Jamaican Groupie I would like for you to post this text that I sent to mr small d**k negro that was featured on here before from Houston Texas about his d**k size.
He goes by the street name of Breed Ez. We f***ked once and this negro lasted for 8 minutes and expects for me to give him more p**y. His d**k is so small and short the condom was loose and hanging. That shit almost came off in my p**y. I’m mad I let him f**k me. Since then he has been calling me and asking for face time and pics of my p**y. So this is what I sent him yesterday.
He better GTFOH with that sharpie he calls a d**k. Them chicks wasn’t lying about his sharpie size.

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  1. Poor Breed EZ why him don’t stop go around wid him likkle really and frustrate the women them, him nuh tired fi him poor buddy get put pan blast.

  2. But mi waaa know if it’s not customary fi a woman look di koki up n down feel the girth n length and all these tings before it go inna har?? Mi mussi mad cause if mi no search it mi nah work it muchless fi go thru the disappointing 8 mins

    1. Cheut ah she same one seh “di condom was loose and hanging..” :malu2
      Senda dem seh “Seeing is Believing” but all when yuh see …yuh still nuh believe.

        1. But the question waiting to answered is if she neva come in contact with the koki before?????? Dem too careless a dat do dem kmft

          1. believe none a weh yu hear and half a weh yu si ,,,,,,shi si half and a wonder weh di nex half de

          2. _________________________________________________________________________________________________

        2. Now dem ah call foul cah di man likkle rowboat neva mek ah ripple inna har ocean. Hope yuh learn yuh lesson dear…cah dem deh likke someting dere only cause grief…an yuh endure 8 minutes of it :ngakak Yuh hab a tolerance weh plenty ooman neva born wid….

  3. Tawkchuet….. a same ting mi a seh. Senda neva check out di Sharpie before di man start markup markup har coloring book? Choo di man a skillful artist an done him masterpiece inna eight minutes she a complaint….DWRCLLLLLL!!

    1. But Willie it all look like say she Neva see di man one a way before she fuxx him cause before she run the oums a which car u know him fi drive meck di gal gwheyyyy ya man

  4. MY GIRL WHAT YOU WANT BREEED EZ FI DUH.HIM ANO BATTEY MAN HIM JUST HAVE A SMALLAS FI COCKY…WHY WHEN UNNUH SEE JMG POST DI TINGS DEM BOUT THE PEOPLE. U RUN GO TEk him. You know him car did raggedy when you’re see him dung ah the sleazzz y cool runningz. Now him COCKY nuh bottom you pit. You come ah scandal him. Even if you did ketch aids from him nobody naw pitty you. Caw you get wawning.. Go sew up you pissy tail.

  5. My girl suh yuh still guh tek him afta yuh read bout the likkle buddy. Is your fault. From the sound of yuh text yuh hurt sey him neva use him tongue before or afta the 8 min. Senda anything yuh read ova here is always the truth.Den Mista Breed Ez yuh really fuxk Ronelle. Dat mean sey yuh will fuxk a tranny knowing sey is a tranny. :malu2

    1. One of dese fine days him gwine win dat race wid ah fighta gyal. Cah mi know seh him an him small ax woulda collect a serus ass kickin fi first prize :batabig

  6. Lmao noooo dem comments have mi a way star!!! I’m literally at work can not focus on dispensing these people meds cuz mi a fass…

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