1. Dem possessed wid d river demons wey cast tr888 from heaven an drop inna d water ,a nuff a dem who say jamaica homophobic if you ask me dem having a blast

    1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :matabelo :matabelo :matabelo :matabelo :matabelo :matabelo :matabelo :matabelo :matabelo :matabelo :matabelo :matabelo :matabelo :matabelo :matabelo :matabelo :matabelo :matabelo :matabelo :matabelo :matabelo :matabelo :matabelo :matabelo :matabelo

  2. WOW.. Well I will be damned. Lots lots of fishing going on in Jamaica.
    I see these young men taking FULL advantage of the touri$t$ sex trade busine$$ so dem can live dem dutty sleep around freestyle life style.
    No Wanda so much “straight ” man in Jamaica dey HIDING in d closet,
    Cuz what a way dem lose and shake dem batty and Gwaan worse than a lowlife bitch selling old smelly pu$$y behind d trench town market

  3. better believe it a lot of secret gay yard man loving dat disgusting boy pussy video.
    D fact that they call it a pussy is what hurts me and piss mi off.
    Call a fish a fish. It is an ANUS. Bottom hole made for ONE way exit of shit.
    So anything going up in thru and out dey. Nuh natural.
    Dem ‘sugaring ‘ up d ting to make it d norm of sleeping with men.
    Any one of dem duppy come around my boy child DEAD.
    I will not stop believing most young men are groomed into gay sex not born that way.
    So much rich CARIBBEAN eruopean and American sugar daddies BUY male asses to give into dem freaky dreams. Then keep foolin people girl pickni bout dem pussy sweet.
    Cock have more value than pussy to some man.

  4. What ah ugly batty bwoy eeh sah!! *di one weh een ah tick tick pan di grung ah walk up inna di camera lens @ 0:46 :ngakak

  5. No sah imagine how dem ppl here parents feel 2 know that they bring a bwoy into d worl who end up pon video a whine up like gal. Dem might not even have parents. SMH not even Aila n Dima from Mobay caan skin out like dem:) what a disgrace den d 1 in d red shorts is him a d real freak fe him ass-ets full up a experience:)

    1. I was really trippin on what the rapper was saying…mi mouth ah heng dung wid mouth wata ah drip outta it..I was shocked!!!

  6. I’m always over here peeping but hardly comment lol but no sah … Tonight mi affi comment !!!!! Di video of the jamacians have me a way but!!!!! Dah rapper faggot deh have mi head a spin !!!! From I was born till now!!!!! I’m truly convinced we living in the last days !!!! This is sodom and Gomorrah all over again!!!! Ppl we need fi seek a God now!!!! While He can be found and try to make our souls right wth Him …

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