Dallas Texas Shooting. CNN Reporter slips up LIVE ON AIR! HOAX ALERT! Looks like the government Co-intelpro/Counterpro operations slipped up
“Dallas Texas Shooting. CNN Reporter slips up and says “We don’t know how many “Actors” are involved.”

8 thoughts on “DI PEOPLE DEM SEH HOAX

  1. In a civil context “Actors” can mean suspects, or participants. With that said, in conspiracy theories it mean instigators of conflict 😀 😀 the real “set it off” types.

    But due to the fact that the dead victims of police shootings isn’t theory for conspiracy. I not being no conspiratorial arguments.

  2. Interesting Met! From this happened stuff just has not been sitting right with me. Something is going on. What is the point?? What outcome are they trying to provoke?? Note cops are more jumpy and do are civilians! I just don’t know??

    1. You can go and tell the families that it’s a hoax;they can go to the cemeteries, dig up the tombs,tell their dead to come out a the coffins because the scene is over!

      In case you’re unaware, the very people who cry hoax are a part of the actual act. They start the echo of hoax to throw people off course.

  3. Anonymous @8:27
    You are exactly right actor’s is not a code
    Word it’s all a set up like pulse nite club.

    They are instigating a race war worldwide
    If yuh reasearch these things the truth
    Is right there for you to see.

    An using beyonce snoopdog game etc to
    Tell de ppl dem it’s time to war an not take
    It anymore lmao.

    There all paid puppets a man die thru ah lack
    Of knowledge I hope nation wake up an
    Listen observe reasearch an read between the lines.
    The news media play a big role in helping them to trick ppl
    An in still fear into ppl there all agents for the devil.


    1. Pulse nightclub was not an hoax and it wasn’t about race! The race war isnt global.

      The hoax is when people start passing around foolishness as facts.

  4. What pulse it’s not real are u fuxing kidding me. I live in Florida close too just 54 minutes from that shit..It’s real @anon.. Dead real

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