One Question fi ask “Cecilia”Wen Yuh ah go find an apartment?
Its Been 10 mouths an yuh still ah cotch pon floor to floor but ah hype an ah Bose wen you nah have dry S***t Inna yuh Flat batty Stop Walk an tell lies pon people and learn wat is proper hygiene and fix Yuh bang belly and find Brassieres fi fit Yuh big long Brest Dem try find someone fi give Yuh (Edited) cause dah likkle young boy nah give it to u it better yuh gwan back ah yadi u ah take up to much space Inna people place before u try chat people lady go shave Yuh legs an stop stock dah club boy him nah own Yuh ah rass Stop Hype off of people tings an try stop shop ah local places with everyting off of mannequin Face favor gully rat Inna party ah hide from video light stop walk an tell lies pon yuh life

0 thoughts on “DI FLOOR IS FEELING IT

  1. Fi tru…di story a hurt mi head. Let’s get an apartment for Cecilia and a pocket dictionary for the sender

  2. You know a could a teck a rass floor kotching situation in a pest and pet free place yah now. Yeah man, I would gladly put mi tings eena storage fi a year and save hawd pon a floor someweh. Di rent high af and food up deh, transpotation up deh sed way, is ongle clothes seem cheap dese days, and di China cotton and cheap dyes full wi a chemicals, suh wi pay fi cheap clothes in anedda way. I nah knock a soul fi teck een wid some frugal living. If anybody hab a broom closet fi spare, link mi.#frugallivingmiseh

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