It wasn’t a video
That showed what went on on the studio
Di dread name was Iley
And di next dread tongue long like Miley— Cryus
They say his tongue game is serious
He took it to the studio and turned it into a circus
It wasn’t the circus that upset Iley
It was ”The Seal” that balanced his balls and was thought of highly
She was polishing the next dread wid di long tongue like Miley
In the case of Zacariah Dread wid di big dumplin in his bed
Di next dread was giving Iley ooman so-so head
Regularly he eats,with limited hair in his teeth
Because once anything enters his mouth it is meat
It nuh hafi cook, jus season–yuh se-et
Di dread name was Iley
His case is di same like di selector wid di fake smiley
Both lost their women to dread whey lick out every hole wildy
So dat was di case of Iley, di dread and ”The Seal”, to put it mildly
The young lady says he is a friend
But Iley says his tongue has no end
And that is why he had to tell the studio goodbye–then
Its not a case about freaks
Just a dread with a tremendous appetite to eat uncooked meat
One that the selector is afraid to beat-

0 thoughts on “DI CASE OF DI DREADS

  1. ishawna better pray to God it work out with the 2nd opportunnist Skattered and him wife had up because den man dem pon IG not showing her no respect. Him a talk bot Mek him millions so him can retire. Kiss teet. ishawna nuh have talent feh millions unless him run had inna porn star. Lef Foota yes.. But do it with dignity. Not as industry mattress.

  2. Why d f**k unno NUH go SLEEP?
    Too early fi this man.
    Unno NUH get no cock last nite ??
    – sure ishwana did. big up dj
    Big up skatta . It was a joke obviously. He was supporting her.
    Why u NUH chat bout he post two weeks ago that all black woman should be protected. Respected and loved?
    Happy belated ishwana. Yuh buss way d radio now bad. Big up.

    1. If u know whats good u come out of this post with you f**kery. You have no idea what is posted and u come wid your stupid self this morning. This has nothing to do with ishawna compulsive obsessive idiot

  3. Love yuh Psalms 91 post this morning booo!
    Continue to read. Pray. Live yuh life and have fun my girrrrl- ishwana freedom is real.

    1. Ishawna must tell her she need an extra panty seat..The post have nothing to do with Ishawna..Her name is not ”THE SEAL” so mi nuh know whey this hurry come up idiot come from this morning a irk mi damn nerve

      1. Lmaooooo di gal dem say Khago tongue sha sha sha shatttt a road lmaoooooooo yasssss gawddddd
        So scatta no want no tongue-pi-tion so him fire the man smh scatta ur mouth fava public tilit kmft

  4. Mi woulda like fi know who ina di industry Cecile no sleep wid. ? and mi mean both man and woman. I wonder if is dis poor Chris Martin couldn’t handle meck him “Bolt”gone. Dwl. Cecile is time you tame that pusc of urs you kno. . you cah have so much “frens” . Mi also notice all a di sketts dem a fren. A wonda if she and Kockshawn a gi Scatter teeth di 3 and some. No man fi unuh mouth is a walking toilet. ewwww

  5. Ohhh god met , Man U badd like ten gun shot stop it me have weak heart and I cannot take it :tkp :tkp : :ngakak :malu :ngakak

  6. “regular he eats wid limited hair in his teeth” :ngakak hey Ms poetess admin mi cyah manig___________________________________ Good Morning have to get my daily dose of jmg no sah poem shot suh most a d dread dem like dem ital stew wid a likkle red meat woieee

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