D-OptimizedWell this is Sean Pelpa he has been on here quite a few times with him old babymother dainty(lady in black), she is 30 and he’s now 23 turning 24 dec . I’m the one in the pic hugging him . . . anyways sean and I started talking on facebook in september and I really liked him so I decided to give my contact info we started talking and met in person 2 weeks ago, we went out had sex and he flyed me out to Texas for a week to be with him. He lives in Philly but he works in Texas . Anyways let me get to the point he told he was single and that him and his babymother don’t deal but he is still in contact with her for the childs sake and I understand that so yesterday I was at his house in Philly we finished having sex and he went in the shower to bath and I stayed naked in the sheets, next thing I hear the room door turning and it was his babymother she came in the room a cuss and a gwaan bought who dah gal deh and this is what you do when I’m at work me and her started figthing one bag a mix up . . .I was so upset that I had been played like that I really believed him but him and her is still together and I was the fool in the end ,I am also young 21 and I thought he was honest and mature for his age but i guess not the only thing I can honestly say is he can f**k really good omg his dick is so big and nice oh well life goes on . . Bye Pelpa.


  1. Smfh. Sender you see like how this is a mix up, groupie site I leave you to the rest of metters them. Few questions still, like how you knew he was on here before I’m sure you also figured out he’s with his baby mother still not so? Wasn’t it last week it so they were up here? And it’s also obvious you damned well knew about this page cause is only last night you fight and you reach here already. Boy some chicks would never learn. You still leave it open though cause see how you big up the koki cause in the back of your mind you still want some…..

    1. morning…she say she is only 21 but mi waa ask how long pelpa a go decide fi keep up di disrespect, he has single on his facebook

      1. Good morning,Miss Met. Blessed day to you. Someone has been using my username on here & like the original smh, how may I change my name to identify that I am the original? I am not the most tech savvy so all recommendations would be highly appreciated.

        1. i’ve never seen you on her with this name and as u can see the name is not copy writen and mines have a space in it.

          Thanks and have a BLESSED DAY.

    2. True, probably all in the “Bronx drama” she speaks of… and I’m going to pretend like I didn’t see ” he flyed me out to Texas”.

      1. Met I’m not even looking at him he’s luddddy. But if Dainty want to put up with his wukliss behavior just to say she have man, good for her. Is obvious she ok with it cause if she have keys and he is still bringing his women there, does he respect her? I’m tired of these dumb fools who call themselves wifey and the man don’t give two shit about their status cause clearly he’s not hiding to do anything.

      2. Just saying, so are you saying that “flyed” is not an actual word? She should’ve said flew, true enough, but is ” flyed” not a real word? I always thought it was cause I know so done whose said that word before…not saying it was me though .. :siul …..

        1. Flyed is not a word. However flied is a word, if you Google it you will see it ‘s a word used mainly in Baseball.

        2. Lol, Yep you not easy enuh. but there’s no such word as flyed though it would be flew or if you really want to get savvy I think you change the y to I but I don’t think it applies to fly, fry yes but not fly.

      3. I re read that “he flyed me out to Texas” like about 4 times trying to comprehend what she was saying. He should have used that plane ticket money and bought her a book on conjugating verbs.

      1. Lol! Zervah mi say, see how she neatly put in bout the big koki in there. Later on she would say to him, I never dissed you see. Sender ah you say keep frigging Dainty man nuh so? Zeerrrvvvvaaahhhhhhhh :peluk :peluk :peluk

  2. Ok sender lesson learned no? So why punk walk it? Tek it as a tek heed and carry one with a better life. Ps don’t date anymore men fr Facebook, with a dancehall name claim to fame, or who have been featured in here otay!

  3. He is very disrespectful, you know you woman have key fe you apt why bring your side chick to the apt, you know that a situation like this could end up worst.
    But she young still and all she care bout a how him penis big…lawdamercy!!!

  4. Sender dawlin, take it from me…wedda dem is 23 or 103 years old, some men will NEVER grow up. I had a similar experience with a man of mature age, who went on n’ on about feem baby madda dis ah dat and dem still nuh deh and lowe and behold, di gal come ah call call dung mi phone ana text mi one bagga bitchness bout ah fe ar man, when him ah tell mi seh nutten nuh guh suh…mi jus tell eeh two ah dem fe fuhkkk off ah lowe mi cause I doe wa gets involved inna fidem baby daddy/ mama drama. You were fortunate enough to sample his goods, that’s nice, but ah time fe move on now cause you are a lil cutie pie and shouldn’t have a problem meeting and dating someone else….and ah next thing young lady….next time yuh get caught up in another entanglement such as this….PLEASE hit the record button on your phone and send it to Metty @ [email protected].

  5. So you have seen him on here but still push up yourself to go FLY OUT and link him in Texas? What did you expect?? Why send in this story with your picture? To highlight yuh ah raw born eediat or try highlight him babymadda ah eediat? Mi nuh understand! Lesson: Nuh link nuh man yuh see pon pink wall or inna Dancehall.

  6. Sender hush ya…it was good while it last. Yu young and giddy headed so dats why it was sooooo easy fe him fe trick yu and f**k yu….but…as yu say life goes on and I hope yu gather some knowledge from dis caws ah nuh everyting glitter ah gold.

  7. Now mi ah pree de ting a likkle bit deeper….Sender mi wonder if yu really sensible???? Not only yu dish yu owna dirt pon BIG BIG social media site, yu brave to fe expose yu picture fe people laugh after yu :maho ….sender go back ah school yu hear, caws big people world yu nuh ready fah yet. :tkp

    1. And you know say I am not laughing at the sender cause she young, not that it is an excuse still. That’s just to show you how giddy headed she is.

  8. Dainty is 38 and Sean turn 24 December and Sean a bleach hard look him brown it look good still to me . But dainty need to leave Sean alone because he’s very immature and love diss her under the quiet she has 5 kids so I feel she feel like no decent man would want her with the one bag a baggage wid her. Sean come a Bronx and look me before and tell me the same thing say him single and blah blah me nah look pon him

      1. @Yeppi, lmaoooooooo…mi quietly ah peep today, but yuh mek mi drap ah grung…dedmentssss!!!lolol……@dis big grey tone back ooman ah 38, he young enough to be one of her eldest children…Yep behave!!!!…lololololololol!!!…de May December ting deh bout long time…still laughing!!

        1. Obara :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk ..but Obara, you do the math. 38-24=14 ( for all we know she coulda been pushing 15 at the time). It wouldn’t surprise me if she’s a grandmother :hoax2

    1. FYI if de woman a tek care a har yute dem a nuh baggage. Mi nuh like that term at all, everybody have a option before 9 months and nuff people wah breed and cant…

  9. Hi Hello, u si di same way u find time fi FLYED all ova fi man and buddy. I suggest u also concentrate on improving your Education and Personal Hygiene. Think LONG AND HARD about it for Yourself and Self esteem.

    1. But everybody muss improve on them personal hygiene everyday ma’am so what is it about hers that requires special attention? Does she have a traveling scent? Sick a dem, come ere man cause now you got me curious

  10. inna one breath yuh a chat bout being played but yuh a drapp enn bout man hood gud n bare tings yuh want a raawzclaut box…gwaan guh get yuh edikation inchek caw if a dis yah man yah mek yuh get played den all shark caw offer you a ride guh sea an yuh tek it :nohope:

    1. No Servah doe seh dat man cause if dat is the case, alla we as women deserve several boxes cause you know how it is when it come on to dem man ya ( can’t live wid’em but we can’t live without’em)… Fucckk ah mash up ah war and likkle mos before yuh know it wirun back guh teef ah nex piece. But sender, in this case..yuh betta leave people man alone, cause not only does she have the key to his heart, she also has the key to his apartment.

      1. nopeeee mi naw tek up fi nooooooooo ediat gyal caw all dis breshey guh dung n yuh cum a vent weh yuh fine time fi drapp enn bout man hood big n all dese tings cum on now are we being serious or naw? i want to dun di man fi duh yuh like dat but den yuh juss brappssssssss drop enn bout man hood n dis n dat kmt

  11. Yuh know mi don’t tink is dis girl send dis eehn…..Mi tink dis is Dainty go inz Sean messages and dis is her way of saying to di future side fukks….”LISTEN…Pelpa say him single but he’s not…plus mi have key fi him place/ we still live togeda. So just in case unu want a fukk…just remember you can end up like this girl right herrrre”….DAINTY A WARN DEM UNDA SIKES…..DWLLLLLLLL. Us a f**kin shame ina moderm time tho….SMH

    1. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  12. And I want this damn touch screen to hold a proppa f**k off….thank u….Shyt all dem raas mistake…an mi nawwww correct dem. Oo..kmt

  13. @ Mamacita sumtn inna sumtn because if smaddy gonna send in their own pic to met, then why them wuda waah send a facebook convo wid the profile pic deleted? Sumtn nuh add up

  14. Listen unuh stop follow foolishness yah man. Say them a message each other october 28. Then him ask her if she ago be in nyc this weekend. Ok that wuda lead we up to november 2. Last night was the 10th when the drama put down. So u wah fi tell me say begween the 2-10 them meet up sex each other go back a texas come backk a philly and a sex again. NOT TO MENTION THE PART WHEN HIM ASK IF SHE GONNA BE IN NY TILL NEXT WEEKEND( which ago be the 10th) WHICH PROBABLY MEAN SAY HIM have intention to stay out ny till then suh how flying back a texas did drop in. The story sound shady so sender clear it up by saying him work there.
    DISCLAIMER:-:-:-:-Mi no way affiliated with ANYBODY IN THIS STORY mi jus a pick sense outta nonsense. The story nah add up to ME

      1. Met u made her point very clear.. Couple days ago u received the email which means u received it closer to the 28th.. How dem do all of that in between that short amount of time.. 28th of October, today is 11th Nov.. Not to mention u said u received the email couple days ago so it really nuh add up..

        1. Ok but if a did a lie she wudden involve di run in wid dainty etc.. the time frame whey she se dem did a talk doe add up but di matie meet up sound 100

          1. Must be somebody she tell the story too send it in.. Or could be a flat out lie.. Anybody could make up a story bout a run enn.

  15. Mawning Boss lady and crew!

    But a wha dis doe lawd…suh sender when the baby madda walk in and start cuss, did Sean run out the shower naked to come and save you from the wrath of the raging bull or did he leave you to get a proper ass whooping?

    Did you have to run out naked? or was the baby madda fair and reasonable and gave you the opportunity to get dress? Did the baby madda start fling on lick pon him ass to or were you the only target of her rage?

    How did you make it back to New York? did you have to find your own way to the grey hound/peterpan bus station? or is a air plane yuh flyed pon? (unno nuh badda tek mi on fi mi grammar)

    Have you since heard from Sean? what was his excuse? do you believe him? will you be going back for more?

    1. No sah @ no sah__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  16. wow.senda mr.pelpa has no respect he will do the sameting to u DAINTY BOO .girl hmmmmm this has got to be the height of disrespect I know its hard but leave we woman do some crazy tings because of the word love ,,but we muss learn to love ourself first and fine happiness.withing ourself ,,,,senda the something big u loike it lol but as someone uptop say u still young u no know storm

  17. I don’t think this girl sent this in.. Out of all the proof; text, fb, phone log etc.. They sent in a screen shot of this??? A public forum weh anybody could of set this up. Sender plaza try again.. Send in something only the two parties involved will have in there possession.. Screen shot text, call log, fb message not comments etc

  18. This is straight sikes .. & that page is fake too
    A pelpa next woman a do it! Ntn doh guh suh
    No fight nay gwan mi a tell unu that. Dainty just WAH find out someting
    Big woman plz get a life .

    1. den how di mate nuh run in yet fi se a nuh she? dainty doe run in yet fi se nothing like dat neva happen sikes a use but not wid di details

  19. Dainty won’t run in cuz that too obvious .. D lil gal nuh know say this a gwan as she a likkl pikny n n she kinda look fool fool up top ..
    This story a fi get some info on something that’s going on.
    Cuz even if a suh why d girl nuh come say no gal never fight her ..
    Please dem need more ppl

  20. I have a very pertinent question fi did sender…..Follow mi pon di:.
    Yuh seh him “flyed” yuh to texas and yuh deh a him yard, right?
    Woman weh yuh neva know bout use key and pull door an come in, right?
    She ask him if a dem things dere him do when she deh work, right? [right deh suh soun like dem live together and sleep in a di same bed weh yuh get yuh sort out inna]
    Fight buss and mi assume yuh bad it up cause yuh choose fi come talk bout it, right?

    Now the most important question…..A weh part you sleep last night? How yuh lef the yard to weh yuh deh fi send this ya message cause a “flyed” yuh “flyed” in?

    Man want me him have to come to me pon my ends mi nah go inna enemy territory go be no vctim of war.

  21. Fake or Not ah one ting mi know. After sex no man nah gone ina shower and lef me spral out under sheet cause 1- Nutten no nooice suh like sex under shower IF IS ANOTHER F**K SHE DID A WAIT FAH . 2- Gal fi hol a fresh asap worse if no condom nuh use. NO WAY MAN FI SMELL FRESHER DAN ME AFTER SEX….WTF.

  22. To Cham…shut da fuk up BITCH! bout di girl a bird. A nuff a unnu gyal get worst n unnu cum pon yah a gwaan like unnu a sumbody. Di man tell har seh him n waste dainty no deh n bring har a him yard dats y she believe bcaz she figure if him n dainty deh him wudnt bring har deh.

    1. Bitch under your miserable hole. Is it me who make you can only grind off people man? Idiot gyal just walk me out yuh hear, else I would read you your rights on Met good, good site. Go try figure out how to find a man and stop be a one kcuf.

  23. TO MET-Sean is not jus DISRESPECTING Dainty. Him no WANT Dainty n is showing her dat in many ways. So if she dont want fi keep getting dis she fi cut di tie weh she ave pon him r she ago always get DIS



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