1. Well, if these two are dating (I’ve not been up to date on celebrity sheggry), this pairing makes some sense. He’s the best at what he does, she the best at what she does. And I’m not gonna act like them both being black and successful (without using nobody for a come up and making the best of their God given talents) isn’t a turn on (mentally) for me.
    Next ting yuh hear, dem a “fren” and not “deh” (because none of these two are angels and don’t seem to concern themselves with finding partners that they are evenly yoked to).

  2. Usain link mi a ova ya mi live u a d real celebrity not wanna b like these thieving inflated bruck bitches a bum ass men dem Weh a moggle a them kids hungry. Cause wen u bust a champagne tomorrow u still loaded. Link mi plzzzzz mi want to hang with Riri Serena Tom ford and list goes on. Contact mi at real celebrity. Org!

  3. Big up yuslef Usain…u movements Insane ….u a Celeb Richy inna real ife……u nuh haffi go pon Insta go look no hype…YU NUH HAFFI WATCH U TING DEM SEN ON HUBLOT WATCH TO DI WORLD.. inna u black and green u a rep Jamaica same way…..some man se yu boasty BUT A BAD MINE DEM BAD MINE…………………….BUT USAIN U NEED FI TAME U SELF U CAH WAH CLIMB EVERY MOUTAIN AND SWIM INNA EVERY SEA…..U MUST EXCLUSIVE ……………IJS :cool

  4. Met come back cause mi a carry u with mi u a real cele also yep u a come yawdy love CHUET oonu start pack a di real Lamborghini we a roll inna.

    1. I wouldnt say class…classic yes but him can carry har go home couple time mek she get good hair do and ting

      1. Spread right out…………………….Wooiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I love her but that hair..

        1. Mi neva know people can reach and a wear dem breed a weave and braid deh…dem fi hook har up….Usain need fi drop har off mek she do har hair

          1. Drop her off right dung arcade r ova cheese place cah di hair nevaa bingooooo yet

  5. Lol met oii mine u mek anada petition sign fe po Serena hairstyle dem eno u hab nuff powa n influence:)

  6. No man met all d clothes 2 a bet u any money we c d petition pon change.org 2moro fe fix up Serena waiii me booty:)

    1. If my battey did big so dem wudda haffi bun good clothes offa mi and if mi did have money so people wudda tink a really my hair..dem fi stop mek dem old neighborhood people do dem hair

  7. I think Serena mostly dates white men hence the reason for her pop down hair dos iI notice whenever black women start take white man them always lack in proper hair style same thing goes for Naomi

  8. oh me neva know dat @met its a shame all that money n her weave n braids look like a favor da person do fi har

  9. Mi nuh tink dem a earn di right currency nopes a mus peanut r grape dem a pay dem sistadeh n hairdresser nuh tek dem form a currency cah dem hair eva tan bad shameeeeeeee blu ivy a baby but dem 2 long time yung gal smdh

  10. She is nobody Roy fowl use to f**k are she was in jamaica to see fowl she even was in England with us . She came to British link up to fowl . She like to f**k top men don’t get it wrong that girl is nobody sneaking f**ker. Nothing to big up ok

      1. I wonder if u really tink di girl wudda lef farrin go sleep wid roy fowl? Tell fowl stop tell lie pan di girl cratches , he must be dreaming

  11. @Met, same suh!! What a outa-ada smaddy dat, unu nuffi dweet man, as bad as she mite be, roy fowl??? please…

    1. outa damn order like him eva sex anybody famous yet
      bad to bad dem hair waa tap up up but fowl hood??and bout go look fi a england? people lie bad sah :travel

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