2. First of all these women out here doing cosmetic surgeries showing off on the gram but can’t speak English their spelling is so wrong on a whole lot of levels when they should be in kindergarten learning from scratch and then U want to talk about people being jealous of u when ur dunce AF go get a dictionary please half of dancehall is illiterate or should I say 3/4.

  3. I personally don’t know Mitchell. But, I like her hustle . (Except the alleged scamming & worthless boi Damian) Apple and the crew are not your friends. The sooner you acknowledge that the better you will be. I heard they aren’t speaking. But I ‘m not sure how factual it is.

  4. @FRFR 11:00am, you don’t pluralize the word trash! There’s no such thing as “thrashes” in the context in which you used it! Yuh ever heard a little saying that goes “pick the beam out YOUR eye, before…..”?????

  5. MET , APPLE , kerryann and mis lou ,BADMIND Yankee Michelle.
    Michelle found a store on whiteplains road in the Bronx and told apple, and KerryAnn about it. Apple ,jaydon and kerryann got in contact with the owner and offer him more money to give them the store.
    They were never good friends anyway Michelle too nuff fi a hitch up round no good evil apple.
    KerryAnn, Apple and mis Lou it too late now fi unno a try open business it ain’t going to work because there is more sellers than buyers.
    This hair ,clothes and eye lash business is over crowded .
    Plus unno nuh know how to market unno products.
    Met a pure naked gal Apple she post up sey a model they look like a vagina them selling.
    Then a pure slang words them use eg. My bad bitch wearing her 42 ins.
    Come out 2 support my dolls
    Apple and KerryAnn them so dunce and foolish a only them ago buy from each other.
    Apple , mis lou and KerryAnn needs to go into the dog and cat breeding business because nobody in dance hall is in it
    .Michele keep doing your thing girl you really a go getter.
    Apple is a confuse freaky bitch.

    1. That’s some down and dirty back stabbing!

      But, Yankee Michelle! Why you really and truly go share you business venture with people who are in clear competition with you?!

      Friendship is a very, very delicate thing and even you own flesh and blood you have to take caution with when you notice they aren’t with you.

      From PINK WALLERS (myself) included blogged that the freak hair flyers was similar to yours and better you should have taken care to keep dem out you business!

      We only solid friend in this life a we pussc.

  6. But why they offer more money when they don’t have money. Apple don’t even have hair to sell and say she a sell hair. Apple you do photo shoot over 4 months now and all now there is no website.
    Nobody want to pre-order hair from you everybody you tell ” oh hair come in 3 days” lmao. You too red eye and badmind you run go gwaan like you selling hair and can’t afford to start it all because you see Mitchell selling it… you must stop it… but a so you wicked long time … miss Lou and Kerry a two puppy tail if apple pup them smell it…
    FYI apple no decent person is going to buy hair from you bcz those photos look like a strip club flyer not a hair shoot flyer . Wid you breast that everybody see day in day out. NO CLASS and say you is a mother .

    1. Well put! Plus all the false advertisement she’s been putting on her IG business page. Those girls posted been wearing that hair. I suspect they all go to the same stylist and she is the true hair supplier and Apple will be selling the hair under her.

  7. Apple if you really did that to Yankee Michelle that’s is totally wrong on all levels for a friend. You business won’t prosper go behind the lady back and pay more money for the store wrong wrong don’t shit on your friends cause you might need them one day .

  8. Dancehall bitches need to find dem own hustle. Once one a do supm the others jump pon the same band wagon.

  9. Is really her “Vains” hustling running through. No wonder everything she tries fails. My issue with Yankee Mitchell she is no friend to anyone. She treats people like shit and love to talk bad about people. She’s a jealous insecure bitch.

    1. Who she jealous of? She a no my cup a tea BUT who she fi jealous of when she been on the HUSTLING AND FLY BITCH STROLL before apple and bobette dem stop shit in a chimmy?!

      Me de pon de team yankee michelle defense because redeye and backstabbers are “demons” you CANNOT leave uncheck.

  10. I cannot imagine who in their right mind would try and separate tranny Michelle from the rest of the crowd, I mean seriously, they are all the same none is any different

  11. Bunch a delusional bitches!!! Kim Possible line name MKNE (My Knowledge Now is ETERNAL) or some shit like that. WIth that logo she need to be selling books or health products! Cya badda, they all the same. Michelle seems like a natural hustler so she will always have food. Kim can read so she may do alright. Apple n di ressss dawg nyam fi unno bc super!!! Unno dunce nuh bc! How you fi dunce and badmind? Bet you half the time they don’t even em know why they hating on ppl.

  12. Apple say she don’t want no fren from Michelle because Michelle heard her complaining the whole time about the man giving away the shop and didn’t say it was her the man give the shop to Michelle tell the man apple and jicon a scammer not to rent them they gonna be scamming ppl out of the shop

  13. Mi like dah girl deh mi like go getting ppl mi like wah she seh cause a my motto dat “it naaaaa work yasso mi naaa stop mi gone try di next until it work.

  14. All Michelle keep doing is calling all apple fren dem fans cry saying she love apple and don’t want to end the frenship what house around come around look how Michelle do Simone

  15. As someone who has owned ecommerce sites since 2006 I will tell you that they are going about this the wrong way. They do have a significant audience that usually equates to high revenue but in this case it may backfire on them.
    Firstly, as someone said above, the hair market is saturated. Everybody and their mother will buy hair from AliExpress and sell back to you for a $80- $100 markup. That is stupid. You cannot make a profit if everyone knows your source.

    Secondly, your mass audience will click “Like” on Social media but that does not translate to buys/revenue. People are not stupid these days. They know when you say 3 days for shipping is because AliExpress takes 3 days to deliver to you from China.

    Next thing…if we know you as scammer we wont report you, but we certainly WILL NOT give you our credit card details!!!!!

    Lastly, when your target demographic is women between ages 20-40…don’t use bikini stripper photos. It doesn’t work.

  16. Yankee, Simone seemed like a better friend, I’m not sure what happened between unno but a better u did stick wid her. If dem really do that to u that should be the final straw, dem 2 wicked. I’m a Kerry fan but Kerry u don’t uplift yourself by trying to push others down, anything u gain will be short term. Yankee mi respect u from long time, u r a true hustler. Yankee keep doing your thing from inside your home a store will be another monthly expense, keep stacking your paper

  17. I ain’t buying shit from them when dem c ppl dey act like celeb and go thru. Dem don’t support nobody party either mek dem go suck out dem dead relatives!!!?

  18. My friend email Apple about buying hair and she take around 3 days to respond and then she say the same thing as mentioned above, she didn’t have the hair but she could order it. After this point, the girl already buy her hair elsewhere. Apple, you need to learn about professionalism. You were polite (although you didn’t apologise for the delay in responding) but you did not conduct yourself professionally.

  19. Yankee Michelle u a good girl. But a good fi u as a big Oman u come Ny come link wid these nobody bitches and now dem stab u in the back. U malice Simone shapes cause she was selling hair too and now look pan wah apple and stinking mout Kerry a do u now. Dutty Kerry bout u a walk and sell $20 yeye lash. Why u and apple nuh go open a stall. Every day unnu inna d battybwoy shop a push unnu tings pan ppl and say unnu a boss. Boss my ass. Yankee Michelle dem a plan fi bruk white egg fi u watch out fi dem. And mi not lying either

  20. Jealousy is a bitch. Its messed up that Apple decided to run and start selling hair when she see Yankee Michelle already selling hair. But Yankee Michelle have to understand that you shouldn’t get upset. You are a born hustler and a born hustlers will always win. You been selling clothes, and hustling from long time. Just beat the competition and show dem how its done. Plus, Apple followed your logo, and she is doing everything that you are doing. Next time don’t tell people your business ideas. You should have kept the store thing to yourself.
    Please don’t let this mess ruin your friendship. Hair today gone tomorrow. I liked your friendship with Simone. I hope you guys become friends again. Kerryann, i respect you as a mother, and i love your lashes. I like Apple too, but you have to understand that Yankee Michelle will be upset. Trust me you would be upset too. Everybody need to make up and be friends again. Life is too short.

  21. A shitting with laughter in mi one room wey yu say scammer a buss pon scammer and this circle off scammers all need each other over ya no mon this need crowd and some hot wonton soup tonight :ngakak :ngakak :hammer let me check Met closet :salahkamar :salahkamar if no more scammers bussing more secret for each other . Michelle tell the man say no rent Apple cause she’s a scammer so what is Yankee Michelle ??????? A Fraudster :repost: :ngakak

  22. Hot patty hot patty who bungs it out…..rofl

    False batty,false breast,false face,false everything……Yankee Michelle yes u me a chat, u too red eye a Apple first go to the man to rent the shop,a same u see Simone a sell hair and u start sell hair to.them ago kill u,u also is a man theif, u fren Damion woman and then tek him too

    What a la la loo when the pot a soup turn over pon u,lol
    Lil Michelle run come a new York quick come get u shine head man cause Yankee Michelle also f**king him back too

    Wooooooiii this want whole heap a people fi laugh

  23. I Would never buy anything from Michelle or Apple wouldn’t trust them with my credit card info u mad nope it’s all a scam they open up a website & store fi get people credit card info fi go and buy brand fi showoff pon social media and the person up top that said kim possible clothing line should be a book line it just doesn’t make sense it’s just stupid all this is just pure rubbish kmt

    1. I was thinking the same thing…who would want to trust these people with their cards….they are all scammers, based on public knowledge of them…they are just creating a “card information factory” by setting websites and stores

  24. People believe everything they choose to everyone been saying apple is not a good friend she’s just like Kerry Ann Sally ms Lou no difference mad mixy and ungrateful everyone know apple don’t have any money just like Kerry Ann Sally and Ms Lou badmind so much of everyone that’s making it Yankee Michelle is a dum broad just like Bobbette it’s just what it is. Jay icon should be careful with the feds watching his illegal drugs money everyone know ur selling Crack cocaine just like Danny kotten it’s just a matter of time before they get deported like what’s gonna happen with Jue icon then apple will be just like Kerry Ann f**king and sucking niggas and bitchs pussy eating out ass even more to survive in america because Kerry Ann ms Lou starving look what they did to the own friend of years sushawna they call police on the girl go thief and run leff the gyal not one of them visit her in jail same gonna happen to all of those girls and their men watch time reveal itself

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