1. Him dey round a know fagn a dey a him yard afta hours den shook when batty fi run? Met did I sum it up correctly. Well dem sey no mean no still, but dem heap a stab dey di necessary. Mi sure sey when him brandish the stabbing implement Dexter muss di know sey di boy serious.

  2. Is dexta nasty life mek him dead, tek up stranger yeah man same thing happened to dutty peter king. Uno damm lucky nasty life equals nasty death, dem love help n tun round fu ck off who dem help. Kill all rapist mi nuh care.

  3. He’s lying.. first of all if Dexter bailed him out of jail it must be someone he knows & I’m pretty sure this guy knows Dexter is gay. This sounds like the guy is in the closet and doesn’t want anyone to know so he’s telling the police all types of lies. This could also be caused by an argument that escalated to a tragic situation. It’s very sad though smh RIP Dexter

    1. :shakehand2 Exactly suh it guh!!! It look like him promise Dexter some batty afta him bail him. Maybe Dexter threatened tuh expose him and it get violent. Lie to murderer ah tell.

  4. Anon at 4:26 p.m. I dont doubt that he was last seen with Quiet Perry and I dont wrong Foota from saying so. It goes to show how these guys thing set up. After hours he drew for his thuggy thuggy bad bwoy. Dats why mi naah swear fi he, she or the old lady. Seen in public with Quiet Perry cause Perry a soiecty bwoy but when night fall, a some a dem same people wey dem look down on, dem draw fah. A nuh me sey suh, mi juss a follow the police reports.

  5. This killing brings back so much my friend did d same thing don’t y they love d bad man to try broke out so and lose there life’s in d end rip dexta

  6. A d same thing meck Peter king dead, helping these guys and then wah fuk dem , most of these guys just want the money .

  7. He’s a thief plain and simple. I think they were in sexual relations from the get go. Why go to his house knowing he’s gay if you’re not into him? He misled the guy. Even if he bought him.(prostitution) The man obviously trusted him bc you just don’t invite a random person to your house. He had a motive!

    1. You should include the bail out. Him been at the man house since him left jail, nhame, drink, get high grade herb and tek phuck. A something dexter deny him mek him flip out, bathe, tek t.v, lock door and drive whey in a de deadman car.

      Hope a Central dem house him 😀 😀

  8. So how does he explain taking the tv and stopping to take a shower. This boy must think we’re an idiot. Look how Dexter dash weh him life foolishly to careless boy

  9. A de same question mi ask Anonymous 5:39. Gone a gay man house fe wah? Fe play sword fight, or fe see how roun’ a de back stay? Obviously, some battyman sexing gwan fe shit stain dey pon de sheet.

  10. Uno people in yah sick, uno cuss neighbor fi nuh call popo now fottah a chat n uno a cuss him, mek up uno damm bc mind, police fi tek in quite perry dem boys dey a wicked too n will do things, look like dexta did a f**k nuff uptown boys n a couple married men too, footah tell us all who u see dexta wid yah. Quite perry n dexta did a dash popcorn in a one another mouth footah say hahahaha dwrcl. No sah, footah come talk the things, i just feel footah soon tun gay too just like how marvin and scatta burrell out a the closet.

  11. Listen to me nuff a dem gay boy yah , have thugs fi protect dem, me kn sum big time gang leader wah live uptown wid gay guys and dem noh gay , soh mi beleive , him noh must gay , but a dat d baker a sah an a d same thing meck Peter king an 2 more dead, dem pick up dese ghetto youth an a help dem, but dem turn round an wahf**k dem

    1. Yes is fifty fifty chance and some gays always think they can turn ppl out … I feel the deceased either way was not careful with his life


    1. Nope mi dont believe that. Him and Dexter did ina di house fi few day so advance mus did mek before then. Remember there was shit stain on the sheets and di place mus did shit up fi him start stink so quick

  13. They had a relationship and he is just covering his tracks about proposition.

    A couple years ago, a 51-year old Doctor at the Black River Hospital was killed at his Manchester home by a youth that was less than 22. That same youth was gay from he was a student at an all boys boarding school in St. Elizabeth. The youth also committed a murder before and did “things” to the body, yet got off that murder charge. This Doctor took the murderer to his home and was living with him, only to be killed months later by this same young man.



  14. Dexta probly neva a pay enough fi get a round two after him done dig out di first round a shit and buss up di bwoy batty. So him sey hell no, it dont worth it. When Dexta start bawl out fi help him mek sure him dead (silence him). Tek a shower fi wash off di blood n shit n cut wid a tv n him phone(s)

  15. Dwl maybe dexter frighten so till him shit up himself why shit stain on sheet

    When him seh cut up weed? As in to smoke or for sale? Cuz why u trying to smoke weed with a gay man after hours?
    If him a sell d weed fi dexter ok I get that …
    Why dexter bail him out ??? Did he know him before he got lock up and he ask dexter to bail him while in jail? I need more of how they actually know each other. If it was truly random then Dexter is at fault because you can’t trust people.

    Hmm young man yuh story chamba chamba

    From what I’ve read the boy is trying to hide that he was gay for pay he still in the closet .. the most I can say about the death is that Dexter may not have known the guy was playing him for a fool.. maybe he just wanted the money so him trick dexter and kill him ..

    Mi confuse u fck … sheesh!

  16. He is lying. How u have a known gay man bailing u out of jail and putting u up???? If u are so homophobic why associate with him?????? I don’t believe his story. Im sure Dexter is not just gonna up and bail any man like that unless they are involved.

  17. Anon 9:42 what was his defense? Better the bwoy did say dem did high and him no know what happen than claim self defense. The yute dat killed Justice Campbell’s son some years ago defense was that him did under the influence plus insane because of drug abuse. It seemed he tortured him. Probably was trying to dismember the body as well, he spent a lot of time in the house, so had the neighbour called the police he may have been caught in the act. Hope they try him speedily.

  18. People take sense out of nonsense! No batteyman ago try sex, if dem nuh douche out him battey! (rule number one in being gay) they have to get the shit out first!!!
    He maybe got high, wanted to do something and dexter never wanted to get phuck so he maybe rape him and kill him.
    Another theory could be that the boy thought dexter was telling people about the relationship or regular sex and wanted to get rid of him. He did take the 2 phones and that was for a reason

    1. Dat nuh mek no sense . Some al d fish de, nuh have time fi check if bottom clean before dem sex dem just want bottom.

      And Dexter a big fish him nah guh refuse sex. Dexter is the one in power a him bail out d man such if Dexter seh no more likely is no .

  19. Having a poo is also a sign of rigor mortis when all muscles in the body lose their strength. Likely if he was there for a few hours. But idk.

    1. Rigor Mortis is the stiffening of the body after death because of a loss of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) from the body’s muscles. ATP is the substance that allows energy to flow to the muscles and help them work and without this the muscles become stiff and inflexible.

  20. Lawd unu mek quite Perry private up him page after writing that long eulogy wah day bout dexter..something inna something

  21. Boy the yute nuh mus inna di funny business … but maybe di man do all these things fi si if the young man would bend and it go wrong .. a di same ting happen to the Anglican priest have the yute bout him a mentor him and change Tv channel to blues and the yute frighten and kill him …. a nuh every young man a Jamaica go da route de

  22. GM “Meth” and Metters. Beautiful Sunday to you All. Miss oonu eno. :peluk

    They had an agreement. I BAIL YOU…..I PELT YOU. Simple. It’s just that the deal went wrong and Dexter PROBABLY got greedy and wanted to ramakan jamakan all night long. It was probably even the young man’s first experience (Hence the doodoo on the sheets and the shower before he left). His batty goodly was crying “time out” but Dexter wanted more. Dexter PROBABLY even threatened to “out” the newby and the newby got nervous and “outted” Dexter’s light permanently. Dat likkle young man needs witness protection treatment (even though he’s the killer) because it seems as if alot of dem ghetto youths was “gay for pay” for Mr Pottinger. Now dat likkle youth stop dem food, dem gonna find him and string him up. Smh. Is so these rich gay men think that their money is golden. But these likkle youths are too licky licky and love likes. It’s one thing to sell your body to feed your hungry family or send yourself to school, but I bet these young youths do it to buy name brand clothes and shoes and to floss. Smh. RIP Mr Pottinger.

    *The views expressed are soley the OPINION of a faithful Metter. :request

  23. Trying to be fair to the youth. Dexter bail him and he knew that Dexter is a known gay. What if the guy genuinely wasnt into the batty ting. Dexter might pull off the big brother/mentor card. Just like (straight people) I dont believe that every woman is attracted to every man and vice versa. The youth could be even gay but wasnt down for being ram out by Dexter. I fear that the real story will never come to light as the guy might be too embarrassed to say everything. I still believe that these big shots guys prey on the marginalised youths. As a predator they know that these guys will not readily talk about their ordeals out of shame/fear.

  24. I think he took a shower because he must have been covered in Dexter’s blood. The “doodoo” on the sheet could be from the body muscles relaxing for real or from purging fluid which can come from the rectum, happens 1-3 hours post mortem.

    1. Dexta wasnt found in the bed, he was on the floor face, decapitated. Doodoo on the sheet was pre murder it would appear.

  25. Now we know Quite Perry a Big Batty man, u nuh hear the batty man a chat the things. Quite Perry is Dexta man pon the side. People say a Quite Perry the article spoke about, the article did say a man went on the crime scene and was very histerical n wanted to go in n police had to restrain him, dwl. Quite Perry we know long time say u a big ole dutty Shark, not even fish but Shark. A nuff uptown boys Quite Perry dey wid and him a groom dem, mi suh glad i never use to watch ur clips. Damm dutty fag n a pretend u like women, if uno a fag come clean n stop spread std to women. Boys like quite perry a walking STD. Some more need to come clean, too much bi sexual dey ja, and too much in a entertainment fraternity.

    1. I agree 150% Quite Perry a use the chubby girl as him beard & know fully well say him gay. After him pierce him nipple, mi say yes…Me understand say a fi him life so fi him rules, but stop deceive the ppl dem.Now it come out plain as day. A him first reach the crime scene.

  26. Mi nuh trust none a dem bwoy wey dress up like girl act. Mi nuh like Madea, mi nuh like Suzan but mi like Patricia Brown (Quiet Perry) mi caan tell nuh lie. Fram yu si how Quiet Perry did have his Patricia Brown character down pat, yu know sey him fishy. I knew the do-do could have been from Dexter as his muscles relaxed (mi know sey him batty muscles di well wear out) so it couldnt hold up the do-do. However, if what Foota Hype is saying (and I believe Foota) that they were seen kissing and such delight in Carib, then my friends we are in a far worse condition than we think. Our country has lost its way, no morals nothing. Men seeing feeding each other pop-corn and nobody said anything, except quick to bash Foota for talking out. Jamaica gone to the dogs a swear. Look pan smaddy like Marvin, wey humiliate women in dance, publicly caring on a affair with Nickeisha and he is considered as a celebrity. One crepe Nickeisha (thanks Latty fi dah saying here), can publicly laugh at the wife and think that she has arrived a washed up under cover batty man. God guh wid yu Jamaica.

  27. Mi say up to usa have more morals dan jamaica. At least batty men in usa nuh hide, only the ghetto jamaican ones who want live double lives go up dey go hide and deceive females, but watch, the laws up dey a go prison some a dem u see. Wen a boy declare it, at least females have a choice to decide n choose. But wen a boy a jamaica n a man go married n den a pick up gully men and fuc k pon dem wives n girl das low down n those men should get the needle, dem fi kill dem. Mi tell u all the so call womanizer party planners di whole a dem bi sexual, they keep the most n well known, dem a batty man, plenty gym man a bi sexual too, mi sorry fi jamaica.

  28. the first and only time I saw Dexter he was buying food in a popular fast food restaurant and he was carrying a purse, literally one of those female wallets that you slide your cards into and zip it and hold it by the cord at the side. So anyone weh go near Dexter and say them nuh know say him gay them a tell lie. This is the second time i’m hearing that he was decapitated. U a defend yourself till u accidentally cut off someone’s head?

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