I am not a fan of the Kardashians but mi nuh bline but mi si di bottom whey stay one size and one set shape and mi puzzled……Bottom is a ting whey fall wid age no matter how much yuh exercise …if yuh have a big butt it a go fall when yuh brush 50 suh…wid some people fi dem own drop long time..anyhoot KimK say the white dress was her slimmer days……now she not so slim di fat is only in her bottom…settled one place…… Mi waa ask unno because unno have more expertise dan me.. har battam real or fake? Her face is frozen in time…one look and so is the bottom and it dont run in the family…contrary to what she has said…none a dem bottom dont look like hers…suh is luck or a me?

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  1. Gal mind u own business kim have money and a damp good life. So what if her batty fake? Boy oh boy!! Will u paid for this?

    1. Pretty, she look like she have a “damp” diaper on, so that’s why the sender was asking…and please to not nyaam off mi likkle tiny head needa.. :malu2

  2. Skin can sag with age, muscle dosent sag, it can atrophy. Fat is what falls. Exercise is half of it, what you eat, your lifestyle and genetics have alot to do with it. There is a much older lady at my gym and her body is AMAZING. All that being said yes I think Kim has a fat transfer done. Where you take fat from one place and inject it into another. She did a xray on the show to show she dont have butt implants, which would show up, fat transfer wouldnt show. I am speculating but you ask for opinions…lol

    1. fat transfer look more rounder and softer :hammer mi a study oo…..dat xray get nuff doctoring ..i gwine do a topic pan di different types but dis a nuh fat transfer…sumting transfer but a nuh di fat oo

      1. Fat does get reabsorbed by the body. Just because it looks high and round when you first get it done dosent mean it stays that way. They dont even want you to sit down for long periods of time when you first get it done. I highly doubt she’s lifiting REAL weights to keep the muscle underneath all that fat toned. So it will spread. She’d rather do velashape and lipo etc

        1. Mi know man a friend of mine did it but it does have a certain look…u see like when u blow up a balloon , that is how it looks and it nuh drop when it gets absorbed it jus shrink

          1. It depends on the doctor, his skills and what he has to work with. And then on top of that some people want them to perform miracles, they don’t want a little enhancement, they want you to rebuild. When it reabsorbed it does shrink, but what stays is permanent and it will sag and spread out if you dont work out and/eat right. When fat get reabsorbed by the body, it dosen’t necessarily do so evenly so one batty jaw can bigger than the other….like some women’s breast, one can be bigger than the other. Symmetry isn’t a guarantee. But we can agree to disagree, just share your findings wid us when you get the 411 please lol Everything in a magic pill, bottle or a faja.

      2. I was going to comment as well that it may be fat transfer. Yes met please do some studying on this battam thing mek me learn sumting.

      3. She transferred some money into somebody’s greasy palms to have the X-ray doctored up Metty..that is the best form of transfer to get ANY result you want out of ANYTHING…*whispering*…but you ain’t heard it from me, sshhh!!

  3. She looked waaay better in di white dress, heavy batty really start sag fi true, gravity start set itn

  4. Met the reason the x ray didn’t show nothing wrong is because its not silicone injections she’s using, its the Brazilian butt lift and that is using ur own fat from somewhere else in ur body to transfer into ur butt, so therefore it will only show ur own fat and tissue on the x ray.

  5. Met check out dra Duran or dra Yily in Dominica republic you’ll see them turn no ass to vixen booty believe me and all thr asses are fat transfer even with some mawga gal wonder whr them fine the fat… Dem all have surgery fi abs now weh name eching so plastic surgery bigger thn u guys think, reasorbtion dependes on if the fat it is placed under or over the muscle under keeps it from reasorbtion

  6. Hi met, when the show first started , Kim used to frequent velashape sessions which uses radiation to reduce cellulite and and firm up. I believe she says that she still does which can explain how the bottom still up. I know a friend who does it in conjunction with exercise and her bottom deh pan har back lol. I think Khloe one buy doe

  7. Di amount a tings kim did to herself, i dont even know if har name wha leff is real..If her ASS is real then the one wha God give me, whe high and big, no real a raas…kmbct…

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