Hi Dear,

Just a quick question for you and you can share it with the metters also.

I am trying to find someone’s location, Im still not lucky as yet.

Im trying to locate them by name and Ip address its the best I can do.

As i dont have the person’s address this is very important and nooooo

its not a stalking my man and his side situation this situation is detrimental!

But its definitely stalking 🙂 does anyone know any good sources even if i have to pay. Private investigators

are accepted!

I just need to find the address for this person.

thank you, a fellow metter 😉


Happy New Year when it comes peeps.

******My response…an ip address does not mean someone’s permanent location it only means their present location so you cant really get anywhere with that without more information***


  1. Um only child .. Ur taking it a bit too far as in I love my freedom
    Who would go depths to do shit like that u mind too negative
    How u know someone not trying to do something to me!

    Thnks but no thnks for your input

  2. That kind of info is only available to the security services Mi6,Mi5,NSA,KGB,CIA ect, or to the police with a court order and even then it can be very difficult to trace someone .The IP address you have access to is the address of the server of the ISP .The location of the person is not even available to the ISP as it is assign via software algorithm .
    Someone can hack a computer and find info that may give the person away but that is extremely illegal in every country and can result in a very lengthy jail time,people have been sentence to life for just sending spam emails much less hacking .
    Don’t waste your money ,all they will tell you is the country where the server is located .

      1. Observer yu damn right. A could all one a dem whey get cussing from people whey dem try scam.

        My peeps got a call from one Micheal Johnson (876) 465-5627 bout him wid UPS and need address fi package…him get blaze up and never like it so him start chat bout kill…onu nu gi nu information. If sender know bout IP address capability then them fi go find who dem want pon dem own.

  3. :angel or Intellius, I have a fried that does a bit of PI work, let me know if you need help…for a fee of course

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