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  1. Now I understand .. I believe her …. this one girl that works in the same field as I do but under me always a try be friends … the day when I told her I was not interested she start talk to other ppl and ask them bout mi ….and come to think of it ishawna did have a short hairstyle that Dea always wear

    1. I going to post some clarification tomorrow. Sometimes God gives us all but u have some people who never think what they have is enough.

      1. Ok .. a true mi neva believe inna this ting ya .. one a mi big Oman fren ask mi one time if mi wear mi hair out or inna ponytail mi tell ar ponytail … she tell mi se mi Mu’s pin it up .. ppl insecurity can be used against u by them life is weird

      2. I believe DI, ishawna comes of as a likkle red eye girl it’s very evident. Look how she use to push up herself on Joe knowing he was married. I remember during her saga with foota he said that she’ love the hype and attention. It’s clear that he wasn’t lying.

  2. D.I. I fully understand what you are saying. So many examples popped into my mind. Kim K wanted to be friends so badly with Beyonce and Beyonce rejected the friendship, it didnt get gutter. When I was in College my signature style was a little black dress with heels etc. to every event. This Jamaican girl wanted to be my friend but I rejected her. She made it her mission to say things about me. She even told the guy I was dating not to talk to me. Shortly after she started dressing like me. Even it was a pencil sharpening event she would dress like me. We (I think I speak for DI here) are not against someone dressing like us, but to discredit us in the same circle, that is where the hurts steps in. Ishawna wants to be in high company so bad so it is easy for me to believe Ishawna. Look no further than 3 minutes after Toya passed, she was grinding up on Joe.

    Ishawna is a mother and she is a national disgrace. At least chocho mouth Foota talks about his children. Ishawna that voice note on Friday showed who you are. Then she is surprised when Pespi didnt want to work with her. No real corporate company will work with her. As leggo as Usain is (with the girls) he has maintained a certain level of decorum that his sponsors havent dropped him. Shelly-Anne Fraser-Pryce is Jamaica’s darling. She grew up in the ghetto but she has held her own and the grace that she carries herself with (pun intended). Shelly’s sponsors are still with her. Gwan chu goodie Shelly!

    1. It did get gutter to the point where Kim K gave her sister Kendall a dog and told her to name it Blue. Kim K is a little B!

  3. Afternoon Met and Metters,

    Yuh know seh mi like D.I!!! She nah tell no lie. Million GBP settlement she win, I doubt trashawna have even million JMD right yah now. Gyal hate D.I fi di life God bless har wid an wah be like her to NO avail!Hear she all a talk bout she buy apartement brand new liessssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!! Girl a pay rent pon di hill, unnu nuh memba when dem chop off di light up deh? Is like seh anybody she see a get a forward inna life, she waan be like dem or she want dem life. A dats why she did well waan get rid a Toya suh she coudda live Toyan life but she nuh memba seh God sits high and look low!!!!!!!!! Me like D.I, I wouldn’t even answa di dog, I would make her continue to hang herself cause she always do.

    Big up yuhself D.I, you a lead har by a million GBP miles!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. DI becareful !!!!! The last person that had something ishawna wanted died leaving her son and mother behind. Ishawna wanted to friend Toya because she wanted what she had, she even kill her for her it. You need to watch your back and stay pray up.

  5. Ishawna is a devil, she mess with Di, then come a act innocent, she grudge the girl for her life, I believe her, case in point, look how she couldn’t wait until Toya body settled in the cold earth to run go sleep with Joe, first thing she proved herself disloyal when she didn’t even go to the girl funeral. There is nothing good in her or about her, Ishawna is lower than the ground I walk on, may she find God, and ask for his forgiveness, or it will indeed be terrible for her in the end.

  6. DI mine u set up urself, what millions did Ricardo Fuller paid u, and why? The man married now DI let go off his name, uno nuh dey anymore have some respect for the man n him wife. Its about u and Ishawna, how Ricardo name drop in. Smh das why some men run from chatty mouth females n the ones who claim them humble but far from humble. How DI say she went in the relationship with Ricardo as wife and came out as wife? DI mi know u on here all the time so talk up, is when u and Ricardo got married n when uno divorce? On a serious note DI answer those questions please and please for the love of God, nun waste u energy or breath pon Ishawna, duh nuh call dat animal name or dont do no more interviews relating to ishawna. Please we all need to be in the ignore mode now for ishawna.

    1. …..dot dot, Why you asking questions if you THINK you know the answers?

      D.I. owes no one an explanation. She doesn’t owe no current wife of HER ex-man respect if she so choose to talk about HER past relationship with said man. F**k current wife afta she no inna dem bed and house unlike that cum depository.

      Danielle D.I. belly nah gurgle ’cause of hungar or eye a bun because of envy 😀 😀

      de 2017 can only get upgraded NOT repo’d: D 😀 😀

    2. GTFOH.

      Ah yuh ah di chatti mouth why u a call ppl name
      DI even said specifically she na call the man name
      And she didn’t ! You just a chat wid yuh badmind self
      If u really did a listen ishawna seh she DI broke and windford
      Ask her what’s that about and she is letting windford know she
      Could never bruk because of her husband at the time and her songs
      She had back then yuh flipping idiot!
      Move wid yuh BBC mix up pussiole

  7. In the same Onstage interview Carlene handled herself well. Carlene said she was annoyed that Ishawna said she (Carlene) said Beenie Man told her that he slept with DI. Yu si how Ishawna a come wid he said, she said. Suppose mi nice clean DJ fi si har outta rd a bax har dung fi a call up him name inna har low budget war. Why shi neva sey D’Angel tell har suh? Cause shi know sey D’Angel wi deal wid har. Carlene name neva inna passa-passa yet an nasty Ishawna a draw di woman inna tings. True Carlene tell har low out har name shi a wish death pan Carlene. Ishawna hear bout war an nuh know di root a war, mek shi gwan.

  8. Di mi just waaah know seh even pawt a dah vn deh me hear it…. a swear she too red yiy. A hope yuh pudding a decent amount a buss up face fi har.

  9. I’m not sure but no one saw Toya family in the next post sey that Ishawna go into Toya and Joe house and said a she and har son should be the ones to live here. RED EYE and EVIL

    That alone confirm her character to me I believe DI

    Afternoon Met and Metters

  10. I dont think DI ever got over Fuller the “Baller”. It was puzzling after years together he just dropped her and married someone else with a quickness…..a dark skinned girl at that. 1M Pound settlement how so? for emotional distress or what? why? That was an interesting revelation. Never heard of her in another serious relationship since him or she keeping it really low.
    Pretty girl but She has weight issues. Who remembers when she was hospitalized cuz of dieting and over exercising to loose weight?

        1. Quite the opposite, you’re misinterpreting what I said! Brownings always feel dem fi get it all, I am happy he married a dark skinned girl, she appears like the educated career type.
          A muss someting mek DI got dropped. We need that tea as to why a settlement. Were they married? A big settlement for a broken heart? Fuller nice eeh

          1. Shut



    1. Wah dat haffi do wid di price a rice?
      Ok she has weight issues and?
      She’s a pretty girl but … BADMIND

      kmt I swear you bitches annoying bad
      Everybody seem to be worried about the million
      She mentioned .. just like u nuh know her business now
      How u woulda know then??? Mind ur business

  11. Don’t know them and I don’t care for either of them, but DI seem kinda cocky and mischievous to me…Based on this video. If Ishawna says she lives with her mom, she wasn’t dissing her mom really… The real dis came when Di start saying Ishawna mom is a thief. As I said, don’t know them, never heard the songs. My insight is based on the interview I see here…Btw, the million pounds settlement kinda puzzling to me…

  12. Anonymous 1:58pm CALM darling take a deep breath this is not about Ricardo Fuller watch the interview again and listen carefully she didn’t even want to call his name. Let’s stick to the fact sey Ishawna wicked and badmine and a kill people fi dem life. Nobody neva waan believe sey a she obeah Toya seet yah now she struck again in a the badmine thing who fi sey how DI mother ended up sick she WICKED

  13. Furthermore some of unnoh a talk about unnoh never know about the million dollar settlement OKAY AND was she suppose to broadcast it? Ok clearly in the interview DI revealed somethings she wouldn’t have spoken about otherwise. The girl clearly said a long time Ishawna a do things on the low it just confirm NOW. Oh My G O go watch again everyone don’t share their business

  14. I never heard of Ishawna nor Toya before reading this site less than a year ago. I did a search on Toya and if I could recall correctly she died from complications with diabetes. It’s very distasteful for all accusing Ishawna for killing that girl. In my eye’s you guys are worse than her. I wonder if Ishawna rape Joe because it seem he had no part in their love affair. He should’ve respected his wife more than Ishawna because according to the comments he loved his wife beyond life. That man gave too shit…

  15. Mi believe wey DI say, especially de part bout Ishawna and har son. At least we see pictures/videos wid Spice and her children dem. Mi never see Ishawna in a motherly role yet! Lol at DI’s comment about Ishawna a “suck, suck, suck dung de place fe Suck – cess”. So, a nuh Chin (Gully Bop ex ooman) alone a gwan wid dem tings dey wid all threesome and so forth, but Ishawna inna it too. What a low blow dem gal ya a ge de dancehall industry.

  16. Phantom phoneix or watever u name, last time i check i could ask anything online, who are u. Go hold a seat and dont be plentiful n damm nuff, stay in ur lane. DI again, how and why Ricardo pay u a million pounds in settlement? Please elaborate n tell us why would be pay u a million pounds and from my understanding u 2 were never married. Look, nuff man moddle wid browning all the time n wen marriage time a dark skin girl dem marry, some men just love f around n pose wid browning, das just it. But i dont believe DI wid that million dollar pay out thing, it puzzle me lol. Can anyone shed some light, anyone knows fuller links, can uno verify if dat pay out did gwan n if so wat was the pay out for, dwl. DI the heat pon u now fi the million pound pay out lol. Fun n joke aside though i wish DI would take the highway n ignore ishawna, DI see u go on stage go chat out u business n now the world know u still hang up pon ricardo lol lol. DI a wat suh wid Ricardo Fuller why u still lob him, is him u really love or was it the fame, money n hype wid fuller? Tell us DI, see u mek Ishawna draw u out till u go tell lie bout million dollar settlement, well mi nuh know if a lie, it just sound like lie to me dwl. Confirm the sekklement fi we DI. Lol

    1. D.I. money and cocky history wid Fuller have you bothered from wha day 😀 😀 😀 A million you a look or it miss you as a side phuck? Bout “anyone knows fuller links” 😀

      Phucking nuffiesha! all up in a de gal business. Me we ask har if she we come here come answer you :maho

      ” i dont believe DI wid that million dollar pay out thing”

      A Mother’s and Juicy Beef money you use to 😀 😀 suck-suck bitch! Go get your own life experiences beyond patty n suck-suck.

      Me nuff cause me LIVE Life and earn the stripes to do so :p

  17. If you know the amounts the footballers are paid, paying her one million is nothing. It is said that Usain gave Yanique a million dollars. Million dollars gifts are not so far fetched, not because a man wont give you a thousand doesnt mean men out there not giving away millions.

  18. Anon why wpuld he give her 1 million pounds, ricardo fuller was no big baller like bibi so wats ur point. See bibi dey wat can bibi show fi his money or pepe now. Kmft. Fuller was no big baller, oh please. 1 million pound pay put fi wat, wat settlement. Usain nah give her no million das a f uck lie, bout 1 million. 1 million ja dollars is not money but di say 1 million pound she too damm lie.

      1. From Fuller name mention 2 a dem no stop nhame up dem self…the £100,000,000 send dem into a rabid state :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

        Dem a behave like apple when Michelle got the store instead :ngakak

  19. Di a liad she too hype, while nasty ishawna cross the line. Di fuller dump u n marry a dark skin girl. Mi sure fuller nah call up di name, DI tap call up fuller name the man never marry u, a wife status u a look wid u liad self. When fuller leff u dont kip rich did tek u up n a brag about u. DI u mek a big fool of urself onstage, gwan back go watch it, u n ishawna is the same thing. Mi shame fi see how DI behave onstage it shows that u are no different from ishawna.

  20. Phantomphoneix million has 6 zero behind it not 8. Dwrcl. Its 1,000,000 pounds (1 million ) not one hundred million pounds. A wonder where u did math. Uno love the suss but bc dunce nuh ra sss n dumb.

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