This post I’m addressing!
Kadin Lewis weh deh a Cayman Island a sell illegal cash pot a you mi clap back to!

This is Kadian Lewis people Di frog

People afta wi deh a New York fi 3 weeks a try figure out if wi want to move deh dis ole frog 🐸 beg wi fi come and seh she nuh have nuh weh fi stay and mi tell har she wi a stay wid mi Cuzin she say she need fi cum and go pic up har daughter so mi seh mek mi help har di gal come and yes she di a sleep inna mi car because mi couldn’t bring har inna mi Cuzin house she sleep inna mi car and come up inna day time come wash har nasty ass dis gal weh say she have millions and say she will bounce it out dirty kadian Lewis weh should a feel privileged fi a sleep inna luxury car pan leather seat wid har ole tuff skin weh she a try bleach and it naw tek di bleaching cream a scream! Dis ole crud weh mi feed because she run out a money and only have 3 dollars left mi duh my surgery from April 18 cost 32,000 weh mi insurance pay fa ole brown face and black foot bang belly gal weh a wear waist trainer and belly still bang mi have ambition and a bachelors degree and work hard fi my money she burn every bridge when she come ya and nuh body else neva did waan put har up!

She is a people she live Cayman five years now and a sell illegal cash pot gal mi nuh wear rainbow clothes and nuh like old navy clothes just di flip flops and NY & and company is not my style dis ole gal wear Bigga size dan mi too suh weh she a say! See picture wid mi inna mi house deh si mi car deh see bank statement deh and dat a only one a dem see mi weekly deposit deh from mi job and dat a fi only one job! And see mi body deh picture inna di blue a before surgery the black a after and that’s only weight loss surgery if mi waan fi go be made in China a my life! And see mi deh wid out make- up and stocking cap pan mi head weh mi have fi hide and see degree deh so weh she a say

3 thoughts on “DI GIRL SEH SHE NEVA TEK NO 2G

    1. Kadian Lewis is the one drinking the one weh a try bleach but it naw work!! And yes milk did my body well before weight loss surgery and still doing it well after. As you can see that was me in the blue before surgery so I was naturally sexy and have shape mi caan send on pictures before and after! Because mi nuh go get made in China yet and I wouldn’t hide it if I did believe that!

      1. Gwaan through sexy mama…defend yuh thing yes!loved ur natural curves more enuh but hey if u got it n can afford it,flaunt di new body yes!!

        Refocus ur energies on more positive things since evidently yuh already got ur ish together. Don’t follow up any waste n loose argument fi draw yuh dung ,just stay pon top of things! Yuh name inna mi good book don’t mek anyone drag yuh out dere with fcukery!bless up educated hottie hottie Carles!

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