1. But him look ordinary to me, thought this Adrian was a white washed up old dude. Nothing special bout him a wah ?

  2. the man ah show love and respect to each and every one of his baby moms n’ his kids. got to respect him for that…and i hope all the ladies and their children get along and they’re one big happy family…as it should be

  3. So him don’t have any pictures with flawless ?

    Or she nuh get nuh ratings ?

    Or a true she nah do the shitty tings ?

    Is Cleo and Petra the same person ? She a him main woman

    Sender come talk up the things cause me hear seh Adrian richhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. Letish a him u lef ny and run Florida go breed for. After him nuh have nothing about him but a few $… True definition of thirsty

  5. Diff no him have 3baby mother flawless is the second one Cleo is the second one then him live with the first baby mother but him carry them go f**k in a the house when the baby mother not home him can’t contrôlé flawless she don’t play she sell fe ar body straite she is a call girl she make money shawna talk about her them use to hang out .me feel sorry fe the one him live with she soon kill ar self

  6. Wow a true things u a talk but Shawn’s nuh get nothing much fi show bc baby cannot mek…. Ooooh

  7. Metty yes he seems nice and pocket is very nimble. he buy them things like breast implants and car but dem haffi abide by his rules ( and he is a world class freak) hence why it’s so easy for letish to sell herself on the Arab market…. And while him generous, If Pitney nuh mek winnings likkle short (right Shawna)

  8. Letish weh her owna fren come talk seh her bed likklie like park bench and she did ah rent room? Smh run go have Baby fi di man and name her after Him and all now him nah fawt pon her smh, yes its true she get sh*t pi$$ and c_m splattered all over her face, she lay wid all German Sheppard dog fi the $$ weh she get , sell her soul fi $$ (her owna fren dem come talk it) and don’t remember she has a lil girl coming up to set an example for smh every man she tek dem beat her Why her Auntie Cecile cant teach her no better? :hoax2

    1. pi$$ and c_m splattered all over her face, she lay wid all German Sheppard dog fi the $$ weh she get

      mi nuh believe

  9. Metty so ah yasso this chapter ended, it missing wull heap! Like where is the talk up by Shawna (allegedly) about the sister wives?


  10. Dah youth yah have powa inna pants or money powas… look how di gal dem a live good wid each oda… a mek she couldn’t lib suh good wid har son like how she live good wid har matey dem.. a seh gal sexy like dem all did a f**k each oda… a wah dat? Dis young an wutlis doe.

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