1. dats exactly what he is…all now he cant address the issue..and all dem a do a point pan di baby mother him along wid di media houses …he has not apologized to his son not once

      1. Him track record no pretty wid baby momma dem
        – fus bm house bun ” suspiciously ” . Him deh a road a seh a him a pay fah but other nig live deh. ( him and BM been lef)
        – a him a pay fi Marcus private school in a ATL so him know a last yr so if him di want know if boy a graduate him woulda call boy or school and show di eff up on di boy big day
        – next bm beat dat and mash up har tings

        All him reactions is off him overly emotional bitch side

        Between him and Floyd mayweather mi no know which one a di bigger emotional big gal Sally ..cho

  1. On 106 and Park yesterday he offered the excuse that he was out of the country doing a movie and did not receive an invitation. He blamed this on his Baby Mothers doing and stated that he wants her to find somebody so that she leaves him alone, said that she is looking to keep relevant and collect a check.
    I would have loved for someone to ask why he thinks he didn’t receive a invitation given his relation with his Son and the fact that he pays the education bill.

    1. He is pathetic..Why is he focused on the baby mother? Mi nuh understand…at first they said he was at a charity event in new york now him a say out a di country? When she did live wid har man it was a problem…now she dont have a man is a problem :travel
      mi neva like him from morning so

      1. Weak man……..believes he is giving support by the money he gives.
        He makes no attempt to know or connect with his child on a regular basis.
        He spends more time and takes more pride in going after and discrediting people….Ja’ Rule, Rick Ross
        Was very good friend with Floyd Mayweather so his respect for women is through the window, look what he did with Vivica Fox….
        Dispicable hood naygrow!

      2. Neva did at all dis garbage truck need to stop ur son is old enough to carry a cellphone so y his mom must keep u notified n a bet if n when di woman call this dranko him give har attitude caaa done wutliss cutliss
        Me know say this rawseee was disgusting from mi drive round a whey dem say him build playground inna him neighborhood the ole rinky dink structure is a joke considering how much money this germs have kmt

  2. A how much child support him a pay suh fi a gwaan suh.I have a gut feeling fiddy cheap as fukk an nuh gi weh nutten.Probably have a little charity fi right off some taxes and dats it.Mi nuh see Lil Wayne a behave suh towards Toya

  3. Fiddy mind yuh pressue guh up too high an put yuh inna HYPERTENSIVE CRISIS. Yuh face done twist up ahready…so yuh face really cannot AFFORD a stroke. Link up wid Snoop Lion an follow him a yaard next time him a guh back. Cah yuh in serious need ah di good up good up WEED, “STAY CALM AN BUN SENSI”

  4. And you would think, considering all the near fatal encounters he’s experienced…that he would change his dirty ways smh…

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