev all man hear u up on pink wall in a mets with trudy hear them response shev a f**k train who no f**k it a who never want to once u have drinks a u foot and known to have money or a hype man shev a f**k it that them say so shameful

  14. Who is this shev girl. I went out last night everyone talking about her outside even one the dj and he then said he don’t have much to say he get a money to play at her party so he have to know what he doing girl I don’t know u but u getting done out everywhere but we are ladies we should stop these things and stick up for woman power

  15. But wat kind a fans suck wood trudy have trudy batty wan a stick fi catch it up trudy dutty an fava d battyman name kev trudy makeup cant help yo soh tell muffut fi stop soil yo caz u cant fix ugly handicap trudy mi nah stop fuk pele soh u ago dead an maybe mi all gi him a baby nastiness trudy goh sort out yo rotten ole weh couldnt keep POP wah gal n stop com gwan lik u pele live u geniuely a only d sainbury money like battyman trudy u du breast an batty an still wan fix a yo big stinking pussy weh big lik lady gangsta own weh cant keep no man u fi chat bout u a gwan lik yah peke wife germs member a wah day pele start look pon yo caz wen u a breed u no get no look in member a yo old fren dem useto help an lisshwan useto mind yo dutty gal u no useto good clothes are good life member a gyaal useto feed u an yo hungry pickney and April theif yo pickney them clothes u a com chat bout clothes lik u a smaddy nasty trudy goh clean up yo dutty house an learn how fi keep a man eidiot gyal an dnt mek mi come for you old rite off bicycle goh suck yo mudda trudy

  16. Trudy u an kev dolly the batty man fava twin bad trudy stop big up man weh nah big u up everytin u video pele pon snap jus fi mek it look like u happy trudy u sad asf an miserable inna yo relashipshit caz a bare stress pele stress u out dnt know why u a hold on pon a man weh cant stand yo an him family hate yo but how u dweet gyal caz if mi deh wid a boy an not one person inna d family dnt like mi mi nah tan ina dat

  17. Dwl trudy how u never tell the ppl dem sey a April pop gud up babymother mek yo dawta wear good clothes caz u tek all a the pickney them money spend pon pele u hate April wen u fi lub her eno her a she mek yo dawta wear har fuss gucci dwl soh which gyal now can dis up me and den me have my pickney a wear clothes weh she thief and slippers weh she buy trudy u a real mascot gyal tru yo lub sweetsss dwrl u 2 nuff and April hate the gal pon topa it 2 eno shev trudy a boasy sufferer

  18. Kmt trudy stop it caz shev have 5kids an look way better den u byyy far trudy yo fava granny wid yo double chin long face stp hype over nothing caz u is as bruk as shev caz all d work u up in a sainbury a pele it all go to u a d only gal hate spend money pon yo kids but anything pele want pele get wah day a u du pele shopping an pack barrel smh bitch pls pele chat yo business only reasonn y pele stay around a fi d minings mascot gyal mine man good good u rather sen yo pickney em bed hungry an know pele belly full wise up man a Dog pele young yo headache an stress no stop wah soh u have plenty move fi get eidiot gal

  19. Ppl mi hear a dirty shev inbox pink wall a beg them to tek down the post because her husband in Jamaica name a call up to much on here and some off her secret them that ppl didn’t know expose, plus her fren dem man that she f**k under the quiet what she didn’t want ppl to know! Your husband a Jamaica need to stop accept your jacket them and do better! That’s why the whole a him family dem hate you because you a one dirty whore Bitch. Love fren ppl and secretly tek dem man.

  20. These people really have a lot of time to be up in Shev and Trudy business like this thou how does this have anything to do with any of you lots . Am sure it’s women commenting over here trying to put down other women and talking about their kids. I bet it’s neither Shev or Trudy leave these comment some a ouno too nuff if them have man problem ouno leave them to sort it out and stop taking about people kids cause a bet some a ouno kids all in a care n those two girl have theirs stop putting down each other only Jamaicans do this worst when ouno jealous ouno must stop it leave the children it doesn’t look good

  21. Trudy move you bloodclaat an stop tell lie, a 2 post you sen in wid Shev, 1 wid Shev alone an a next one wid you, Shev an Pele. The one wid Shev alone still up nd the other one gone. If a Shev beg met fi tek it down that nuh mek no sense fi she lef the one with her pic alone up. We all know a you beg met tek it down ca d pple dem did a rub u an ask Met a nu d same person a talk as u claim. Trudy the pple dem nuh like u nasty dog shit gal!

  22. Kmrt trudy all u a talk bout a brand a yo pickney em only wear brand wen a em bday jus wah day wah u kno bout brand it mi never see yo ina none a bare cheap thiefing clothes u wear soh move yo dutty rass a April Pops bm mek yo pickney them kno bout brand no stop it bitch a bare karen closet u wear dutyy trudy fake brand wi see yo wid 2 GG belt show the receit fi them nasty trudy u never tek yo money goh shopping fi buy brand fi yoself yet a pele u spen it all pon u mine man good d holiday u an pele go pon a ur money spen mi nah ask christ pele birthday u spen it big wah day wen u keep the likkle gal bday dats all yo money pele no gi yo nothin everything u doing best for the media ugly betty trudy

  23. But a wat wid pele an d bleach out knocknee gyal dem…..woiiii its none a my business but unuh fava eidiot

  24. Trudy dem sey pele no live wid yo him jus go an come only thing him have a yo yard a d clothes them u buy……Trudy stop hype up pele caz him nah hype u but pele dnt even stay to rite muchless kmt ladies stop it trudy stop waste yo time pon arguing wit a bitch over a man them all the same

  25. Trudy memba a sorry lisshawn an shelly sorry fi yo n keep baby shower fi yo caz pele was nowhere to be find a some comes u get likkle baby tings soh how u wan come hype n talk bout brand an clothes wen a gyal did a mind u an yo kids them ungrateful trudy member weh u a come from wen u useto hungry an couldnt find nothing to eat an a yo old fren dem useto feed yow trudy wi know yo business dnt mek wi draw fi the rest soh stop hype an stay inna no lane caz u no bad gyal trudy u dnt know nothing bout badness soh jus easy yo f**king self caz me personally wit help shev beat yow rass watch if you continue watch an see if yo dnt get a bottle ina yo face a some shit dash pon you dancehall clown

  26. Trudy a pele look shev a neva she look him soh y u maddd tho behave yoself an sit dung an tek bun u wont b the frist are d last u deal wid it are move on simple y stress wen u can gi back bun mi deh wid ma man 12yrs him bun mi bun too him nah leave soh i mek him stay unfair games can play by 2 huni wake up cussing another gyal nah stop a ting huni fuk back pon the boy…yup

  27. This has to be the same person commenting over and over again because there is no way this group of people only have dunce people that know them.

    So many comments up top, and yet I am still none the wiser at to what is the cause of all this. Too much knacka knacka writing for me to decipher. No sah!!!

  28. Trudy shev a shit house with no pride big granny who a look hype she f**k out the dance hall circle she let are pickney them ever night with ppl fi go dance what kind of mother is that are skin in bad conditions plus the wig them look tired just like are pussy gal u f**k Dan Andre Mikey jakes casino royal knox roy and yah run in pon damion gal u fi do betta them say the husband leff are hope him no go back this time pore man smh

  29. 2 old dancehall mattress disgracing them dirty self over man weh nuh want none a dem and d worst ting is 2 a dem look a like. This Pele guy look like him have a type.
    Unuh life sad bad Unuh fi do betta!

  30. Shev u a celebrity very important all u f**kers been chatting and not one facts I see yet not even one info correct so much man name and not one right …. U lot need to hold her kids name on stand still cause when shev kids need anything I never know her to beg yet and sure not u bitches shev go do her extra hours at work and make sure they have …U lot know shev now she calm down so don’t get it twisted cause none of u bitches can’t hold shev yh she busy with work and her kids that u lot need to find time do big up shev mansion she live in shev that can clean cook and have fun which man gonna say no to that unlike u that just a nag the man when u get to glimpse him . Trudy look like living man with out make up so that’s why u always in full coverage make up… girl go serve your deli chicken and hold a bk space with your bad customer service man stress a kill u so u take it out on the customers that no stop report u.. . Trudy now who to bloodclart nuff trudy question again where u know pele from ediat from kidnapping him in ur dead dark hole the man just find his way out and see light u really think a mad man fi go drop back down in a u cemetery hole make the man breath the light of Jesus and see the light….

  31. @ goodie we alll know it’s you dirty shev just write that your so sad it bun you say everyone know how dirty you are gal! Man born body shev that USED STUDENT LOANS to do batty and breast stop act like you living rich because rich gal don’t have to be frauding the system! All these men you slept with and none a them couldn’t contribute towards your surgerys?? Your a big idiot shame on you. 5 kids 4 different fathers, and still taking ppl man you need to do better whore!

  32. Black gyal go hold a man no man no want u sadamite u shev tell people say her friend she have to suck her germs pussy pele don’t know u him say no call him name in u tink mouth shev no rate u low people argument u no see shev no walk a road wit u nuff no bloodclat in a real life u that for you cemetery hole a u dat just a dash way pickney so. Shev a dancehall mattress celebrity and u a dark night no man no want or will ever claim u never hear ur name call with nobody yet undercover sex u get Shev hate u and u tek up argument friend work where sell pussy or carry people drugs shev belongs in ur crew stay bad tpc go look a house one room stop rent and hold off a one man get a little status or u in line to follow shev

  33. Trudy is the other day you start wear fake name brands so come correct you look like a drag queen and your make up don’t fit yuh! It too dramatic
    Pele nah stop give yuh bun so just tek it and bill member the likkle girl a Tottenham a breed so y you stop with shev

  34. Trudy u jus a worry bout shev pussy so it never stoo pele from going there him lik her dats y u kno about har dem isnt no sercret u no see them pon picture together gal him nah hide har trudy stop talk bout born man body caz u never hav no batty an one big house belly infront a yow a walk wid trudy u no born wid no shape r looks caz u ugly bad u fava granny wid yo knocknee dem

  35. Nasty trudy no run backa muffet caz muffet chat yow business to everybody weh goh ina har dutty house goh du dem hair muffet no rate har own muma soh u think a u she ago rate down to har man she chat u 2 nuff

  36. Smh shev u desperate bad yah fi go mind the man fi keep him and u bruck no f**k every money you get yah fi go spend pon the ugly man pele .u dance a come up hope it work out so you can buy more f**k from the young boy as a big woman me shame fi see a next big woman a live a low life and it look like u love the mix up and 2 all the other u tun laughing stock let see how long u can keep up u are a mother of 5 kids and u acting like you are in your 20s smh

  37. Trudy wid d pampers bAtty yo batty look lik wen baby piss up 100 times N want change goh back to yo Doctor caz u fava mr wrong no wonder y pele no stop fuk pon yo old granny face gyal go sort out yo problems wid yo dutty man an low d gyal alone mi no see why wah bother yoself bout pele caz him stay bad no rass kmt but den again man done pon u stinking pussy gal

  38. Finally you ting out know blood!!the singer free from you nasty blood clawt shev is years yah do me friend bad but true me know say the man did love you make me to show him how yah dawg when u deh Jamaica you gwane like u is wife material more time man huffy shake me head a say woman wicked no blood clawt blood the brown baby is not fi x a fi the pussy nox but because them man no mine them youth u give the singer a dead u fi dead gal str8 talk blood a true singer a good youth but yah bitch years in london and if baskey chat back to you After this him a pussy .big idiot pele yah f**k .singe gwane make some more hit song and fi get the bitch str8 talk fam

  39. Big nasty bascom u file long ole waggonist stop comment like u a gal batty bioy go go suck some pussy like u used too n Lowe woman argument like u a gal bout u a comment pon pink wall fava ediot pussy hole go look two hit song. How much u been doing for years now it back fire pon u and u hurt leave the blood cloth gal a nuff she do fi u dirty bascom a so u a chat Shev u a chat Trudy anything the gal say to u a u talk back and cause all this but Trudy never know a panty u wear when she come to u in the first place and that u and shev left long time from last year pussy . U no mine Pinckny bascom u a low life so u just as bad as anybody weh u a talk bout. And u a talk bout dead Shev deh a England u can dead now cause the link strong so don’t go their better u Lowe it pussy hole a weh u feel like bout u a send round man picture batty boy . Bout u a comment and a act like a somebody else nasty boy easy u and the girl never deh a so u a lie bout pele woman send u pussy pic old liard boy and if u continue u a go get a fat shot in a u mouth fi stop chat pussy how can u be a man and a come comment on pink wall bout u baby mother when a u start the two gal them fi in a argument . Bascom you and Shev left long time nearly a year now get over it and a no you left her a she left u cause she tell me she a left u cause u red eye. Move u bloodcloth bout u a go pon pink wall a try bring down woman dead u fi dead pussy

  40. Shev u ded u pussy big like and stiiinnnkkkk me f**k it and nnnuuuffff man say same rass ting u skin like granny a 90 loose shev u kids ever in u room chair me f**k u ppppaaaaannnnnnn waste gal shev good to suck cocky gal a whine and a ggggwwwwaaaarrrrrnnnnnnnn and pussy loose yes call me batty boi yh me do pink wall stop gi man tings and tek bk never know me did ago get u back bigest pussy this right fi waste shev garl lov chaaattttt and mix up every min phone and mix up go buy good furnitur and do house and respect u dutty self just wha day me and my friends a chat all who f**k u man talk we a hav never nutten normal gud ting a just a f**k me did wan neva coulda wifey u

  41. Trudy stop comment pon this pleasssse we know is you a try rub shev so back up Trudy yuh have sleepless night pele still nah come home him deh a shev house Trudy yuh lose shev win so just one and move yuhself yuh need fi go back to Tunisia and fix again because yuh batty Lapsided and yuh belly big and yuh titty still long and yuh hole still big abayyyy shev win you lose

  42. Sudlow shavonne dat her fb unu run go look gal no ready shavonne stap post now trudy an u pan no levol sadamite shev bout bascom have 2 girl a argue shev al with bascom or nat trudy did ago trace u bloodclatttt .unu no c as we say shev no do hair she run put on brite pink hair real ediat gal dis an it no suit har look like old hair from wen she rub with pink dye shev due to how u hurt an run go do d tings cause u inside a hurt how we give it 2 u go sart out u celulite and long breast and u belly skin like u have 100 pitney . Shev stap buy clothes from insta gal deem and prety litle ting go buy 2 gd bran u wear cheapy f**kery den say u no bruk and a hype in u 1 set a 5 shoes u hav .fi u waste line stiff like board cant dance shev trudy a bubblers. All u can do a kin out and tek buddy u kids should shame a u mount a man dem see u wit whoring shev u name tink a rd rite now. Lef trudy gud batty sadamite tap watch gal batty ur batty a di worst neva mek sense do look like u couldnt aford ful surgery u run go falla an neva hav money to do full surgery

  43. All a jamaica uno send the girl shev pic and story all me sister at America a ask if me know the girl she see mix up it no nice man let the girl bring up her children woman must stop fight woman

  44. Trudy come show we yuh receipt dem ?a bare fake clothes yuh wear yuh wig dem don’t fit yuh yuh make up look like drag queen make up yuh so nuh bother gwan like yuh hot yuh fava man Trudy mills pon Facebook she name Trudy yuh stay bad shev a lead that’s why pele want her why pele f**k shev a dat yuh fi ask yuh self the boy want her him don’t want you abayyyyy hurt up yuh head gwehhhhhhhhh gyal yuh fava Donald Trrump

  45. Shev u lame just a talk back things trudy saying to u trudy a lead and it’s her man anyway side bitch shev easy and hold u back door slam post u and the man and u can talk until then drop asleep shev u face need man shaving bump cream shev u no look good all over u need drag queen make up fi cover u old spotty face a gwan like pele want u him have gal a breed to shev a long time whore from way back when u stink like

  46. Dirty Trudy you’re so f**g pressed about Shev. It’s so obvious that you don’t know where you stand in your relationship with your baby father otherwise you wouldn’t be bothered to keep coming over here to pretend to be both man and woman to rub Shev. All the class you classing Shev it still nuh cut it because the fact still remain Shev got yuh man and there’s nothing you can do about it. And guess what all the faults you finding with Shev yuh man love it and still want her up. So right there and then we know seh she must have something about her that yuh man want (in my wally British voice) Word on the street right now is that yuh man really likes Shev even though him have a next gyal a breed. Trudy what happen you nah hear from Pele, him stop come a yuh yard don’t it? Come here goodie, yuh Lock up in yah house a bawl day and night, nuh tru? Hush Sis, a suh them man yah stay, them cyaan tame. That’s why Unuh fi stop kill up Unuh self ova the man dem weh it nuh tek nothing fi style, abuse and disrespect Unuh. Fava eediat!

  47. Shev member a tia use to defend your war so stop gwan like bad gyal full a mouth a u loud mouth u think frighten people trudy should buss u bloodclat cause all a gwan trudy ago leave bk with her man shev a one dutty dutty bitch cant keep one man for long f**k all bout worst if u hav name a dance shev member a tia use to look bout fi u pickney dem when u gone how long no leave nuff money fi hold off till u Cum bk wen u dun u carry d girl name to Alice and u use to chat Alice wit tia whole a green st u carry d girl name tia a live life shev no short a nuttin u fi stop friend people when u done u chat dem people will hate u to mix up man fi a big woman

  48. Trudy not even a write on her so u all dumb as f**k fake ass people shev u talking to your self not one thing trudy put on here people know the argument and a pretend to be trudy or her friends as trudy say she not bothered she not leaving her man that’s it and she does see him so shev calm down its u taking the girl man not she taking yours so u look stupid

  49. Ouno sound dumb as f**k over ya so and boring ouno have a lot a time pon ouno hands thou to be minding ppl business n chatting pure shit so much crop . Whether a Shev or Trudy writing this or people pretending to be both or just some fans they have cause it couldn’t be their haters cause when I hate ppl I don’t even remember about them much less so ouno woman/gal must have something else to do than disgracing ouno selves or other woman over here This boring now just ppl kids and man ouno talk about it’s boring

  50. Shev is Nordia we know a u stop cuss u self no gyal u need go a mad house shev come off pink wall u dead go learn fi wear heels and stop slippers wearing u no say u have class and start wear bra u breast drop like and long and ugly with u big black ugly nipple go do nipple reduction and fix u bad belly skin gal whole a u stay bad u f**k till u body gone and mek u kids wear good clothes and do them hair and low off a man u daughter on the fb for the African go look bout har and the rest stop leave them a night time to party we soon report with u name Sudlow Shavonne keep play with fire

  51. No man this a go too far what unuh ago report d Oman fah ….one man who don’t respect any of the two women kmt …a Jamaican alone mi see fight against them one another so n call police fi send home ppl, I don’t know wats gonna happen to us as a nation,cas we fight against each other shev is a cool girl she just like take wat ppl say n run WID it she nuh ask questions she just buss it up pon them but apart from that she’s not a hyper,she’s a good mother to her kids every body have to live …I don’t know Trudy but ur not d first or last to have a mate in d dancehall scene you probably new to this but this too shall pass if u naa left you man n shev naa left him unuh just share eventually one of you will get him on that note ladies if you guys Are gonna take it to the level to war each other ask your self’s is this man worth it …..

  52. Talk up again a u crosses Sudlow Shavonne we still ago report u good which part ediat we have u daughter pic so u stay dey a worry bout man and u kids hair need do and buy good clothes think we never see bright house sofa in u house and a carry on like u a top shot u house run dung like u dead pussy stop call trudy name in u tink mouth u no see a trudy and har man go party and u can’t nuff up wid him duppy trudy alone can and take picture with him who him post on snap him and trudy neva can be u so stop it now u look like the biggest fool in all a dis

  53. Why these 2 girls no just hurry up fight mek we see shev get buss up all my baby father shev use to tek so all me ago in it defend trudy crosses hole shev send every man u f**k a prison stop and do self check as a man start f**k u police hold him or him get lock up that u do my man yh me know but u think I don’t know him tell me

  54. A shev baby pic off fb people a send round and post on site say her baby no look good and her hair no do and a zoom in on the girl house and post it come on now all because a man so woman standards and dignity gone low

  55. Trudy it better you and shev give pele a threesome and done now man Kmt Or just fight it out and done

  56. Shev granny pussy tired hole shev u hav one heap a beaten fi get due to how u lub walk wid yo pussy pon yo forehead a sey com one come all am dancehall welcome mat Everyman u see name call up inna dance u want f**k but member u have a beaten fi get a this a no Trudy d gal u try fren knowning u did a look her man mi ago beat yo like how yo bby father useto beat yow budcarrt suck cocky vomit gal

  57. Ya’lol really got time to be on here writing all these paragraphs that don’t even make sense. Some a unu need fi go English class cause mi a struggle fi mek out unu f**kry. All this hype over handicap looking pele. Both these bitches gonna f**k with him regardless so why unu a kill up unu self????? Kmt

  58. Shev a mind pele new phone she buy him . And no stap give him money and things shev u no see who pele post on snap trudy neva coulda u. sshev if u kno how u look pay and get a good makeover ur tattoo eyebrow spoil u face bumpy face gal u skin loose like stap fight for man pele no give u no ratings u no see pele and u can’t together at no party him and trudy can ediat John crow

  59. England bicycle shev go and use your money and fix that greasy dirty spotty face, and go and sort out all that cellulite you can’t do up body and nah fix that skin!

  60. No to bloodclaat so u want tell me say dem 2 gal here really a carry on suh ova buddy weh they both haffi mine? No tpc A suh man done pon dem. U want see d bwoi weh dem a war ova to. Always a walk strapped wid one bag a frozy bwoi a go a pple dance an mash it up. Trudy n Shev unuh a gwaan like unuh a war ova no prized goods. Unuh standards low bad kmft

  61. This yah saga sweet bad! So 1st Lady Trudy come here likkle. How u tell yuh man Pele fi tek off u matie Shev pic offa him flyers and all ur pic get tek down to. Trudy u is no 1st lady u nuh get no 1st lady ratings. Nope.

  62. Trudy a him woman so shev need to easy only trudy pele put pan snap not u shev a so u desperate shavonne a trudy and him walk in a dance not shev and can neva be Shavonne Sudlow go look after u kids u baby need clothes and hair do shev leave man and f**king now u rotten now shev u f**k out everybody know door mat shev stop walk a green st and owe hairdresser and walk in a hairdresser a show u do surgery u cheap surgery u do not even look good one bag a waist trainer and u do surgery that no cute pele a tek u tings and trudy a get

  63. F**k out Trudy u an u ugly stay bad crew weh ova yah a write up nah mek no sense. 1 minute unuh seh Shev bruk an nuh have nothing, not even clothes or makeup she can afford an next minute unuh a seh she a mine Pele and gi u. Memba Shev bruk an har kids dem hungry so where she suppose to get money fi mine Pele. Trudy u miserable bad. Shev pussy ah hurt up u head.

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