Innocent Face
• 8 hours ago


• 8 hours ago

So, no one has ever met the deceased, or even know of his whereabouts even today ?

• 8 hours ago

Why a statement?… Why not say it in words and face questioning?

• 8 hours ago

They’re always innocent. That’s why there’s the court system.

CR Cool
• 8 hours ago

If we steal from the COOKIE-JAR. Don’t we try at best, to brush the crumbs from our hands,and mouth.
So is not safe to say you’re clean after washing your hands, after the FACT. I mean directly or indirectly involved.

Ahmeman…ah nuh Shabba
• 7 hours ago

Huh? Kiss mi neck!!!!!!!,Kartel drunk pon him own misunderstanding or wah?

Alicia brown
• 7 hours ago

Man a drown, hand him a straw, hope you can grab on to it, if your hands are clean.

• 7 hours ago

that’s like the PM saying my hands are free of plane tickets

• 7 hours ago

Your hands are as clean as a new born baby bur remember God sees everything and the sins of parents as sad as it is will be on the first, second and third generation. I have seen it happen.!

• 6 hours ago

“Un-sworn statement, to ensure no cross examination”!
His lawyers are paid well and are working well, however if the jury is in fact impartial, they will understand that a sworn statement of innocence and the willingness to be questioned about that pledge is powerful, but the refusal of one is just as powerful.
One Love!

Gwaan live in your make believe zone

Dwayne Winston guest
• 5 hours ago

He is living in more than make believe zone I guess that’s y he acts the way he does, like he is bigger than the law, then again all these illiterate ppl who keep talking about free world boss make him think he is really world boss. Smh sad sad

Calabash Man
• 6 hours ago

I stand corrected, but I have never heard of a murder conviction, without a ‘body’ and without an eye witness. The prosecution case is purely circumstantial and therefore will not bear much weight with the jurors. my prediction is that they are all going to be acquitted.

Dwayne Winston Calabash Man
• 5 hours ago

Well be corrected there has been plenty of murder case without bodies. And yes circumstantial cases are hard to prove but it’s always worth the try because ppl have been found guilty on circumstantial cases before.

CR Cool Calabash Man
• 5 hours ago

Where on PLANET earth do you LIVE.? Do you know how many murder cases have been convicted through CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidences, all over the world. Now you have been corrected.
Do your research while you’re on your PC. Google the said asked information of you.

dallo Calabash Man
• 5 hours ago

there have been a few. i’m not aware that they found any blood in this one, as usually that would be necessary in the absence of an eye witness or a confession.

fatherforesight Calabash Man
• 5 hours ago

Yu crass all yu foot dem to?

Jango Calabash Man
• 5 hours ago

Remember that girl who was killed in Harbour View by that policeman, her body was never found and he got life

Dr OG Calabash Man
• 4 hours ago

check the case a cpl years ago with the police officer (Constable Rushon Hamilton) n the missing teenage girl. he was charged for her murder eventhough they never found her body

• 6 hours ago

Kartel and his legal representatives are starting to sound desperate. They r doing everything to let his case get thrown out on technical grounds.

Dwayne Winston denny
• 5 hours ago

Yep everything his prejudicial to his case lol I guess the media and the country should stop doing everything until his case is finish because we may never kno what next he going to come with saying it’s prejudicial.

Guest Dwayne Winston
• 3 hours ago

You must be living under a rock. Surprised you didn’t end your remarks with “free wurl boss” I call them the Kartel zombies. Hope you are not one.

donald powell
• 5 hours ago

‘My hands are clean,’ yeah too bad he can’t say the same about his conscience.

• 5 hours ago

Same like how YU NUH FI BLEECH and PANTS FI WEAR A WAIST. But whey yu du?

sam fatherforesight
• 5 hours ago

who r u guys to judge ppl god say leave all judgement to him ,kartel must see road

• 5 hours ago

He should be locked up for just looking gross. YECH!

• 5 hours ago

most people here are just saying he is guilty just because they don’t like him, sad but this is the would we live. it seems people here don’t even care for a fair trial. i don’t care if kartel is guilty or not cause the outcome wont affect me in any way but everyone should be given a fair trial whether we like they person or not.

• 5 hours ago

Ah boii… I hope the justice system doesn’t fails us this time as they did in the KC guy and X6 case. Lawd god. Next week will tell. As for those liky liky police ment, they are a bunch of Disgrace, all dem do is shoot ppl and cant even collect and protect a thorough investigation. SMH

• 3 hours ago

I think we have the biggest idiot for a security minister. He should add himself as the 5th thing mashing up jamaica

• 3 hours ago

Why did he take the stand how dumb wonder if him release what him say is like he is pulling himself out of it to blame him friend them him say him hands clean what about his words is it as clean as his hands all boss give orders to keep them hands clean world boss

Msbee foreigner
• 2 hours ago

We weren’t there to hear his “unsworn testimony”, but you are right. It does sound as if he is throwing his “friends” under the big moving semi-truck. Whey dem sey “big finga neva tell lie”.

Him unclean is more what he should be saying!!.

I only wish that he could have been given the death sentence, and have carried out as an example to others of like mind and thoughts!!!.

so waitt..all of what you were singing about in your music was all a lie..are you just trying to mislead the jury them to..well my friend,I wish you all the best coming next week because you going to need it..my hands are clean too(wink) is not your hands alone,because I just hold a shower..blessings

Innocent until proven guilty…. but Jamaica system find yuh guilty until you proven innocent…. Guh dung dutty Babylon

If his hands are proven to be clean as he says .. What about his ” VOICE that have given the command, is his voice clean??


  1. Mr calabash man the eye witness Lamar Chow don’t count? Thts y when ppl dead a jamaica we nuh fi question it . Because everybody a bout free worl boss.

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